10 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Europe (Investment or Retiring)

while many people dream of living in

cities like paris

rome or barcelona the reality is that

most of us can't afford the cost of

living in those areas

if you're willing to look outside of the

major cities and some of the other most

popular areas

you can find some hidden gems that are

quite affordable

expats who choose a home outside of a

major city realize that they prefer

their life there

and feel that it gives them a more

authentic european experience

some of these places are even more

magnificent than their more expensive


the places mentioned in this video are

ranked according to their per

square meter cost and average home price

in u.s dollar

there may be cheaper places elsewhere

but these are not in slums and these

places have all the basic amenities and


whether you want to live in a small

apartment near the city center

a few minutes away from the beach or in

a stone ruin

in the middle of nowhere you can find

just about any type of home

in one of these places so here are the

10 cheapest places to buy

property in europe

number 10 almeria spain

investing in spain especially elmeria is

an excellent choice for

overseas property investors thanks to

the rapid appreciation in spanish

property prices the demand for almeria

property in particular among expats

continues to grow at a fast rate

according to the economist over 100 000

expats have chosen to make property

investments in elmeria

during the pandemic with 50 of those

being brits

it's one of the best towns as far as the

cost of living goes

it also has a stately charm with

incredible views and

impressive architecture it's not a

tourist trap so you'll get to experience

living in spain like a local

you can get a three-bedroom house for

around 80 000

with only a 20-minute drive from the


number nine tallinn estonia

estonia's residency program brings a lot

of cash flow into the country

making it an appealing option for those

looking to move to eastern europe

it is one of the least crowded places in

europe making it the perfect location

for those who want their space and need

room to grow

the city of tallinn has all of the

amenities of major cities without the

outrageous expenses

with low tax rates cost of living and

the seaside location

tallinn is a truly inviting place for

expats and

investors alike property purchase in

tallinn is quite popular in the last


the average price of apartments in

tallinn increased by a modest

3.4 percent with a three-bedroom condo


68 000 and that's in the city

if you'd like to build your own palace

you can buy a piece of land starting at


fifteen thousand dollars

number eight la lana slovenia

slovenia is a safe and stable country to

invest or live

it is known to have a low crime rate and

the people are also

friendly and welcoming to expats if

you're craving the feel of a city

without so much of the crowds and

activity that you'll find in many of

europe's bigger cities

lublana slovenia's capital city may be

just the ticket

it is charming and beautiful with many

city streets and squares to explore

there are also several interesting

bridges and cafes to sample the local


while living near the city center can be

costly if you're willing to move a

little outside of the city

you can find some great deals you can

get a house in the beautiful countryside

that's move-in ready

it'll only set you back forty five

thousand dollars

you can also get a cottage with stunning

views for less than fifty five thousand


number seven claypeda lithuania

if you want more of a quiet life in

europe claypeda is a sleepy port town

with a charming atmosphere

claypeda and lithuania in general has a

focus on nature

so it's a great place to live if you

like to spend a lot of time

outdoors things move slowly there and

the beaches are much less crowded than

in some other towns

while clipeda is the third largest city

in lithuania

if you're willing to forego some of the

bigger city amenities you can save a lot

on real estate

you can get a brand new four bedroom

home for 47 thousand dollars

that's less than a fourth of the price

of what you'll spend for a newly

constructed home

in most places there are many new homes

under construction in clipeda

and all of them run between about forty

five thousand dollars

to eighty thousand dollars the cost of

living is also

cheap number six

called us deranja portugal portugal is a

prime location for expats looking to

relocate to europe

the climate is mild and sunny the food

is delicious and there is a stunning mix

of beautiful scenes

and historic architecture while some of

the larger cities can be quite costly

if you're willing to live in a more

rural area and slightly off the


you'll find the cost of living drops to

more than affordable

one such town is called us deranja which

is just a short drive from the beach

the town was founded in the 15th century

as a spa resort town

a one bedroom apartment will run you

around 41 thousand dollars

you can get a move-in ready detached

home starting at around

sixty thousand dollars

number five abruzzo italy

italy is often one of the top locations

people consider when thinking of moving

to europe

stunning locales incredible food and

great wine are just a few of the things

that draw people to italy

however when most people see the real

estate prices they're quickly turned off

still some places in italy are not only

affordable but are even cheaper

a brusso is one such place while the

average home prices are in the upper 50s

you can still find some great deals you

can get a four bedroom house in the

country for around forty seven

thousand dollars and you're just a drive

away from the ocean or skiing

and if you don't mind a little work

there's a rustic stone cottage on a

hectare of land

for thirty five thousand dollars

number four istria croatia

many people consider croatia the perfect

place to retire

or to simply live a more quiet life the

region of

istria is known for both its grapes and

its olives and the fertile land is

perfect for growing your own garden

the adriatic seas sparkling waters are

warm enough for swimming

and the climate is relatively mild year


while prices can be higher on the coast

if you're willing to live a little


inland you can really save some money

istria has several beautiful stone

houses in the country

all for under forty thousand dollars

you'll have plenty left over for

renovations and since many of these

houses are centuries old

you'll be living in a piece of history

number three larnaca cyprus

cyprus has a mild climate and offers

many of the mediterranean lifestyle

trappings without the usual

mediterranean price tag

larnaca isn't the largest city in cyprus

but it does have the lowest cost of


the city is known for its wine and its

food and is considered to have the best

of both in the country

it is popular with retirees but is an

ideal place for anyone looking to get

away from the hustle and bustle of city


you can get a decent sized studio

apartment for around

40 thousand dollars and an apartment

with a little more space access to a


and better proximity to the beach will

run you about 80 thousand dollars

the beach is beautiful and the boardwalk

is perfect for leisurely evening strolls

you'll also find a charming city rich

with historical architecture

number two chisinau moldova

moldova has one of the lowest costs of

living in europe and it's even

affordable to live in the country's

largest city

chisinau while chisinau may not be what

you envisioned when you have imagined

living in europe

it certainly offers a unique experience

and you may be happy that you choose

something off the beaten path there are

also parks gardens and outdoor markets

to get you outside and moving around

while the cost of living is cheap in

moldova the housing market is somewhat


you can get a one bedroom apartment for

forty seven thousand dollars or less

and that's for new construction while a

three bedroom brick house will run you a


under eighty thousand dollars

number one belgrade serbia

although serbia has a bit of a rocky

history it's now a safe and wonderful

place to live with stunning views

a rich history and a rollicking


the people are incredibly friendly and

there's always something to do

including touring ancient castles in


the best part is that you can have all

of this culture for a fraction of the

cost you'll spend

elsewhere in europe there are plenty of

nice three-bedroom houses with a yard

for around fifty thousand dollars and if

you're willing to go up

you can get a really nice home which

would be considered a luxury house in

other parts of europe

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