Hey so although we did do a Q&A video a

couple weeks ago we wanted to answer a

couple of your guys's questions that we

didn't answer so we're gonna be saying a

couple of random facts if you guys may

not know about us let's get started good

start so let's first start off by

letting you guys know where I'm from so

fact number one is that I am from

Palmdale California for those who don't

know where that is it's about 45 minutes

north of Los Angeles okay middle of

nowhere so fact number one I wasn't born

with canine teeth so I had braces for

about three years and according to my

dad and my dentist wasn't a good dentist

so he's saying that my teeth were pushed

back and they took my canines off but I

don't think I was born with them so does

that make you weird because everyone is

everyone born it okay not everyone has

k-19 yeah fact number two for those who

don't know I have one brother and two

stepbrothers all brothers back to number

two I was raised by my dad for the first

half of my life and then for the second

half of my life I was raised by my

mother in Tampa Florida and I was born

in Montreal Canada beautiful okay

fact number three I am a Taurus and my

birthday actually lands on the last day

of a Taurus I'm on May 20th and that is

the last day for Taurus

well fact number three for me is I'm a

very going on the first day of the Virgo

so I'm like blue

okay fact number four is my favorite

smoothie of all time is the red gummy

from Jamba Juice for those who don't

know all you got to do is go to Jamba

Juice and tell them I would like the red

gummy it is on the secret menu

they got red gummy my gummy what's your

secret menu it's in the secret meeting I

know we're super weird so it's not on

the menu oh no it's just guys secret

movie they're like a bunch of different

flavors that artists aren't seen is

Austin gets it once a week or more it's

delicious that's number four my first

job was at Victoria's Secret and my

second job was at this like random like

little ice-cream place and I scooped ice

creams and Oscar waters no that's good

Robin it's like it was like one that

it's like it wasn't a franchise it was

just one and then obviously there's more

after that but yeah those are my two

first jobs I was gonna be 16 I ate ice

cream every day I did I made like

chocolate smoothies every day fact

number five I went to high school in

North Hollywood and it was called

Campbell Hall so like I said earlier I

lived in Palmdale I don't went to high

school North Hollywood had a commute an

hour every day to school so like when I

first heard Drive hundred I was

sophomore junior and like my fresh

freshman year I would ride down with the

football coach cuz he also lived in

Palmdale and so he would take me with

his son to school but after that I would

drive myself an hour every day to school

you know that I drew

and it was a private school by the way

so my parents where I live in Palmdale

and then a bunch of Publix goes around

with my parents my parents weren't

comfortable with me going to a public


they wanted me to go somewhere with high

academics and to set me up for the

future as far as like sports wise and

Campbell Hall was great they had great

academics and great sports

so that is why drove an hour every day

to school it was a mission I would I

would literally have practice after

school had practice and I would probably

get done around like 6 or 7 at night not

to drive all the way home and so that

time I got home was like 8 p.m. no I was

exhausted well the reason why I drove an

hour every day to school was because my

mom worked at a salon down the street

from my high school so she wanted us to

be close to her and she didn't want us

to like leave school early or anything

so she drove us an hour every day to

school and she would park in front of

she's a hair stylist so she would

partner with him her salon and wait like

almost an hour every more and of course

she started work she was out my firm

like for you fact number six is that I

played three sports in high school I

played football basketball and baseball

and I was pretty decent all three and

why do mm well basketball was just my

all-time low

like baseball is just too slow for me

and in football I hate getting tap when

I would just run all over the field and

she Austin's really a fast runner and

yeah basketball just some I was always

in love with couldn't get bored with


fact number six I played hockey soccer

and volleyball and added swimming don't

know you didn't tell me about the

swimming diving that could be known as

swimming remember the other day when I

was where you were in the pool doggy

paddle no no no remember the other day

when I was never you jump in they would

make this flow every day for like the


let's go can flow four hours four hours

I try to flow my whole leg my booty go

down to water because they say it's like

density it's like everyone's different

but I don't know you can't learn you

either can and can't you here have it

you don't yeah okay fact number seven I

went to three different colleges so not

too many not too many people can say

they went to three different colleges

right Sara

so my first college I went to was

Central Michigan and the reason why I

left there is because my coach got fired

so I said deuces and in the second

college I went to a st. Louis University

reason why I left there was because I

didn't get along with the head coach

yeah when I first transferred to st.

