Top 10 Places To Visit In Europe

what's up guys my name is Ryan Shirley

and I spent the last three years

exploring the beautiful continent of

Europe and I want to show you my

favorite places so here is my Europe top

ten all right so we start this video off

in the beautiful island of Zakynthos

Greece I love this place so much that

I've been back twice now to get there

you can either fly there direct for most

European cities or you can fly into

Athens Greece then take a short plane

ride over Zakynthos is notoriously

famous for their dip wreck Beach the

story goes about in the 1980's a cargo

boat from Turkey was carrying illegal

cigarettes and contraband and the Greece

Navy chased it into this Cove and ended

up crashing and then the sand over time

built up around it and it's made one of

the most beautiful beaches in the room

so if you knew second dose you obviously

need to go to this Beach what you can do

is you can either take a little boat

from the main town of Zakynthos or you

can go to a little port such as port of

Rome II this is what I did and pay about

twenty dollars and they'll take you to

the beach the boat ride there is

absolutely phenomenal you're gonna be

mind blown when you see these cliffs

they are like over a thousand feet high

and they're just white rock and I've

never seen anything like it so you get

there on the beach when I was there it

was fairly crowded but he was just so

mind-blowing these cliff walls are just

incredible the water is so freakin blue

and then you could also climb up on the

ship be careful don't want to get

tetanus with all that rust but it's just

a really cool experience you can also

get on top of the cliffs you can just

drive there there's a little parking lot

and you can hike around the area just be

super careful a lot of people fall off

these ledges because they're being

stupid like me taking pictures on the

ledge or just not pay attention when

they're due to selfie so be careful when

you do that another awesome thing you

can do in Greece is you can rent a boat

so when I went there my second time

Greece changed their laws and your US

citizen you couldn't get a car rental

unless you had a international driver's

license so we couldn't rent a car but we

were able to rent a boat so it cost us

about a hundred dollars and we had it

for three hours so me and my buddy

George we'd never driven a boat before

we got

boat and we went up to this island

called marathon you see and it was just

absolutely gorgeous the waters so blue

and it's just so vibrant we found a

little beach we're here to dock the boat

hang out for a bit after we hung out

around the island we went around the

coast we found this really secluded cove

with thousand-foot walls and we were

able to just fly the drones around there

I sadly crashed my John there fell in

the water

but we were able to jump around swim in

the water and have a good time make sure

you visit second dose if you're going to

Greece or Europe I promise you won't

regret it

in my opinion it's the greatest time in

Greece all right so now we're to head

over to the mountains of northern Italy

to the dolomite you know to get there

you can fly into either Milan or Venice

and make the 4-hour drive to the

beautiful mountain range one of my

favorite places to go is the mountain

called sasada just this jagged rock and

then it has these just like beautiful

green grass and you can just run around

the whole area explore how a good time

another one of my favorite places is

Lago Debray it's one of the most famous

lakes on social media you can also jump

in lake if you're feeling it it's just

really beautiful another place that I

definitely recommend is trade Jimmy D

Lavaredo when I went there I spent about

4 days there because there's so much to

do they have the infamous Tracy me

they'll have a Raider rocks it's one of

the most famous rock formations in

Europe there's also a million hike

around the area that are just gonna blow

your mind

Dola mines are one of my favorite place

in the world you have to go there it is

one of the coolest place ever alright so

after the dolomite sweren over to Spain

to visit one of my favourite islands the

island of Majorca what's awesome about

my Orca is it so big of an island

there's so much to do one of my

favourite places is this place called

kala varkids

if you love cliff jumping and swimming

this is heaven the water here is so blue

and so clear like when you think of the

Mediterranean this is it it is just

absolutely mind-blowing

it is a cliff jumpers and swimmers

paradise there's so many places to jump

and the storm round well I did one my

most crazy cliff jobs ever off this arch

it was about 60 feet

and it was absolutely terrifying but I

sent it and I got some awesome footage

of it obviously if you can cliff jumping

be smart check the depth of water and

make sure you know what you're doing

another really awesome place to visit on

the west side of the island to sack

kelabra the road to Sokolova is one of

the windiest and most famous roads in

the relative it's been featured a lot of

car commercials you'll come down and you

come down to the South kelabra and it's

just beautiful

Cove with sailboats I found it really

cool rock and I was able to swim around

there also got some beautiful drone

shots and it's a great place to watch

the sunset so after my your cup we're

going to head over to the Arctic Circle

in northern Norway so to get here you

can fly into airports such as from zou

or Narvik so I went here in September I

was able to visit one of the coolest

soccer fields in the world it's in a

town called Hennings var and it's the

soccer field on an island and when I

went there I was surprised there's

nobody there

sadly me my friend Jorge we didn't have

a soccer ball so we just ran around got

some really cool drone shots and had a

good time another really beautiful place

to go is Cavalli Lika Beach is one of

