Car Bumper Broken Plastic Tab Repair

Shh hey guys double-wide six and I got

something pretty cool to show you today

I'm working on my car the bumpers

actually loose and we're gonna try and

do some plastic welding but I've been

doing a little bit of experimentation

and we're gonna strengthen the weld up

with some mesh so I tried out the method

and it seems to be working really well

and I wanted to share it with you guys

here's what we have going on this is my

o8 Honda Fit and the bumper is loose

what happened was about a year ago I

backed into my truck

I moved the truck to some odd spots and

my son could play basketball and well

what happened here is the the bumper is

the clip is broken off here so there's

nothing to hold this on and with the

wind pressure blowing out it opens up

when I Drive now all these are supposed

to lock in to these clips here but

they're they're not holding in because

this is not up tight enough you know

when it went to the body shop

they put a little piece of metal in here

but that metal is holding this down and

that's not allowing these clips to

actually engage so what I'm gonna do is

is try and build this thing up and I

can't do it on the top because these

won't work then so I'm gonna pull their

metal out of there and I'm gonna try and

build up the bottom and weld that in so

that's what we're gonna be doing I was

thinking about building this area out

with some super glue and baking soda but

I just don't know if it'll hold and you

know what I was thinking is if I could

get a piece of plastic that

from about here back it would have to be

underneath like I said I think that

would give me more surface area and

would actually bond better so I'm gonna

show you what I've been working on so

I'm I'm using a lid from some coffee and

what this is is a mesh tape this stuff

has a specific name

I don't know offhand what it's called

but underneath the video in the

description I'll put a link to this

product but anyhow what I've done is

I've taken a piece of this I cut it off

I plastic welded it on here and I used

this mesh Cape this sounds like a

fiberglass mesh that that's really

strong and I welded through it and then

over top of it with a filler so I

actually have this like flap just as a

test on there and you know here's needle

nose pliers and you can see this is this

is really strong and it's not coming

apart so I'm gonna try and use a method

like this to get that bonded up first

step here is just going to be to salvage

some plastic out of here so as I said

I'm just using this coffee can lid

because it's not too thick and it's very


I'm also going to cut a strip that I can

use for fill or plastic when I weld

maybe I'll do two of these right away so

it's good to make your fill or out of

the same material that you're welding

partly next thing I want to do I'm gonna

snip these ends and

I have some sandpaper and I'm gonna

rough up both sides of this just so that

it's ready to bond I'm also gonna clean

up this area because it is painted over

and I don't want to affect the paint on

the outside so I'm just gonna be kind of

careful okay now I have my patch here

everything sanded and I took out this

screw this metal plate they put in there

I'm gonna actually leave that in there

hopefully it it'll allow these to

connect a little better I might try and

Bend these tabs down a little with some

heat but anyhow we're gonna take this

thing and I'm just going to kind of

eyeball it up here put a little bit of

an angle on there like that cut this


to do our welding I'm going to be using

this soldering station put on this flat

tip this thing comes with a bunch of

different tips that you can use and it

also has the heat gun so we may need to

use that to straighten out our welds if

things get warped a little bit before we

begin I'm gonna take some brake cleaner

and just clean this plastic to help

forge a good bond all right I think

we're ready to go here so we're gonna

take this patch stick it underneath here

I got a little putty I just stuck in

there to hold that out and we're just

gonna start by trying to tack this thing


so put a couple tacks going down the

bumper plastic is it melts very easily

it's it's an easy plastic to melt and

weld its up

trying to fix my car

remember how I broke my bumper yeah

remember I backed into my truck last

year taking Bobby to the hospital yeah I

heard it but then I kind of knew that I

backed into it because I looked in my

rearview mirror okay so those tacks have

set up now I'm going to put on this mesh

tape stuffs really sticky I'm gonna pull

my gloves

and I think I'm gonna even fold this

under can't hurt and then what we want

to do is actually weld right through

this alright so now we're gonna go right

through the tape and tack it on here

again some of the tape will melt which

is fine but those fiberglass mesh in

there is actually holding some of the

fibers are getting cut but not all of

them just trying to push this down

all right now I'm gonna try and dig a

little trench out of here



all right so I let that cool down it's

pretty solid and what's cool is the tape

melts but the fiber and the tape does

not something that gets bond but some of

it doesn't this is the filler strip and

it's the matching plastic from the lid

and I'm just going to take this where I

dug a ditch and I'm just going to kind

of run this on top for strength

so we'll melt this and just kind of fill

it in and I might come back with that

heat gun

it's the soldering kit as that heat gun

and that's a nice way you know if that

plastics warped I might need to bend it

a little bit and all doing is just kind

of piling this on it's it hard to do the

plastic that the bumper is made out of

is really a nice flexible plastic and it

melts very easily so it's pretty easy to

work with and the lid from this coffee

can might be the same plastic seem to be

bonding real nice trying to build it up

here because this is where I need it to

drill through so I'm gonna let this cool

and let's see how stiff it is

okay so it's nice and hard right in here

I've got a little bit of a low spot so

I'm just going to fill this in

alright guys so using the heat gun and

I'm heating up the area where these

clips go in if I can bend this tang down

a little bit it should grab on so I'm

just kind of heating up the sides we'll

get them warm and then you push down a

little bit and that will reshape it and

now it's angled down just a hair

I already did these three and I think

that'll really help it grab and click in

okay so now we're going to drill our

hole I've marked where it needs to go is

actually pretty hard to tell that I have

it built up pretty thick here I'm just

putting a block of wood under this and

we're gonna try and drill in the right

spot all right we're gonna try and screw

this thing in the screw is kind of my

odd angle I could tell they did it with

the tire off and they put that metal

plate in so hopefully we'll get

everything now I heard those click in

pretty nicely and I'm just really hoping

this hole lines up

yeah I think we got pretty happy with

that so here's a look at the final job

you can see the bumpers in there you

know nice and square the way it should

be lined up nicely and I can tell you

that that thing is really in there so

I'm happy with the repair I'm really

surprised how strong that mesh tape

really makes that plastic weld well guys

I had the air conditioner but it's not

on because I got the door open here and

if you take a look

flip you around here it is hot in here a

lot of humidity and I really like the

air conditioner

so hopefully enjoyed this video you can

give it a thumbs up and I'll put a link

to supplies I used in the video I'm real

impressed with the results and I think

if you did something like this it would

work out pretty well for you as well

thanks for watching guys have a good day