Bone Spur Removal

and trauma to it

when she was younger she's had it for a

long time and the procedure is pretty

simple it's called a bone spur exostosis

through trauma I've taken a lot of these

off they're there they're pretty simple

to take off it's it's not near a blood

vessel so you know we don't have to

worry about any type of and I can

already feel it with the blade but you

really don't have to worry about it

losing losing any basically cutting a

blood vessel or anything like that

pretty simple surgery I'm already down

to money and basically I just open this


so now we'll pass the skin that will

pass the subcutaneous tissue so now I'm

actually I'm actually visualized in the

bone I'm not even not even close to any

vital structures I kind of like removing

these I think they're kind of fun it's a

I guess I'd call it a Mickey Mouse

surgery but it's again it's a minimally

invasive surgery but she has it on her

medial cuneiform first metatarsal it was

a jamming where the worthy where the

bone was jammed say I can see it right

here and it's pretty obvious but I'll

take this off and little retractor here

you can just see it right there it's not

huge but it's I guarantee it

with soupier I'm sure it is pretty

painful but basically I'm just taking

off the subcutaneous down here right

here and I'll take my little little

dental birth and Roger at all flush it

out and then close it that's you know I

wish it was I wish I could act like it

was more complicated but it's it's

really not so put this in it's called an

awl retractor I have several of these in

my packs and you just open them up like

this so you can look in there and

visualize that but that's the huge spur

up there so free pretty obvious so now

you just take this little bronzer on



start a paint is small then you all

good just take little bronzer and take

it out just like that

pretty simple

already halfway through

the big old piece in the back gonna take

it off miss that spot


that big ol just taking it out

mmm that thing's big it is big isn't it

for big enough it's like a tooth

you know like extracting a tooth man

that thing is pretty big I'll show the

patient to go that's about half of it

now I got the big bulk out now I just

need to yeah I got a little one right in


big old bony spot done now I'll just

kind of smooth it down a little bit she

walks out the door they're just going

like that see him saving it all

wonderful sex one seats it's smokey you

can tell it smooth as glass man

it's a little it's a little ragged part

right here it looks good good excellent



there can't feel anything which is good

I can't feel anything

that's what I want okay now I'm just

sutures back up and she's done I'm

puttin one little subcutaneous stitch

and then after that she's take to

tourniquet down put on the shoe

technically she can go back to work I

don't see why not

that's very simple simple super simple

it's going to like it too

anyone like that let's have the what we

called subcutaneous ditch I'm puttin one

right here there's no reason to put in

them these are what we call absorbing

sutures they a hundred eighty days

they'll dissolve they're done it's fun

I guess it's fun I guess if you've done

a lot of them it's not so fun but I

still like it