The 7 Best Places to Buy Property in Europe


there is no better time than right now

to purchase property in Europe

especially for foreign investors or

retirees who are looking to snag a hot

deal whether you are looking to settle

down in an Irish cottage where a waves

crash against the dramatic cliffs or

you're looking to earn rental income in

the heart of Turkey now is the time to

get into the European property market

from the north to the south Europe is a

hot spot for investors retirees or

anyone looking to grab that second home

here are our top seven choices for the

best cities to buy property in Europe

right now seven Austria Croatia head to

southern Europe to the super affordable

corner that is Croatia sister in

Peninsula where apartments and houses

are cheap Croatia borders the Adriatic

Sea and offers two appealing retirement

lifestyle options whether you want we

were on the coast or inland real Meadows

vineyards and olive groves are your


the Romans invested in some of their

best buildings here back in the day as

did the Venetians when they ruled what

that means for retirees here is a

landscape full of fortresses bell towers

and an architectural legacy six Algarve

Portugal home to more than 100,000

resident expects it is clear that for

decades this place has been the hot

place to buy

luckily for those looking to experience

the 3,300 hours of sunshine per year

this place gets the market is still

affordable the alga herbs 100 miles of

Atlantic coastline are full of jagged

rock formations lagoons and sandy

beaches the waters are in core and the

cliff top vistas are spectacular add in

42 golf courses in the region plenty of

time for sailing and by

and you have yourself one heck of a

place to live plus the average price per

square meter for real estate is just one

thousand three hundred forty five

dollars us a pretty good bargain for a

pretty special place five beara

peninsula ireland there has been a

strong surge in demand for family homes

in desirable areas of ireland main

cities but that shouldn't discourage

buyers who are looking to purchase in

Ireland it just means you need to go

elsewhere the buying place right now is

on Ireland's southwest coast that is if

you are looking for a charming cottage

or seaside house this is not where you

want to buy as an investor but instead

as a homeowner the bear peninsula is the

largest and most remote on this coast

and houses here are going for cheap

locals here opting to buy new houses

rather than renovate old traditional

farmhouses and prices are rock-bottom

think $80,000 u.s. for a typical Irish

farm cottage that is steps away from the

ocean and needs a little fixing up giant

waves crashing onto cliffs miles of

sandy beaches mountain range and warmer

there seems no good reason why we all

shouldn't be buying a second home in

this beautiful country for Istanbul

Turkey Turkey's property market wasn't

hit as hard as others in the world in

the years 2008 and 2009 with recovery

times only take about a year and a half

despite that the Sten Bowl remains a

bargain when it comes to real estate

with starting market prices at about

$1,000 a square metre turkey is a

country of the future with half of its

population younger than 30 years of age

which means the time to invest is now

with the economy growing and being

diversified between Europe and Asia it

is easier than ever for foreigners to

invest here a construction boom is also

taking place in Istanbul as half the

current housing stock in the country

needs to be replaced or renovated thus

making it easy to get in on buying

pre-construction apartments

getting in early on a new build means

discounted pricing and the expectation

of price increase over the construction

period the time to invest in Turkey is

now 3 Budapest Hungary there is great

value to be found all over Budapest and

the time to get into the market is now

when others haven't from 2007 to 2014

the market and who the best was in a

major slum causing housing prices to hit

rock bottom and it is only now that they

are starting to recover Budapest is

truly a beautiful place both to live and

work and that is great for any investor

when it comes to real estate as the

demand for rental properties continues

to increase when the best also happens

to be a year-round tourist destination

offering amazing bath houses dining

options and architecture drawing

visitors who often seek out private

rentals to stay in with good yields

lower to moderate transaction costs and

pro Landlord laws it is easy to

understand why buying property here is

the right choice to Apulia Italy this is

the region that forms the heel of the

Italian boot a region not always thought

of when you speak of Italy but it is

here where you can find low priced

properties in a stunning setting July

houses behind shake roll houses are the

norm around here and there are plenty on

the market for less than $100,000 u.s.

booyah features numerous sandy beaches

on two coastlines country land

overflowing with the nerds and olive

groves and a slew of historic towns

worth exploring living costs are low

there are an abundance of churches and


medieval streets beckon you and

craftsmen line the streets this unspool

it lay back

eccentric area is perfect whether you

are buying a second home or starting

over in life a true bargain for a slice

of Italian history loaded with

incredible scenery and people one Lisbon

Portugal time and time again we hear

that this is the most affordable capital

in Western Europe and it's a wonder how

long this will last as foreigners start

to grab up cheap houses for now though

it is quite inexpensive to buy here a

two-bedroom apartment in a charming

neighborhood will set you back about

$100,000 u.s. Lisbon is a city where you

can enjoy a European lifestyle complete

with history romance astonishing

hospitality and the seaside location for

Latin American prices the climate here

is mild the amenities are plenty and the

people are among the most polite and

friendly with a low cost of living

charming pilling narrow streets and the

sea at your fingertips this is the

perfect place to scoop up a second home