Runner Recovers from Bone Spur Surgery at Coordinated Health

well I've been running probably over 30

years it's my time to go out there on my


stress free think about things and by

the time I get done I feel better I

started having pain in the back of my

right heel and how I knew that it was

time to go and see dr. Schwartz was when

shoes were so uncomfortable that it just

would I guess I just needed help I was

introduced to Tracy when she was in high

school and she developed a stress

fracture Tracy came in with a problem in

the back of her heel over the last two

years it's a rather common problem but

basically it's a development of bone

spurs on the back of the heel right

where the Achilles tendon attaches and

that becomes very irritated with people

wearing shoes become very sore one day

one we tried to treat that

conservatively which is typically the

route that we go in her particular case

we just could not get her symptoms to

settle down

who knows how I am with running and

wanting to get be active again and he

said let's just you know surgery is an

option and I said let's just do it

the surgical approach involves

deflecting or removing a portion of the

Achilles tendon removing the bone spurs

and then reattaching the achilles tendon

it's an outpatient surgery but because

of the work that's involved there is a

period of non-weight-bearing involved

for several weeks after the surgery I

was nervous with that being a teacher I

took the whole Christmas break plus them

to relax lay on the couch which I'm not

used to I had a scooter which dr.

Schwartz recommended and then eventually

transitioned into the boot and then

eventually I was able to transition

slowly beyond that easing back into

running was a slow process because I

wanted everything to heal correctly

Tracy did extremely well with her

recovery she is very happy to be back to

running again which

the prime goal of why we did her surgery

the surgery was definitely worth it I

know you know surgery is something that

you try to avoid but for me I'm healed

and I can just be doing the things I

want to do and anything he tells me to

do I'm doing it my family goes to him my

mom and dad go to him

you know we trust him 110%