Where Is the ‘Balloon Boy’ From 2009 Stunt Now?

who could forget that homemade flying

saucer in 2009 all of America was

spellbound as a balloon raced across the

sky fears were that little boy was

trapped inside for two hours millions of

Americans watched rooting for the

survival of six-year-old Falcon Heene II

he's in there according to authorities

his dad Richard said the family of five

was working on the helium balloon in

their backyard with home video camera


when it flew off with little Falcon

inside but it turned out the boy was

home the whole time hiding in the Attic

then there was this moment later that

night when Falcon seemed to fess up

during a live interview with CNN's Wolf

Blitzer we could fish for show

police say the Heaney's were Fame

seekers who staged the whole thing in

hopes of landing a reality show and here

they are today despite all the evidence

against them they're standing by their

original story did you really believe

that Falcon was in that balloon we

couldn't find him so I went into panic

mode balloon boy is now a team and he's

defending his dad who went to jail for

the elaborate hoax that captivated the

nation it wasn't a hoax and there's more

to the story a lot of people had the

opinion look this is a guy who hasn't

told us the truth about this whole story

why should anybody believe what you're

saying now I've always been an honest

guy I've always been truthful these days

Falcon and his two brothers flip houses

in Florida with their dad and play in a

heavy metal band the Balloon Boy story

what kind of effect has it had on your

life your family's lives I did lose some

opportunities perhaps from it but I

can't regret any of that you've got to

keep moving forward