Casa de câmbio barata em NY: A&S Foreign Exchange | Dica Amiga #12

Where are my dollars? Reais, reais, reais!

Who put that in there?

I need dollars. I’ll go to the ATM to get money for there, no but those fees or so high, I need a currency exchange shop.

Ah, I saw one in the airport, it was called Travelex. Let me see if there’s one near here.

Are your dollars running out? Are you sure? Have you checked in your nose? Just kidding, who would have money in their nose!

Of course, it’s better not to use your card because of those extra fees Brazilian banks charge.

Intelligent travelers arrive with extra reais.

Right, Amigo Gringo – I am intelligent!

But changing your money in the biggest chain of currency exchange shops, Travelex, is only for fricking idiots!

We did a test. On a recent day, the official rate was 3.10 reais to the dollar. That’s the interbank rate that tourists will never get.

But of course they want to come as close as possible. At Travelex the rate was 3.64 reais to the dollar, and if you exchange only a small amount, there’s an additional fee!

Before you do that, go to A&S Foreign Exchange. On that day the rate was 3.20 reais, very close to the official rate.

And there’s no minimum. Take the 1, 2 or 3 train to 34th Street.

It’s a booth inside a souvenir shop, on Seventh Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets.

But don’t worry, the dollars are real.

And you know, on that same day we checked several currency exchanges in Brazil. And the best rate we found was 3.24!

In other words, it’s cheaper to arrive in New York with reais and exchange them in A&S Foreign Exchange.

And extra tip: you can always check the interbank rate in the OANDA app.

If you’re a fricking idiot, don’t subscribe to the channel, and don’t like us on Facebook. And now, your New Yorkese lesson.

What should you say in the currency exchange shop? Like, “I want to exchange 1000 reais for dollars, what’s the rate?” In English that would be…

But of course it doesn’t need to be a thousand reais – it could be anything.

I’d like to exchange 50 reais for hot dogs. What is the rate?

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