Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe You Want to Visit

hello so today we're actually going to

dive into five different cities that you

can travel to to Europe that are

actually going to be basically cheap

safe in a place you'd actually want to

go to if you like to travel and like

cheap stuff go ahead and stay tuned

we're gonna dive into it here in a


all right so let's get these really

quickly and I'm gonna go to all five for

you now these are these gonna be studies

that you can go do in Europe that you

actually really want to go to you

actually are gonna enjoy and then you

feel safe when you go to them and like

an opposite just to show you what an

opposite would be is a great city that

you want to go visit definitely would be

Zurich but the cost of the city is just

you know obviously don't want to spend

$18 for a Big Mac meal which is totally

crazy or fifty sixty dollars on a small

steak so these are gonna be cities

opposite of that they're gonna be great


I guess half opposite they're gonna be

great cities to visit safe but really

cheap so you can go there enjoy yourself

you can get you know basically five-star

accommodations for under $100 you can

get a beer for maybe under a dollar you

can get food a meal for maybe five six

dollars somewhere in that range I'll go

ahead and break down some of the prices

for you as well so anyway stay tuned

we're gonna go through five of them it's

not the only five but it's gonna be five

that you guys can check out right now

number five Budapest Hungary go ahead

and check out Budapest it's basically

about a hundred miles east of Vienna if

you're out in that direction great city

great old town and actually they love

their thermal baths you can see one of

them here great time just to spend the

day out and float in the thermal baths

with the Hungarians they also have great

architecture here's the Hungarian

Parliament building along the river so

go ahead and check this out as well you

can just walk around the town all day

and if you're a food lover and you're

like Hungarian Goulash and things like

that definitely check out the downtown

area they have food halls like this

built in some older buildings so it's a

great time makes a great afternoon

alright so some of the cost you can see

in Budapest is about 89 dollars a night

in May for a hotel room four stars meals

are about 695 domestic beer is about 169

cappuccinos 159 bottle of coke is 108

and a taxi rate per mile is 166 so it's

pretty inexpensive number four

Warsaw Poland so horse has another great

place to visit obviously when I go

probably in the spring or summer not so

much in the winter so great got a great

old town great shops great restaurants

great food and also one of the things

that a lot of people don't know about it

it has a brand new section also as well

as the old section of Warsaw so you can

visit either the old and the new and

meet all the different people there are

very nice people in pole

and then finally the food is incredible

there obviously if you like pierogies

and things like that sausages sauerkraut

cucumbers soup things like that you're

gonna love

Warsaw Poland Warsaw is pretty

inexpensive also so it's $59 per night

for a four-star hotel in may meals are

about 645 domestic beers 250 cappuccinos

250 bottle of coke is about it oh just

over a buck and then tax rate per mile

is only one dollar so you can get around

pretty easily in the city for not that

much money so go ahead and check out

Warsaw Poland

number three Tallinn Estonia

alright so heading up a little bit

further north as Tallinn Estonia it's

got a great incredible downtown area

beautiful old section of the city so go

ahead and check out town if you get a

chance you can go ahead and just kind of

walk around the town it's got great

restaurants great shop so you can go

ahead and take a little bike ride like

this and see all the different sights

one of the things that a lot of people

don't realize is the way the city was

created it's basically a walled city

beautiful red roofs and things like that

so it's one of those things you can take

tons of pictures or sit out in a cafe

have a cappuccino great time and talent

so town is gonna be a little bit more

expensive it's 82 dollars a night for a

four star hotel

meals are about seven eighty eight for

one person domestic beers 350

cappuccinos to 89 bottle of coke is 196

but the taxis are really cheap again

it's only about 90 cents for a taxi in

the city so you can get around really

easily great town to visit number two

Prague Czech Republic so here's one of

my favorite places to visit if you go

there you can definitely see all the red

roofs all the people it's very festive

got tons of food great beer just a great

place overall to visit go in the summer

though I recommend this summer here on

Charles Bridge you can cross says

there's always tons of people vendors

selling things definitely go across the

river here and check out the castle up

on the hill go ahead and look at the

guards guarding the castle just a great

time in general you actually take a boat

go on a restaurant on a boat as well

obviously you can look at the

astronomical clock here they're just

tons of people always in Prague and it's

just a great atmosphere to go visit so I

totally recommend Prague that's my

number - all right so ma you can get a

hotel in Prague four stars for seventy

seven dollars a night meals are pretty

inexpensive at 6:48 domestic beer is

really cheap at 199 cappuccinos will set

you back about 2:15

bottle of coke is cheap again at 1:36

and taxi rates per mile as $1 95 cents

so very cheap in Prague and finally

number one Krakow Poland

all right so in the south of Poland

pretty much in the very very south tip

is gonna be crack off Poland I love this


here architecture the people everything

about it it's a great place and there's

a lot of festivities always going on

you can walk literally 5 or 10 minutes

outside the city and visit this castle

it's on a river you can take a boat

around it or you can go into the castle

spend hours inside learning about the

history of Cracow one of the things I

like about Krakoff you can spend you

know a number of hours in the downtown

area there's a ton of tour groups down

there there's gonna be all the ton of

restaurants where people can sit outside

just have a beer have a cappuccino have

a coffee so it's one of those towns

where you can just sit around and

people-watch there's a market down there

as well so if you get good weather

Krakoff is a great place to visit it's

also pretty inexpensive it's gonna be

$78 for a four star hotel meals are

about $5.99 domestic beer is 199

cappuccino is 197 bottle of coke is 112

only and then tax rates are only 88

cents a mile so if you want to get

around the town it's very easy I've got

great public transportation as well so

visit Krakoff anyways thanks for

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