World's Fastest Bumper Car - 600cc 100bhp But how FAST?

now BC worldwide asked me calling first

creator of the hover bike get bicycle

the world's fastest mobility scooter to

create a new ride for the stake say we

took this old piece of junk turned into



now what I've done I've got a 600cc

sports bike engine in this wonderful

1960s dodgems but these are all

insignificant facts because all we want

to do is see it move so the guy



I love love this machine now bill this

bumper car for top gear for the stick to

drive but I think we can set a world

record in this thing do this is bust so

got one Record adjudicator we got stinky


well there is an issue

Stig's covered in the BBC insurance

policy so I've had to make him miss this

wonderful safety role hope thing it kind

of reminds me of something anyway

you're gonna look after the time in and

all the technical stuff and then Stig if

you want to give me a hand on touching

this turd of Germany's walked off again

oh right they say a world record


here he comes here he comes

come on we want to see a big score on

the morgue




so remember it's an average of both

directions and there's a lot of wind

today so he's going to go slower this

way cuz that's into the wind so he's got

107 you know we want to crack a hundred

miles an hour so we want to see at least

do some mass and that number 93 should

do it just about maybe



100.3 world's fastest bumper car just

over 100 miles an hour

Carlene and the speak you are officially

amazing right look at everyone's stick

on the show

hey y'all stinky boy happy what nothing

course not no emotion now if you want to

see I've made this click on the link box

and of course check out the new series

of Top Gear that's in the other link box

but there we are

that thing's fast this rock corn Guinea

slightly leave old stinky boy there to

just dig away oh just look he's doing

his stick thing that he stares