REBORN LABOR AND DELIVERY - a Baby is Born in Aliyah’s Reborn Hospital


Highness Alya and dr. yar I cannot wait

to see what's happening in your hospital


what's happening nurse Alya well we've

got a set of twins to go home and my

little sister Angela is coming in to

have a baby

oh really oh wow your sister what's her

name Angela that's right she just pulled

up and do you know how right now you

guys are gonna love my sister Angela

she's a big ball of happiness he's

always smiling him laughing I don't

think I've ever seen her without a smile

on her face well we can't wait to meet

Angela and what are you writing they

drop too young

oh just my to do is you wanna see oh

sure why not oh lush my fish down the

toilet put the cat on the washing line

go to the toilet II robbed the bank and

go skydiving with an umbrella Oh Mike

that's a very unusual to-do list well

will you give me now I'm gonna get the

delivery room set up for my sister okay

see you soon dr. young

well no sir they are can we go and have

a look at these twins that are ready to

go home while we're waiting for Angela

yeah sure

follow me okay oh they're so sweet okay

yeah we have a look at them can we take

the blanket off I'm their mommy put them

in they're going one outfit Oh they've

got this special going home outfits all

their lovely outfits aren't they well

this is Macey and this is Maya

oh wow they're so sweet up there can you

take her dummy out and we'll have a look

at her oh they're so sweet Wow so

where's their mummy right now he's

downstairs filling in some paper oh okay

well I bet they'll be happy to go home

these babies right babe oh that must be

Angela let's go see hi oh yeah yeah yeah

and I'm ready to help

oh hi Angela there's something where

your belly starts hurting no but I did

have this strange liquid just gush out

of me what the boy was given don't do my

morning don't go oh do you mean your

woulda's brunch

oh why water's fine oh that's not what

we mean Angela never mind let's go to

the delivery

right this way oh I forgot to ask my

brother Jesse

oh you mean dr. young oh yes that's you

baby oh good I wouldn't trust anyone

else to deliver my baby with all the

experience my Jesse's had a baby

oh my baby sister I'm sorry it must be

these glasses you know I've had them

since 1953 Oh Geoffrey your sense of

humor always made me laugh no time for

jokes now sis

you look like you've swallowed a

watermelon baby one yeah

hey oh this is so comfortable thank you

I don't know who said this shopper thing

was hard but we get up to giving you

some special medicine to bring on your


that's okay I love medicine why do not

go in for it's the medicine okay thanks

dr. Yong but max all you got to from the

green bottle that's two tablets from the

green bottle whatever you do don't get

the tablets from the red bottle those

tablets are for extra extra strong can

you track it so we don't want daughters

green bottle not red can you handle that

dr. Jung buh-buh-buh-buh-buh I know what

I'm doing I'm in natural don't worry

okay here we go

so what was I supposed to get again I

can't remember

Oh was it was it bad days so it was

no no no oh banana I haven't been hungry

but no no that's that's not it either

hmm do any of you know what I was

supposed to get

oh is that can you speak a bit louder

oh yes medicine that's what I was

supposed to get but there's there's two

different medicines maybe I'll try and

read the labels do you guys know what

colors bottle I was meant to get the

tablet wrong

oh is that louder louder oh I can't hear

a thing I knew I should have picked up

those new hearing aids last week well

looks like we're gonna have to do things

the old-fashioned way Amy meanie miney

moe catch a tiger by the toe it's

squeals let no eat me miny moe Oh blue

it is okay there they are

okay let's put him in here how many was

I meant to get again Oh shouldn't matter

too much there we go okay let's get

these back to nurse Angela got the

medicine executor sweeter now Angela the

medicine is gonna take a long time to

work so how about you have a little rest

while you away thanks nurse oh yeah



oh my goodness Rosalia do you think

there's a chance that angela has taken

the extra extra strong contraction

medicine doc DeYoung what's the color of

the bottle then you've got the medicine

wrong house not the time for champagne

Angela you did this get back get back

get a snack

what's that snap no dr. Jung she didn't

ask for a snack

oh dear you know what actually dr. Jung

why don't you go and get some snacks for

us that's a great idea

well I am a bit hungry but don't do

anything without okay no worries thanks

dr. Jung yeah



well that was a crazy bus yeah but look

at this beautiful little baby is it a

boy or a girl nurse Aliyah a boy oh how


hey would you like a blanket yeah there

you go now we better go and show this

baby to Angela where am i where am i

what happened

you got a baby I just remember my

beautiful dream of rainbows and unicorns

oh yeah well you've got a beautiful baby

boy one snacks bringing a baby I thought

I was good but delivering a baby and

getting snacks at the same time natural

oh I got the young little fella

he looks just like




well I was not a crazy day in your

hospital yeah yeah I wonder what

everyone thinks about how Braden went he

was dr. young and Angela today wasn't he

yeah I think you did a great job and you

did too yeah now we have our little baby

here that was in today's video I wonder

if anybody what team can notice anything

about this baby

do you wanna tell us it's new isn't new

baby and rather than do a box opening we

thought it would be fun to include him

in today's video didn't we now who does

he look like he looks like a baby we've

had before and he accepted yeah this

baby's got painted here so he looks like

our little baby and even his face yeah

he's the same sculpt so he's the Joseph

sculpt guys Joseph awake isn't he so

cute so this little guys got painted

hair and I've got to see our way here to

quickly show you here these guys look

and he was painted by the very talented

kits - cradles nursery now you can find

her on Facebook guys and she's actually

located in the US so I know we've got a

lot of viewers watching from the US okay

so if you're looking for good artist

kits - cradles nursery she's really good

at raising yes see do you see message

from the real baby up there say that's

the real baby Jason Hoppy yeah he's a

copy of the Jacek yeah so what do you

think of Himalaya he's sorry

he's so cute is it good to have a little

Andy back in the nursery yeah we might

have to give him a new name though so

we'll think of a name see you want to

keep it edgy again but we can't you like

but do we still oven know we gave you


did you forget we gave him away

all right now before we go what do we

need to do alia say hi mr. love you guys

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