the prettiest beaches I've ever been the

water is blue like the Caribbean it is

as green as Hawaii and then the

surrounding mountains makes you feel

like you're in Switzerland I couldn't

believe the colors the sunset was

absolutely astounding another really

cool place is rain it's one of the

coolest little towns surrounded by these

beautiful sea mountains it's a little

fishing village and they have these

beautiful red houses so make sure you go

there if you go up north you could head

to the beautiful island of Senya to see

one of the most unique rock formations

in the world if you go past September

you may get lucky and be able to see the

Northern Lights when I was there I spent

the night in Senya I was able to see the

aurora borealis it was one of the most

magical experience of my life I felt

like a kid again northern Norway is

worth the visit I hope you can go there

alright so after Norway we're gonna head

back down south to Austria to visit the

beautiful Austrian Alps you can fly into

Vienna or you can fly into Salzburg make

the drive over one of the pretty

locations in Austria is the town of

Hollis at its

for this just beautiful village on this

beautiful lake surrounded by these

massive mountains you can also head over

to the cross Glockner pass it's one of

the highest roads in Europe and you'll

be able to see the highest mountain in

Austria it's about 3,900 metres high

freaking gorgeous there's also a

beautiful glacier I think it's called

pasteries glacier it's in the cross

clock international park and it's just

freakin beautiful one thing I loved

about Austria is they had so many

beautiful churches and castles I don't

think I've seen more churches anywhere

and they were just so scenic and so


so after Austria we're in head back to

Greece to visit the magical town of

meteora now to get to meteora well I did

it I flew into Athens and then I got a

rental car and I did the four-hour drive

what met your is famous for is there

monasteries that are built upon these

rocks like these monasteries are

hundreds of years old

when you see them you wonder how the

heck people built them you can go in on

thing cost like a euro to to go inside

of them

meet my brother we we woke up for

sunrise we got some really cool misty

and cloudy conditions and we be able to

get some beautiful shots of the area

it's just a really beautiful place

definitely recommend visiting meteora

alright so now we're ahead over to

Scotland to visit the Isle of Skye you

can fly in to Edinboro and then you get

a car and drive about five hours and get

to the Isle of Skye it is one of the

greenest places I've ever been

feels like you're on just a massive golf

course because it's just these green

grass one of my favorite places in the

Isle of Skye is the old man of storr

it's one of the coolest rock formations

I've ever seen it's a short hike it's

honestly just a magical place when I was

there there was like crows flying around

and I felt like I was in a fairytale you

can also visit the chorong which is the

beautiful little mountains you can visit

me out Falls which is this waterfall

that falls off to the ocean for your

Harry Potter fan you could also visit

the Glen FINA and via duck which is the

train that's in the Harry Potter movies

that is just absolutely super cool so

after Scotland we're gonna head to one

of the most unique places on the planet

to Iceland so to get to Iceland you can

fly into Reykjavik plane tickets are

actually not too expensive to fly there

be flying out of Europe me my brother

flew in there in November and we only

had two days there so what we did is we

found a rental car and we drove two

hours south to visit the infamous

skogafoss waterfall it's one of the most

famous waterfalls in Iceland and just

absolutely breathtaking and then we

headed over to the ridge astara beach I

like to call it Black Rock Beach because

what it is is just these beautiful black

rocks they had these rock sea stacks in

the ocean and it really just adds to the

epicness of a location we were able to

get some beautiful footage with the

drone and try not to freeze our butts

off definitely there's a whole lot more

to explore in the country I need to go

back and explore more Iceland is one of

those places that you should definitely

see at least once your life after

Iceland we're heading over to one of my

favourite countries in the world for to

head over to virus Aska it's located in

southern Switzerland near the border

Italy and it has one of my favourite

cliff jumping spots in the world it's

this bridge that's straight out of a

fairy tale it is just like so cool it's

about 30 feet high I jumped off at a few

times if you gainers super fun and some

of the clearest river water you'll ever

see in your life like it is so clear I

was able to jump in and I did some

snorkeling it was just a very

rejuvenating experience after viavoice

Aska we're gonna head up north to the

middle of switzerland to visit the

Jungfrau region what do you think of

Switzerland this is it massive mountains

beautiful Swiss houses cows eating grass

in the mountains it is just absolutely

scenic Grindelwald is one of the towns

in the Jungfrau region it's famous for

Mount Uyghur it is one of the biggest

mountains I have ever seen just

absolutely huge

another beautiful place is a lot of

ruined it's a valley of over 75


it's where j.r.r tolkien got inspired

from Lord of the Rings it's seriously

like the prettiest place I've ever been

there's also a Wang in which is a city

that you can only walk there or take a

train to because there's no cars it has

a beautiful view of the lauterbrunnen

valley and then there jungfrau yak which

is the top of Europe and it is just

absolutely beautiful

while Switzerland is very expensive I

think everyone deserves a chance

to see the beautiful Swiss country

anyways that is it from my top 10 places

in Europe hope you enjoyed it

it's Ryan and we will see you