How to pop a dent in a plastic bumper at home. NOT HOT WATER!

how a heat gun and a 2x4 can fix that

dent in this video hi everyone welcome

back to the channel I hope you are

having a fantastic day one of the great

things of course the Gabi photobomb me

on the showroom floor but anyways one of

the greatest things I love to do is help

my clients out after the sale now where

most salespeople sit here and be like

hey we sold the car and then pretty much

see you later

and by no means is this a bracket issues

comment or a vlog post to Pat myself on

the back or anything like that I'm just

showing you that there are great

salespeople out there all across the

country they've got your back I'm not

the only one I promise you I try trust

me I have a lot of people out there so

let me show you what I am talking about

I sold this Tahoe to an extremely

difficult customer the guy I never

really ever want to see him again he's

right there but he this is a really nice

rst 6.2 liter Tahoe we put those wheels

on it for him land and we also did that

Borla exhaust I'm going to show you that

here in a little bit but here is the


after the sell this is what I'm

referring to right here well after just

a couple months of ownership that kind

of stinks that that happens so me being

the professional that I am and try to be

hands-on with everything I do I think I

can get this out and I'm going to show

you how to get this out without any type

of body repair and having to replace an

extremely expensive bumper on a brand

new Tahoe that he just purchased so I'm

back here in our service area and I got

apologize upfront if there is some noise

in this video it's a-workin service area

I can't make these guys stop for me to

make videos so what I'm about to show

you I've done quite a few times so I've

got some experience in it but I got to

tell you this as well this can do a lot

of harm to your vehicle and so don't try

this if you haven't done it but I'm

making the video so that way you know

that walking into a body shop walking

into a service department that they

don't always necessarily have

to replace a bumper painted bumper stuff

like that you can ask some qualifying

questions as hey listen I saw this guy

on YouTube heat this bumper ups and pop

that dent out can you guys do that do

you have anybody who has done that here

you can kind of do some searching on

your own to do that so let me show you

what I'm going to do and again if you

have not done this do not do this on

your own so just like it to begin the

video I'm pretty much just going to use

this heat gun this small piece of 2x4 I

may use a pry bar but I don't think I

need to use that on this particular dent

here so basically the first things we

want to do is make sure that we've got

room behind the bumper fascia to get to

the backside of this vent now obviously

I've already checked that before the

video and right up there in the corner

see we tough to see but I can access

that right just to the right of those

wires is where that dent is so I'm going

to start by heating this up and then

I'll show you how to get that out when

I'm done so basically all I'm gonna do

is really get this bumper a lot of

trouble by heating this paint up too

much and next thing you know the paint's

gonna run it's gonna flake off something

that you really want to do by yourself

if you've never done it as I said to get

in the video

you can go to a dealership and find

company who's done this before and get

them to do it for you

and as you see our people that he gunned

pretty far away from I just don't want a

really fascinating up on my customers



okay well this is going a lot quicker

than what I thought I hit I was going to

come behind and use this to push on the

back of the bumper but I'm actually

heating this up and it's bringing it out

on its own I don't even have to push on

the bumper that is super sweet

so he could be really excited to see

this I didn't have to push those bumper

I came out on automatically they came

out by itself

gavel and then I'm recording right now

for two two minutes nature and I started

I started putting heat on it at 34

seconds or so less than two minutes I

think we're good


show you right there there you go I

showed you what it looked like before

hand and it's completely out now there's

a couple imperfections in here so I'm

gonna let this cool down and put a

little itty bitty buff on it just to see

if I can get these perfections out but

since I heated that up it definitely

needs to cool down before I do that so I

don't burn the paint or anything like

that because this is warm to the touch

right now so we'll have to let that cool

down and get that up but that's pretty

awesome that's a $500 fix right there

that you don't have to do and if you

have to replace the whole bumper you

know that's that's a good 1,500 bucks

thousand bucks something like that well

it's pretty much cooled down now still a

little warm but really the reason this

popped out I was kind of talking to some

people off-camera

the reason this popped out so easily is

just so much strength and memory in

these plastic bumper fascia that it just

does that really cool that this happened

to the customer it wasn't cool when he

found out but when he reached out to me

with a text message saying hey look what

happened my bumper oh no you know it you

know I'm like hey just coming on I can

fix it because I knew that right off the

gate but I have never done one that has

popped out so quick so that's super

super nice and super super easy and it

made this vlog look extremely easy that

you could do it at home but again I just

can't stress enough I don't want to get

a text message or a note saying oh my

god I tried this and I ruined my car I

don't want to see that I don't want that

to happen so again get a trained

professional and ask people if they can

do this before it gets done


there you go good to go there is a very

minor imperfection in here I don't know

if the camera is going to pick up on it

I'm trying to focus but being this is a

white bumper you kinda can see it right


but nothing crazy and nothing that when

you're standing up right here that

anybody is ever going to notice even at

trade in the vehicle appraisers never

gonna see that they're never going to

ducked a penny for your trade value so

let's go give this back to the customer

see what his reaction is and then we'll

do a little start and I'll show you what

that Borla exhaust does on this 6.2

liter Tahoe which this is the same Borla

exhaust that you can put on the

brand-new 2019 Silverados as well

alright man got her done

yeah gonna come look at it yeah yeah

best car salesman on earth can't it's


that is amazing dude come on yeah

absolutely always not help you don't owe

me anything but I always got to help so

let's do this exhaust we'll get down

right here I show you these boiler tips

a second ago nice little sound I let me

go rev it up a little bit as you know I

always have to put this disclaimer out

there this is not a cold engine it's got

some mileage on it I'm not beating the

heck out of the engine by revving it up

and I'm only gonna be about 2,500 3,000

rpms there you go nice cool poorly

exhaust I never got to show that when I

put it installed I did record some video

back when I did that I just never

produced the video because I've been so

busy but it's awesome that I get a

helpful customer out and save him

somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500

bucks so again this is what salesmanship

is all about after the sale there are

plenty of people out there in the

country selling cars that operate just

like me the best advice I can give you

is Google your dealership before you go

there find the salesperson you want to

work with and then most importantly look

on a website called dealer rater comm

and that will help you look locate your

salesman as well because I'm dealer

rater calm it allows them to group the

salesperson they actually worked with

and you can see all of their reviews so

when you see somebody with a lot of

reviews that means that they're working

hard for their customers they're

probably asking for those reviews but

they're trying to do something good in

their business and make a name for

themselves so again I just want to say

thank you so much for watching this

video if there's anything I can do for

you reach out to me 70 EUCOM thanks

again for watching have a great day and

drive safely