How to Fix Your Bumper - The Easy Way

hi i'm greg your car angel when my

clients bring me their cars

sometimes i see that the bumper cover

clips have either been broken off or

they're entirely missing and this is

usually a result of a small incident

that there's no actual damage on the

bumper cover

but it was enough to break the clips and

what this results in

is a misalignment in the seam

between the bumper cover and the quarter

panel on a newer car

i would generally recommend that my

client bring it to

a body shop but on a car such as this

that only has maybe three or four more

years left on the life of it this car

actually has 171 thousand miles

then i would recommend doing this repair

because it costs virtually nothing

and the results are outstanding and you

probably will never have to take the

bumper cover off

you see this all the time bumper covers

that are knocked out of line

and if you look closely in this seam

you'll see that

it's simply the small plastic clip that

breaks away and it doesn't take

much for these clips to fail it happens

all the time

now for this hack you're going to need

some duct tape

some painters tape a pair of gloves

a small container or even a couple of

containers from your local mexican

takeout restaurant

a plastic knife and

some quick setting adhesive i personally

really like jb

quick but there's also something called

permatex cold weld

it does the same thing now jb weld comes


regular and it comes in quick you want

to get the quick setting which is also

what the cold weld is

and it takes about seven or eight

minutes for it to set

the first thing you're going to do is

you're going to test the bumper and the

quarter panel for proper alignment

once you have the alignment all figured

out and you're confident that

your seam is going to be consistent

you're ready to prep the bumper with

your painters tape

now this tape ensures that you don't

have any mess

with the glue on the outside portion of

the seam what you want

is to make sure the only area that has

the adhesive on it is on the inside of

the seam so that your job

looks clean you're going to place the

painters tape

on the area all the way to the inside

shoulder of the seam

now next you're going to identify the

contact points

which are most likely the two areas

where the clips failed

these are the places where you're going

to apply your adhesive

now you're going to get your gloves on

and you're going to mix up your adhesive

in equal parts and it really has to be

equal parts to get

the best quality adhesion now i find

that you have to mix up much more than

you think you're going to

need and that's because you don't want

to be caught short with this because you

don't have time to mix up

any more halfway through this process

now i found that by really agitating the


it makes it a better set

now once that is thoroughly mixed you

have just a couple minutes

where everything has to be perfect


this is set in stone but before you put

the adhesive on you're going to pull

back the bumper

and you're going to generously apply the

adhesive inside the seam

i've also used a straw to force the glue

into a very tight area if that's what

you have

and you can also use a broken chopstick

that works really well as soon as the

glue is placed

take your duct tape and bring the seam


to its original factory position not too

tight and not too loose remember

you want this to look as natural as


if you need to apply some pressure from

the outside to get the alignment you can

get a 2x4

or a bit of wood and put some pressure

on the cover

you don't want your duct tape to stay on

your paint

for any longer than maybe 10 or 15

minutes because

you'll have some residue so don't leave

the duct tape on overnight

jb quick and the permatex talk about the

setting time

around seven or eight minutes you'll

know that it's set

when the stuff inside here is completely

hard and then you'll know that that's

also the same way

so now we're going to go ahead and take

this off and you're going to see

how we did here

so this one was a little trickier than i

thought i think i put the tape in

a little bit too deep into the seams you

know because when we removed the tape we

kind of were

catching some adhesive with it and uh i

think on the other side i'll

be a little bit better about not putting

it as deep

but for five dollars worth of adhesive

and a half an hour of my time

it looks a lot better than it did before

and you have a nice alignment that

should last you

for years to come so i'm greg your car

angel thanks so much for watching this


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thanks again and i'll see you in the

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