things don't exist in real life these

days nice but you showed me if I

just find the fit I need to believe

time is possible if you wanna pass

dr. sky-high test your lip

oh wait

what where's our camera wait what are

you doing that camera you already

started the video no Abby if you weren't

new to this channel make sure you hit

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our hollow before we get in today's


baby please step out the car please stop

with the car show them here you're

beautiful out there please step off the

car no don't the car baby no no why your

outfit is amazing it's one of my

favorite outfits please hold my keys

show your outfit no we are started video

out with you come on walk your little

fine ass around the car and model for me

one time a family look at these shoes

whoa look at this outfit she's glowing

look at--look okay okay okay that's

enough that's enough pop your little

sexy am I gonna cut okay so now we can

get into the video so where we started

so as you guys can tell by the title we

have something that we want to share

with you guys something very exciting we

have a few exciting things to share with

you today so we are currently at the

location right now and we are going to

be showing you exactly what we're

talking about this is something that

we've been working on for a while and it

has to do with our brand the ace family

brand it's important for us because I

feel like it's something that we've all

done together and it's something that

you guys you guys have been watching us

from the beginning and would be a part

of it you guys would be excited about it

too so as we've been growing we've

realized we have to be more hands-on and

so this is just another stepping stone

into what we're doing into the ACE

family brand and after we show you our

first surprise we're gonna take you guys

to our new house mm-hm take you guys for

a new house even though it's not done

being built yet we're gonna take you to

our new house because we're gonna need

your guys's help we're gonna need your

as opinions on a few things that we have

going on in the house and so make sure

you guys stay tuned for that so

we are really proud to be showing you

this building because this is actually

the first building that we've ever

bought it's probably the biggest

investment we've ever done for our

business so fine for sorry I'm

interrupting you sorry no good keep

going so we're really excited about this

because this is obviously the first big

purchase that we've done for our

business for our brand for the East

family brand something that we really

believe in and so we are going to be

showing you what it looks like and how

we run our operations and everything and

meet all of our employees actually one

of our employees who is actually our

best employee who's actually running the

whole entire show over there is Austin's

dad so he's gonna be showing you guys

around our ace family welcome to the ACE

family headquarters haha

where are you at you gotta give the

family a tour let's go oh he's upstairs

he's as well where should we start I

don't even know where to start

I'm confused start upstairs okay well

he's upstairs let's go stairs stairs so

this is where everything is man when it

comes to make a brand I'm going on here

here it is ladies and gentlemen hello

how are you

we have all these boxes over here

offices over here what are you doing you

knew that's what we're over here we got

a ping-pong table this is a break room

skull this is like our like our

employees staff lounge well okay got a

little kitchen Wow nice who ordered

Krispy Kreme this morning oh my god is

Krispy Kreme you're craving that yes oh

my gosh

later so we got the love sacks over here

shelves a little sack I love you Mike we

got the vision board right here we got

to write down our vision board baby but

haven't done that I no need to do that

that's a ping-pong table well this is

your building this you saw you that's

you up on the wall huh Wow Bonnie yeah

look it up here got the whole fan who is

this little chunk chunk so you saw the

front offices but we do put summer

service on and so forth back here is the

warehouse Hey we are fully stocked a

family are you know what time it is all

you do is go to shop a family calm link

is always in description al what do you

want you want something here what do you

want vivid we got all type of goodies in

here got the new one lon

okay hello ace arm ace army for life on

a new ones yeah uh-huh but what you like

what you like the sleep ace okay okay

and what you like

well likes this beautiful color done

here the ace family I think this is one

of your favorites oh yes one my

favorites watching ace family is bad so

something I think that's like really

really cool and it's exciting is that

before we were shipping to approximately

80 different countries now we're

shipping to over 201 different countries

so this was all like t-shirts uh-huh

and in this section back here we have

all of the hoodies hoodies oh god I'm in

the same graphics you know cartoon which

has been one of our best sellers yeah

that one is actually everyone seems to

love that love that that baby blue of

color one of our best sellers well you

know be honest with you they all they

all sell I think it just kind of depends

on what you know preference what your

preference is and what you have if you

don't have what you like Vivat else over

here to scrub

who next and I'm literally so obsessed

with like I can't wait till you guys see

these because they're so comfortable I

wear them all the time so what do you

think about you're building out you like

it okay more popular items too what is

that kind of pillows back in hey the

pillows are back pillow cases the pillow

so over here which is a really cool loss

we got the different backpacks lanyards

wristbands oh my god

hundreds of different styles of phone

cases and so it's a what else do you got

cover your pillow case with one which is

kind of really cool dip wonder what you

got like Christmas when you come here

home look at that okay sell like a silk

pillowcase well I got for your bed yep I

love this color nice white one hmm I got

cups you know I got one of these yep hot

cold really likes to pull over so the

zip ups are really nice

let's back over here super plush and

stop over here we got more oh my gosh

even though he had yeah and family over

everything of course our new logo our

level design family over everything as

well we got windbreakers so we've got

the windbreakers here we go through

everything we expect everything for the

entire label and get ready to just

this is all of our shipping material and

products come back here we got again a

family you've seen our conference room

so when we do all of our conferences

Skype calls business whatever might be

were able to bring everybody right here

for all my fellow youtubers or social

media influencers if you ever need

anyone to help you with merch if you're

interested in having someone run your

merch business all you got to do is hit

the ACE family because we're willing to

help anyone in need so if you need some

help all you gotta do is email this

email right here below the screen and

we'll get back to you as soon as we can

oh and all these little goodies over


the blanket a length on my favorite

blanket and the pillow like the

pillowcase Lu more snacks

look who's this l who these pictures of

huh who's this that's all you see is

mama somebody else on there too who else

in that picture

thank you our ace Tammy if you have made

it this far in today's video we are

giving all of you 20% off on everything

on the website so all you gotta do is go

to shop a semi calm and you will receive

20% off wait well before you do that

before you receive twin for self you do

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today the sales yes tag us in your March

