27 best places to visit in EUROPE

Europe the birthplace of a Western

civilization and home to a myriad of

historical natural and modern wonders of

the world let's embark on a journey to

some of the most magical and amazing

parts of this incredible continent

number 27 the Swiss Alps nested in the

heart of Europe and covering over 60% of

the country the Swiss Alps offer a

beautiful escape from busy city life

this impressive mountain range is full

of untouched nature in the form of

glaciers stunning lakes and rivers and

charming little towns and villages Swiss

Alps feature some of the highest

mountains in the Alps such as the iconic

Matterhorn one of the highest peaks in

Europe you might recognize it as a

symbol used on the table round chocolate

many people track the mountain or use

either the train or the cable cars to

enjoy unparalleled views of the

Matterhorn and the differed pizza' the

country's highest peak number 26

Santa's haunts the land of colorful

tulips innovative Water Management

millions of bicycles and breathtaking

nature Netherlands is known for its


of Technology and nature filled with

remarkable and windmills one of the

oldest of its kind peacefully blending

with the lowlands of the Dutch

neighborhood of sans his hands

discovered what life was like before the

emergence of big industrial centers

riding a bike in this residential area

full of original places such as the

Baker Museum or cheese factory which was

left mostly untouched since its

establishment in the 18th and 19th

century feels almost like time does not


number 25 Athens considered to be one of

the oldest cities in the world

Athens had been around since the Bronze

Age its historical center the plaka

neighborhood has been continuously

inhabited since ancient times the

capital of Greece Athens still displays

much of its history revealing the

origins of later democracy and the

classical arts and philosophy some of

the most notable monuments and iconic

landmarks still standing include the

crapless of Athens Athens is now big and

modern city and also a great place to

enjoy the sea number 24 Madeira one of

the world's most hidden destinations

located in the Atlantic Ocean west of

Morocco you will find Madeira a group of

islands which are officially a part of

Portugal the amazing beaches tropical

and botanical gardens and abundance of

unique flora and fauna and the fact that

it has no mass tourism make this

impressive archipelago with one of a

kind the capital from shell equal

impresses with its world-renowned food

and the famous Madeira wine as well as

friendly atmosphere

remember 23 Dublin Dublin the capital of

Ireland is not trying to hide its Viking

origins the city offers an array of

incredible museums medieval castles and

other iconic landmarks the birthplace of

Guinness Dublin is also one of the

world's main beer hubs so one can hardly

imagine exploring the city without

visiting one of its countless pubs a

popular spot for many locals and

international guests with endless

nightlife opportunities one of their

most famous celebrations is st.

