Conjoined Twins Special | BORN DIFFERENT

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Nev and Nelly are crania pega scan

joined twins born with their craniums

fused together they are attached at the

back of their heads with only 6% of

conjoined twins being crania pegas they

are the rarest kind in the world it's

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puts the now living in the Netherlands

the twin started out life in very

different circumstances

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kids will come up and just like look on

a little bit and they'll just say are

they stuck in and I'm just like they got

stuck inside the tummy and now they're

here and this is what happens first we

kind of take a peek to make sure they're

really awake Carter likes to sleep more

than Callie does the Carter will pop

back up hi hi oh hi hang on Callie and

Carter are on fellow SEO pages conjoined

twins meaning that they share from the

stomach down into the pelvis area it

takes two people normally to wash them

oh is that code this parts Callie this

parts Carter's their blood supply

clashes together like two waves into one

body they have separate hearts separate

stomachs separate heads of course and

mostly of separate personalized

personalities have separate



Jason's first day of school this is

actually our first time without brother

for a couple of hours usually they have

brother to play with it's okay daddy be

right back that's what we can see the

little faces a little but this is the

first ultrasound we had this is the day

that we found out they were possibly

conjoined July 15th then do believe 10

weeks 2 or 3 days as well that's only

100% found out that they were conjoined

was in this picture

just kind of like flipped us upside down


they told us that they had high drops

which kills almost all the babies I get

it so


the very very beginning we thought

abortion would be the best option no one

wants to you know carry the kids are not

much just have him die


we didn't know we stuck with our gut and

here we are this is the first picture we

regarded them face to face as a face

right here in a another face right here

this was Carter right here

this is the first time I've actually I

think looked at these since the girls

were born because I would just think

that they were going to die as soon as

they were here after the 24 hours once

they were born Carter had a little bit

of breathing problems but there they

were doing good

I have two perfect babies like a huge

pressure was just removed from us

because now the dread of my babies are

gonna die when they come out it's gone

because they were here and they were

here to stay


this one's callie callie's when uh her

lays back she's more relaxed she has a

little bit of scratches on her face

because Carter beat her up in the car

she's she's just something else she

fights with her sister she'll fight with

a dog she'll fight with Jason she fights

with us so she's actually very vicious

yeah you is this county Carter's room

they sleep in here they take naps in

here they get their diaper changed in

here sometimes they'll get dressed in

here and they have their little music

box that they can't sleep without so

they just wake up I usually will nurse

them and then that's when they go into

the living room where they spend most of

their time we were vastly unprepared for

babies we didn't have clothes completely

caught us off guard this is the first

outfit I made for Callie and Carter I

actually buy regular clothes from the

back and I cut them in half a certain


did I play on the ground they can scoop

to get everywhere around the house so

Kelly and Claire's clothes just like

that I've made about 20 pieces so far

I'd say how much I've made they like the

venture into the kitchen and try to

spill the dog food other than that they

just hang out here what you learn the

ABCs okay just think it's along with

them good if they are crying and one of

us are busy he'll go in there and play

with them until we're done

what does Cara Lee do she likes to play

with things

what does it was Carter do she's she's


I'm Andy has this Callie and Carter have

is that different yeah or Callie and

Carter what are Calicut are they special

mm-hm are they like other babies No


there's been old ladies who have been

like oh god wouldn't have wanted those

children alive

some people just kind of stare good job

they don't expect them to walk till

about 4:00 but I honestly think it's

gonna be about 8:00 so we don't expect

the coordination to start happening

until they are a lot older we don't feel

comfortable separating the twins because

they're gonna be more unhealthy when we

have them separated than they are right

now the only way we would do separation

surgery for accounting Carter's if a

health issue arise or if they want to be

separated we want them to under

completely understand the risks the

girl's health is really good they don't

have to take any medication they get

like little colds here and there

like normal kids hopefully the future

holds good things for them and that they

are just happy and the skin that they're

in and that they don't want to change

because we love them the way they are

just knowing that they're healthy and

you know they're learning it every day

right it's a good feeling knowing that

to them nothing's wrong

they are not afraid to do anything


when people first see our story they

like to ask a lot of questions right

the most common asked question was do

you remember being enjoined


to get around we do different things for

different places I think we adopted

fully because we didn't ever have two