and the cell will only go off for 24

hours before we leave obviously we're

not gonna leave without signing some

posters we actually did this last time

and they sold out pretty quickly so

we're gonna do some more today and what

you get is 5 different pictures in the

poster set and they come in this like

really nice packaging so they don't like

fold or anything

and so yeah we're gonna be signing this

picture over here and tag us in your

Merc please do that because we want to

see you guys obviously we can only sign

so many posters but if you do order one

today you may be one of the people who

get a sign mister what's your signature

look like Catherine Hart

tell them I see mr. bro posters here L

we haven't do that special lucky one

maybe can you put your autograph right

here for me please there you go

let's do it is the Papa get it yeah oh

yeah right there you want to write

something yes that's really good they're

gonna round your hand good that's your

name oh wow someone whoever buys this

you got a bow yep you're gonna sign just

everywhere huh whoever gets this poster

set it's gonna be Lex like winning the


all right ace family I hope you all

enjoyed the mini tour of the ACE family

headquarters and now we are headed to

our new house you guys can help us

you guys gonna meet us there actually no

do you guys a favor and I'm actually

gonna throw you guys there because it's

nice lunch faster than driving all right

you guys there all right all right

Bevin you ready to give the ACM your

house tour yo you look like I ain't

compared to the front door as it is how

do we get in you know the code wait

we're not keeping the front door like

this right this is one of the things we

want to talk say sorry about so we have

a question for you guys

so as you guys can see it's like wood

right now but we obviously need to paint

it so what do you guys think obviously

this is like a very modern house hey

Stan what color do you guys think will

look good to match the house what color

door should we do so the rest of the

house is kind of like white Gray's what

color to the front door B comment below

what you guys think about to go inside

now who need your help and opinions on


this is pretty bad

this is huge bathroom right um but this

I will definitely never be using it

because I would just use the one in my

master bedroom yes but think about work

out go all the way over to your room you

just come in here wash it up get clean

write more do you guys feel that a

steamer would be more useful yes I said

we don't want to show you guys too much

for the house tour is coming very

similar so what are we showing you

showing about me actually yeah I want to

ask them something so we have a like

patio up here so I want to ask you guys

um obviously there's gonna be something

around this for safety but yeah what do

you guys think that we should put out

here as far as like furniture like

there's so much room to put outdoor

furniture year and I was thinking I want

to put like one of those like out there

couches and then a fire pit

what do you think about that so I want

to put like a fire pit and then like

chairs over here and like chairs over

here and then like a couch and then a

fire pit so these family below what you

guys think we should put up here on the


alright so we're gonna show you

something that we haven't showed you yet

alright and I want you to know that this

is something that Katherine had to have

like this was like a must

for her right because the house that we

lived in before a tiny tiny tiny closet

so this right here ladies and gentlemen

is Catherine's no no this is our closet

mine and yours I'm pretty sure we to get

kicked out because okay we're know first

of all I don't have that much stuff okay

you have way more shoes than I do you

have like 500 pairs of shoes you're a

shoe hoarder that's what you are he

saves all his shoes for like years and

years I mean am I gonna live here with

my entire life yes okay obviously the

closet is not done yet there's a lot of

things to be done but oh I'm showing

them though not in here okay so um the

way we decided was Austin is gonna have

this side like this entire side and then

I'm gonna rope this entire side over

here so why does it make better no that

was your decision that's what you said

so Austin wants to put all his shoes

over here like on this wall yes and then

I'm gonna put all my shoes on that and

if you can tell my wall is a lot smaller

than his just saying that's pretty cool

no because there's a door right okay

yeah okay so the way I designed this

closet is yeah I even chose to have like

this window here for natural lighting in

here because it is nice to have natural

lighting in your closet and the best

talk about what's positive is that no

you don't make this closet skylight okay


says get that like side and then it's

gonna be like major section wait wait

what why did you say over there this is

my side right I could do it along with

my side yeah okay okay thank you

so over here obviously would have like a

section for like long clothing like

dresses in this dress like a pretty big

section because I've never had a big

section in my closets for like dresses

and that's like the one thing that I can

yet that I have about it so then over

here I'm gonna have that shelf over here

space here for purses and stuff like

that and then more clothes don't mind

all this junk over here this is just

part of the bathroom stuff so yeah too


there are things I want to tell you

right now wait because I think it's

better I just see it but just so you

guys know this is my dream closet so oh

look it's he's so happy like a little

kid in the candy store and then over

here is good god alright then we're to

go ahead and close on today's video

right here sorry it is a bit loud who's

got like 30 40 people working in this

house and it is a bit strange closing

out today's video in our new house it's

not done so it like bothers us that like

it's not done and we're like filming we

just want to show done like as possible

like there's so many things that are

going on and obviously like we don't

want to rush anyone because we want to

make sure that it's done right but this

is really stressful just so you guys

know is so stressed out we're supposed

to move in like but honestly like

everything happens ferries in like we

always say and it sucks that it's not

done yet but definitely worth the wait

so before we close on today's video we

do have to give our pulse of shots a

little bit so today's post a vacation

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you girl thank you so much being part of

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