Patrick's Day celebrated by the Irish as

a religious and social holiday for

centuries the city is surrounded by

breathtaking nature such as the nearby

Dublin Mountains

number 22 mon san michele a visit to

France would not be complete without a

trip to Mont saint-michel part of


Monza Michel is a picturesque tidal

island that became a cultural icon

because of its Mon San Michele Abbey as

well as the fact that the place is an

island during Abe and land at low tide

this complex of buildings is praised for

its architecture and history and it's

one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites one

should not leave this famous and surreal

destination before experiencing the

reflection of the castle in the water

number 21 Amalfi the amalfi coastline is

a blend of mountains the sea and

abundant Mediterranean vegetation

located southeast of Naples in the

Salerno province amalfi was one of the

maritime republics

so beside fantastic nature it is also

full of rich historical sites amalfi is

famous for its deep seaside towns like


connected by one of the most dramatic

coastal roads incredible beaches

historical buildings with medieval

architecture handmade pepper and the

traditional sweet alcoholic drink made

of lemons limoncello number 20 Barcelona

a city in northeastern Spain Barcelona

is one of the most visited cities in

Europe known equally for its football

club as for its tourist attractions the

city was founded as a Roman settlement

the city's architecture was heavily

influenced by one of the world's most

famous architects of all time Antoni

Gaudi and many of the famous landmarks

such as Sagrada família birth weight or

casa milà were designed by him but

Barcelona also impresses with other

amazing landmarks such as the statue of

Christopher Columbus or the gardener a

trip to Barcelona would not be complete

without its delicious cuisine and trying

some of

food in La Boqueria market or stroll

along bison Napa with the amazing views

towards the sea number 19 Lisbon because

of centuries of Portugal's global rule

Lisbon the country's capital is

recognized as one of the world's oldest

global cities literally called the city

of the sea

Lisbon got its name for being the home

of famous explorers like Vasco da Gama

and Magellan aside from its beautiful

beaches and the view that overlooks the

sea Lisbon is also a center for art and

culture some of the Heritage sites

include the jeronimos monastery and the

lame tower travelled back in time by

visiting st. george castle or had one of

their museums lisbon is a popular

destination year-round because of its

mild climate and the mix of art culture

nightlife and fantastic food number 18

Stonehenge a cultural icon dating back

to the Bronze Age Stonehenge is a UNESCO

World Heritage Site located in England

and is believed to be around 5,000 years


this mysterious site is composed of

stones of 13 feet or 4 meters high

arranged in a circle its first use is

believed to be a burial ground and even

now the site has religious significance

to some people select groups can access

it during the solstice or the equinoxes

while visitors can walk around the

monument from a distance there are still

a lot of mysteries connected to the

landmarks origins and history number 17

Amsterdam hailed as the Venice of North

Amsterdam is known for its canals in

fact the entire city is built around the

canals making it one of the most unique

cities in the world Amsterdam is also

known for its vibrant art scene relaxed

atmosphere but also it's incredible

nightlife and festivals the city is also

home to numerous impressive museums such

as the Anna Frank house and Van Gogh


rent a bike and explore the city like

the locals do

although the hague is the seat of the

Dutch government Amsterdam is officially

the capital of Netherlands and is also

the financial and business center of the

country number 16 Malta Malta is an

archipelago state in the Mediterranean

Sea with a population of just around

500,000 the island country offers a rich

history many of the big empires and

nations including the Romans Greeks the

Knights of st. John and the British

fought for this strategic island malthus

culture and historical architecture

fortresses monuments and heritage sites

are a statement of the country's

centuries long battles the island is now

also a relaxed holiday destination with

breathtaking seaside and beaches number

15 Paris one of the most well-known and

famed cities in the world

Paris is dubbed the City of Lights in

2018 more than 24 million people visited

Paris making it the world's second most

visited travel destination Paris boasts

the biggest collection of modern and

contemporary art many also refer to it

as the city of romance a stroll along

the Seine River reveals some of the

city's world famous attractions such as

the Eiffel Tower or the natural dam the

Palais the Louvre Museum of the twin-off

under Pere Lachaise cemetery are just

some of the other amazing attractions to

discover whether it's sitting down in a

cafe or a restaurant admiring the

artists at Montmartre laying in a grass

in front of sacre coeur Paris does not

disappoint number 14 Berlin known for

the mark the city left in history the

largest city in Germany has become a

must-see tourist destination Berlin was

divided in the western and eastern part

during the cold war separated by the

infamous Berlin Wall parts of which

still stand today the city offers many

historical and World Heritage Sites and

is known for its green spaces and

Gardens as well as for its nightlife

underground scene festivals food and

beer some of the sights you just can't

miss are the Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Wall the Holocaust memorial the museum

Island and many others Berlin also

features over 112 miles or 180

kilometers of canals which is in fact

more than Venice or Amsterdam number 13

Santorini a group of islands separate

from mainland Greece Santorini is a

volcanic origins resulting in beautiful

black rocks and sandy beaches filled

with the dark volcanic sand to this day

this remarkable archipelago still houses

an active volcano with the crater right

in the sea the large crater or so-called

caldera makes the island even more

unique and many tourists come here for

breathtaking sunsets and romantic

getaways the colorful white houses and

picturesque view of the sea make it the

perfect backdrop for a wedding many

couples consider it an ideal wedding

destination number 12 st. Petersburg

located in the western part of Russia

this former Royal City inspired many of

the world's greatest writers formerly

known as Petrograd or Leningrad st.

