please don't exist in real life these

days but you showed me if I

it's just find the fan I need to believe



oh my gosh where's a layup where's the

lamp please my way up where is she where

is she oh my gosh she was saying she

would say my the spoon oh my gosh you

were saved

oh girl where are we where are we this

is not someone's house this time hey are

you okay okay let's get out of there we

got to figure out where we are girls

let's go

l do you know where we are no we got to

figure it out what is this though cereal

okay let's figure out where we are

yes she was saved

how did that happen how'd you even get

in the spoon you don't know okay it's


all right girls we gotta get out of here

you need help we gotta figure this out

I'm scared family we good we good family

okay let's figure this out what is this

hole to the next dimension Oh

can we go inside dear oh wait why am I

still in the same spot okay yeah what is

that a dog rubber okay let's continue

let's continue girls whoa wow what is


but where are we we will wait could we

be possibly in another

or is this a dream probably dreaming

dreaming no I don't think returning are

those just for you or for Mom and Etta

oh just for you okay when the mom my dad

I should take some too

maybe which wants to begin well let's go

let's continue let's go where are we al


what colors are these what room is this

Wow their swings al

should we get on the swing a

teeter-totter okay what happens when you

jump nothing okay it's okay

all right let's go this way it's a

flower garden Wow a flower garden this

is so cool sweep what about this wool

way that way okay with this hard bebut I

give you this hard what do you want

little bear oh whoa Lily the pig room no

no it's the piggy bank room

the money in the golden mayor this is

crazy you trying to take take what it

leads to magic room maybe okay let's

look at this out l come on we have to

keep going keep going

what someone took a boo-boo here why

this is an upside-down room no way

you're an angel

you wanna lay our angel go back go back

of it

Wow with the butterflies this is

beautiful baby do you know we are yet my

gosh why does this keep happening to us

wait you think Santa's doing this

because it's December Oh

what room is this the Rainbow Room bevit

you're the rainbow queen with the monk

emojis no way this is crazy

the bananas fell down from the ceiling

look what is this this reminds me of a

car wash we go to a car wash to get


disco room where's the music can we

dance well wait they got my favorite

emoji here don't fire emoji I might have

to take this home can we move it what

else do we have

oh look at this room I'll kind of roam

is this just an ABC room the alphabet

rule maybe okay and we have to figure

this out before someone finds us and we

have to bring something back home let's

continue looking all right let's go back


Oh should we coin there are Lizzie

Lizzie Lizzie whoa

oh you don't like this Romell look how

colorful it is it's just a mere room Shh

someone's coming oh she's fine she said

she's in this Bryce that's perfect

look at this room this might be one of

the coolest rooms I've ever seen okay

okay okay okay girls let's listen miss

the game plan


well look at all these emojis oh my gosh

what look at that emoji what wait we're

in instagrams house no way no there's

everyone let's go let's go let's go

alright girls we got you I think as many

pairs as we can just grab them I already

have a bear my arms so just take as many

as you can see how Mama's taking them

just take him take him hurry hurry hurry

take them take them out hurry take them

all we gotta get out of here take more

take one take one good good let's go

this way let's run let's run come on

come on let's go let's get out of here

keep going keep going

hurry hurry alright wait wait before we

leave we have to take a pee let's try to

take a peek hell there's this one take

that one out I'm a team let's get outta


let's go we gotta hurry do we take

another peek

I think we're good to go look you guys

have everything in your hands let's get

out of here

wake up so it's here let's just have the

camera what is this

now open the door open to her come on

we're gonna put these under the tree

come on you're gonna put these teddy

bear Deacon tree oh oh we got too many

we got too many gifts on that side let's

put it underneath this side this side of

the tree okay it's filling up quick is

that good all right mother only boy

you're ever gonna love you're gonna love

more boys are you hearing this l-listen

to death

as you get older we're gonna have some

serious talks okay why are you trying to

listen to me I'm the only boy that

whatever kiss his hand

okay I'm the only boy who will ever kiss

that hand let me see it again

hey stop wiping off my kisses can they

see I'm at least kiss you they can jeez

oh so thank you all for tuning in and

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