Louis the coach that recruited me he

ended up passing away as soon as I moved

there so it was like it was all bad and

I end up playing for a coach of it

recruit me so me and me and him they get

along so I had to make the move from

there and then from there I went to

Eastern Washington my last year where I

graduated and yeah amazing oh and also

this was my next fact but I might as

well say hell I'm on the topic I did

graduate where the three way the three

GPA yes and you have a major and I have

a major communications

am my Master's I just started my masters

and everything else that's number seven

I'm triangle so I speak three languages

English French and Spanish I learned the

first one the first one was Spanish

English kind of it was it was like both

at the same time because both of my

parents they were both born and raised

in Panama so I learned Spanish in

English pretty much at the same time and

then as I grew older I had to go to a

French school because I'm a

french-canadian so the only schools that

were available to me were in French so

yeah so I had to learn French like as

soon as I start at school and I pretty

much learned on my own and then by the

time I was in first grade I knew all

three and I'm currently trying to learn

Spanish along with my beautiful princess

I know a little bit of French

I took it he thought she knows pretty

good French like he you know he knows a

couple words I know I was a bit worried

but like I get to practice I have to get

the Spanish down that number eight is

that I have all girl cousins that is

pretty crazy so and now I have a little

girl of my own so and all my brothers

are boy

so that's number nine I can't live

without chocolate and chocolate every

single day she is addicted actually I

got her addicted I'm actually addicted

does it because I introduced her to

See's candy she'd even know what six

candy was yeah until like couple months

ago until I got rid of it that's crazy

yeah now she eats chocolate for dinner I

eat so much chocolate and you know how

they say like chocolate gives you acne

and it's not good for you that's not

true that's a minute because I don't

know okay

are you chocolate everyday so I back

number 10 and very interesting fact

because you guys do not know this one it

took Katherine all whole week to even

let me in that house oh my god dead-ass

yeah Daniel I was looking thirsty just

to get in the house I would like drop

her off this is after like a bit day too

I dropped her off it was late at night

she was home alone when I was like like

how come I can't come and just hang out

with you like I don't want to do it it's

really been together for two hours and I

got to go home I want to be with you I

want to be with you all night every day

I want to be with you and so like it was

so weird because I dropped her off and

then she was like bye see you later and

then I was like wait in the car so I

thought like maybe she would come back

I'm glad you want to come again but no

and then I was like I'm leaving a text

from like hey so what are you gonna do

are you tired

he goes so um are you never gonna let me

in the house yeah I was joking I was

acting slow you're gonna never just let

me know and I was like she got it daddy

if she got a boy the question was like

don't you have to study for class

anyways alright maybe sooner than

I guess but I'm so glad she was like

that now we also back to number 10 my

name my real name is a Katherine

Katherine is actually my middle name

my first name is something else my first

name is a gram own name it's an older

lady name and I used to hate it growing

up this is my birth name so that like

whenever I'd be in school there was like

a substitute teacher there was like a

new teacher they would say my name and I

was like oh my god all anyone's another

birthday so I was like always like

really embarrassed and then growing up

like I started to like it more even

though I don't use it because there's a

story behind it so should have been

affirmed it's kind of quick good okay so

the story is um when my mom and my dad

found out that I was pregnant they were

like they were really um they were like

17 18 and long story short my mom was

she grew up at the foster parents and

who was taking care of her because her

mom passed away when she was 15 so my

mom was like okay she was in the car and

she was like oh we're having a girl on

my and she was in the cart as well

the lady who took care of my mom and my

dad goes oh we're gonna name her after

you and my mom was like okay she

couldn't stay no cuz I don't know she

didn't want to be rude or anything but

she was like oh she saw my dad later on

she's like I'm always in a corner

Catherine cuz they love that me so yeah

so that's stuck with me so that's my

first name and then Catherine's on

middle name do it so your middle name

actually sorry her first name is


it's quick alright guys well there is

our fax for you and I hope you guys

enjoyed those facts and before we leave

you guys we have some news to tell you

oh yeah Catherine and I just launched

our dad hats so here are a few just some

ones that we are wearing so now that we

have our own hat brand we have to wear

our hats and our hats only and for those

because we we love dat hats sorry for

interrupting you I know people hate that

but um so we love wearing dead hats but

we wanted to come up with our own

because we don't ever really find

something to fit this Rachel it's so

hard to find hats that you genuinely

love and like and actually like that fit

right to so we wanted to create our own

not just for us but for you guys as well

our fans and so yeah so like I said you

guys these are for you guys so you want

to shop anywhere else for hats we will

provide all the hats yeah you come up

with like an idea or something

like either messages or tweet us or

email us or whatever the cases then we

can try to make them to make them in

different colorways if we're interested

in the idea alright and we will click

the website link in the description

below where you guys can go purchase

them there also is an Instagram page for

them it is called ace hat collection so

they'll check out the Instagram page so

you can see all the hats that we have

and we'll be coming out with new hats

every month for this collection we

launched like five or six hats and next

month we'll do the same and then once a

month each one yeah

and I will say they look a lot better in

person show me that close it's hard to

see it so this one is the dasa dog

filter one different colorways tickets

in blue and black as well

and then obviously faith and they have

the little side on the side oh you had a

little ace logo on the side it's kind of

cool not sure which one for the sides

and is that so yeah thank you guys for

tuning in

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