What is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

what is a certified public accountant a

certified public accountant or CPA is a

person who has passed the CPA exam and

has been licensed by one of the 50 US

states CPA is valuable credential for

advancing in the accounting and auditing

career CPAs responsibilities include

prepare and review financial statements

organize and keep current all financial

records prepare tax returns making sure

every forum is filed in a timely manner

and all taxes are paid on time business

evaluation or consulting CPAs can

provide valuable insights into how and

why companies operating accordingly to

financial rules and regulations as well

as all four potential changes to

increase revenues and reduce costs

financial planning the CPA and advise

liens on when is the best time to sell a

business and suggest the logistics of

management or ownership changes

requirements to become a CPA education

you will need a bachelor's degree

preferably in accounting many CPAs also

hold master's degrees in accounting or

Business Administration licensure you

are required to pass an exam to become a

CPA most state boards of Accountancy now

require candidates to have 150 college

credits in order to sit for the CPA exam

many states have their own boards of

accounting also known as boards of

Accountancy which have their own

requirements for awarding of the CPA

license if you are qualified to practice

in one state this may not automatically

allow you to practice in another state

so you will need to check it before hand

certified public accountant salary CPAs

usually earn more than accountants

without a CPA license the salary also

depends on whether they are

self-employed work for an accounting

company or a business CPAs usually earn

more than accountants without a CPA


according to BLS in May 2000 18 the

and annual salary for accountants was

seventy thousand five hundred dollars

which is around thirty three dollars and

89 cents per our job outlook employment

of accountants is projected to grow six

percent from 2018 to 2028 about as fast

as the average for all occupations