Petersburg houses the Hermitage Museum

the second largest art museum in the

world and has preserved its numerous

18th and 19th century lavish

architecture with more than 2,000

museums and about 100 festivals per year

the city remains an important historical

and cultural forefront of the country

st. Petersburg is also famous for its

imperial palaces and beautiful parks one

of the best ways to discover the sights

of this remarkable city is by boat tour


eleven Transylvania located in central

Romania Transylvania is famous for being

associated with vampires mostly because

of the Count Dracula who supposedly

resided there the region is also known

for its rich history breathtaking nature

and the group of cities preserved from

the medieval times

Transylvania is home to many castles

towns and churches part of the unesco

world heritage sites of course the most

famous castle in Transylvania is the

bran castle more commonly known as the

Dracula's castle number 10 a London one

of the most famous and busiest cities in

the world London is the capital of

England it was founded by Romans and

offers countless attractions and

activities from the iconic landmarks

such as the London Eye the Tower Bridge

unpacking a palace to an array of free

museums in front of the Buckingham

Palace which is the official seat of Her

Majesty the Queen crowds can admire the

traditional guard mounting which takes

place once a day every day a perfect

blend of pubs history museums theatres

subcultures and the international spirit

of the city make London one of the most

desirable places to visit and live

London is also one of the world's most

important cities for finance business

and politics as well as an essential hub

for entertainment art and culture number

9 Edinburgh Edinburgh is the capital of

Scotland and is known for its heritage

culture and events with its mysterious

medieval backdrop Edinburgh was an

inspiration for JK Rowling's Harry

Potter one of the city's famous

festivals includes the Edinburgh

International Festival and the Fringe

which is recorded as the largest

International Arts Festival

the city is also home to a number of

world heritage sites and historical

places to explore including Calton Hill

the famous Edinburgh Castle the palace

of holyroodhouse and the city's old and

new town Edinburgh also offers amazing

nature including beautiful beaches and

charming surrounding hills number eight

Turkey FL also called the church

mountain Turkey Phil is fifteen and

nineteen feet or 463 metres high

mountain in Iceland it's unique

landscape has made it a popular

destination for many tourists aside from

its soaring peak you will find a

peaceful lake and the waterfall all

within walking distance of each other

the place is often referred to as the

most photographed mountain in Iceland

mostly because of its extraordinary rock

formation and excellent seaside location

one of the best experiences at Kirk you

feel is the aurora borealis also known

as Northern Lights the mountain was also

used for filming the season six and

seven of Game of Thrones number seven

Istanbul the cultural and historic

capital of Turkey and one of the oldest

cities in the world this metropolis of

15 million is located both in Europe and

in Asia in the Bosphorus Strait the

former capital of the Ottoman Empire is

filled with iconic and religious

landmarks designated a UNESCO World

Heritage Site such as hiya Sofia and the

Basilica cistern which also appeared in

the Hollywood hit infernum conveniently

located at the crossroad between east

and west

Istanbul was a major Silk Road huh it's

ancient bazaars offer amazing local


herbs and food number six

Caucasus Mountains

located in Georgia sitting on the border

of Europe and Asia between the Black Sea

and the Caspian Sea caucasus mountains

offer an enchanting combination of

scenery vineyards forests meadows and

charming ancient villages the caucasus

mountains are a popular destination for

tracking in the summer and winter sports

in the winter and offer one of the most

untouched landscapes in europe number 5

Prague the capital of Czech Republic

offers one of Europe's best-preserved

medieval city centres a visiting Prague

feels like traveling back in time the

Prague Castle one of the largest castle

complexes in the world and the beautiful

world of a river with the 15th century

charles bridge creates an unparalleled

view the city was one of the leading

centers of alchemy an ancient practice

mainly aiming to turning lead into gold

and discover other impossible secrets

such as to achieve immortality

alchemists underground laboratories for

Golden Lane a famous ancient Street are

just some of the proofs of this ancient

practice number 4 Rome Rome is known for

its history art and hood

whoo Rome's history begins as the

capital of the Roman Empire although the

official founding of Rome is estimated

around 753 BC the area was inhabited

long before that and it is considered

one of the oldest inhabited areas in


Rome's city centre is listed as a unesco

world heritage site because of its

relatively small historic centre culture

the rich architecture and history and

amazing food Rome is considered to be

one of the best romantic travel

destinations in the world some of the

main sites in Rome

include the Colosseum Roman Forum Trevi

Fountain Pantheon and

many others travelling along Via Appia

one can discover some of the most

remarkable historical attractions in

Rome like over two thousand year old

wrote for the catacombs of Rome located

within the city of Rome lies the

smallest country in the world and the

center of the Roman Catholic Church

Vatican City

number three Budapest with about 12

million tourists per year Budapest is a

place to go to for its culture and

history Budapest is famous for the

stunning skyline and scenery the city is

actually divided into two parts Buda and

pest located on opposite banks of the

Danube River several impressive bridges

connect the two areas along the Danube

you can discover numerous iconic sights

such as the buda castle fisherman's

bastion and the Hungarian Parliament

Budapest is located over numerous

thermal springs and bathing has been a

part of everyday life in the city since

Roman times during the Turkish

occupation the tradition continued and

as a result Budapest has several

incredible baths so much so that

Budapest is still nicknamed the city of

spas number two the Fulton the scenic

mountains and the view of the open

waters make this dramatic archipelago in

one of a kind

la Fulton is one of the northernmost

regions in the world located closer to

the North Pole and most inhabited places

on earth here you can catch a glimpse of

the northern lights and the Midnight Sun

the photon is also known for its fishing

tradition and visitors can even try

their hand at it or just explore the

islands amazing pitches and nature

number one dubrovnik located in the

south of croatia and founded in the

seventh century AD the brodnik city has

been part of UNESCO's World Heritage

Sites in

1979 step aback time with the old city

of Dubrovnik with its preserved

buildings and the city walls taking it

back in time when the brodnik was a

powerful city-state much like Venice the

typical a limestone

paved pedestrian street in the historic

part of the city surrounded by the walls

of dubrovnik and beaches with beautiful

green water make the city one of the

most incredible and preserved historical

places in the world every february the

city hosts the festivity of the same

place the pattern of dubrovnik which has

been celebrated for over 1,000 years

continuously almost every year the

legend says saint place helped the

people of dubrovnik defend against the

republic of venice part of game of

thrones Star Wars and other famous

movies have been filmed here nature

enthusiasts also like to explore the

surrounding hills