legs yeah so we don't have anything to

run off of we feel like we're or the

same as everybody else there's just a

few things that are a little different

the best thing about having one like it

just like we only have to paint lines

out of toenails so that's really nice

yeah mostly little kids stare but when

adults stare at us we kind of like or

like it's strange cuz they should and

they should they should know not to

stare it's rare to be a conjoined twin

the doctor said that we weren't gonna

live past 24 hours but after we passed

that they said that we would wouldn't

live past eight sharing one kidney for

the both of us so that's why we got

separated the feeling of being attached

to someone else is weird me Kendra Dean

there's no media

she has an N J to because she doesn't

eat very well


it wasn't always just cut and dried that

we were gonna separate them and that's

all that there was to it there's so much

that goes into a huge decision like that

you have to make sure that it's the

right thing for that we went to a lot of

different doctors psychologists anything

that I could take them to just to make

sure that they were ready and it

wouldn't harm them we just called it cut

apart day we didn't like understand

really know what it meant


when we got separated Kendra got the

kidney and then I went on dialysis for

nine months until my mom donated her

kidney and then ten years after I got

that kidney it rejected and I went on to

house she was on dialysis for two and a

half years and so she would go three

hours three times a day so it ended up

being about four hours three times a

week she just took it in stride and she

had friends on dialysis that had passed

away and she had to deal with the loss

of her friends which was really hard I'm

just amazed at how well she she did it I

don't think I could do it when I get up

in the morning I get ready for school

and then we get picked up by our friend

then we go to school high school has

been good so far like people are really

nice it's just harder if classes are far

apart but other than that it's fun

Cantor's more outgoing if you can

already tell yeah I'm Way more outgoing

than she is we don't think we look like

yeah I don't even though we're identical


we've never been bullied at school or

anything we're lucky yeah we're lucky

some people aren't aren't as lucky with

that they came in fairly timid fairly

weak in some areas but they told me that

their goal is to be able to walk on

crutches in the school by the end of the

year we're gonna go out we're gonna try

to go up is up the stairs and down the

stairs and then we're gonna come back

and get you last week Kendra for the

first time walked on her crutches here

at school she just was beaming a few

weeks before that Malia walked up the

stairs for the first time here at school

on her crutches so they're just getting

stronger all the time they're so

determined 26 27 28 29 30

excellent I think that they've just

taught me so much about going through

trials and accepting trials with grace

and bravery and I don't know that I

could ever go through what they've gone

through I've had the chance to get to

know them and I'm so proud of all that

they've accomplished

maleeh and i make dinner every night so

we switch off so one of us will make

dinner and then other one do like

homework or like whatever if we don't

have homework

we like to film YouTube videos with this

camera we just got it we just set up

down here and we put this couch here and

then we put our camera on a stand and

then so on our YouTube channel we just

do like different funny videos and like

we did a video of our story we were

always dream when my parents talk to us

about separating less and I don't think

we really understood what it meant

while we understood what it meant but we

did understand the risks of it because

we were so young we didn't know what

dying was we like doing fun stuff too

we like making the videos just like to

make people positive I guess we like

making them because we're weird do we

like sharing our weirdness I think

social media has helped improve their

confidence it gives something to drive

them something that they're really

interested in and they love coming to

show us mom look what this person said

and they were so excited that we

responded to them and I'm so glad that

they have that in their life the

self-esteem that they have blows me away

lots of people could learn a lot of

things from them we are happy that our

parents chose to


both sorry Tommy okay


mera naam simran episode oh man I'm

still not America us alone

Hamada stephan1 di w bah humbug Dada


though I am a you together twins driven

off and Chevron were born joined at the

waist sharing two legs


they also share a stomach but have

separate lungs hearts and personalities

discommode but it all kind of disc on

Monday but I believe hi

due to the unusual condition people

travel to their village to see them

muscle I'll do but the nickname man look

up ahead to the death battle mode of the

twins of surprise doctors with their

ability to be independent

despite their unusual condition



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in my mom hi


in 2014 a pediatric doctor suggested

that there might be an operation to

separate the twins but they were both

adamant they wanted to remain joined I'm

not a gunman I shoulda English I guess

we'll take you I like I love my you go

find another hood I got Botswana go


hello my name is it despite their story

being well known the twins family have

struggled to receive any support in

looking after them what we soon denied a

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