Bone Spur Removal Surgery in the Top of the Foot

hi this is dr paul steinke from foot and

ankle associates of north texas in

keller grapevine texas

and today what we're showing you is the

removal of a spur to the top of this

patient's foot

now very commonly as patients age or

after trauma they can get spurring to

the top of their foot

because there's arthritis that develops

in the small joints at the bases of

these bones called metatarsals

so today we'll be removing that spur and

essentially this

is like a pimple it's a bump there and

it caused the irritation the nerves so

we have a pimple

we're gonna make a dimple so there's a

bump we're gonna make a concavity there

put a special material called bone wax

there so hopefully that does not return



so we've exposed the bump on the top of

the foot this is again an arthritic spur

which we've seen in the previous

x-ray we're removing that and it's a

bump so we'll make a slight concavity

there so if it does recur in any way

this returns to normal flat level of

that joint

there's two ways to do that one's with a

saw that we can remove that bump with

and two is with something called an

osteotome it's just basically

a fancy medical chisel you can chisel

that away

i'll show you with that first


i approach that from both sides

we remove that you can see the joint

underneath there's the joint space

right there

so we're smoothing the surface here for

any rough edges also any residual

spurring there in the area you can do

this by hand just like i'm doing since

this is such a small spur

i'm okay doing that with the hand rasp

they do have an instrument that actually

does this on power for larger rasps

or excuse me larger spurs or if you're

going underneath tissue and you want to


any irritation

so here i have a material called bone

wax bone wax is really just like it's

out it's wax

and when you cut bone anyway you're

going to have small areas of bleeding

when we apply this bone wax to that raw

surface of bone it prevents that

bleeding that could potentially cause

recurrence of that spur

so using an instrument i'm going to

force that into those small holes that

i've created you can't see those holes

we just know they're there

because we've removed that outer heart

layer bone and we've exposed that softer

more porous

inside portion to bone called the uh the

marrow so

we'll work that in once we're finished

with that we'll close these incisions

and we'll close the skin this patient is

going to go into what's called a

post-operative shoe

which just goes to level the ankle and

she'll wear that for about three to four

weeks and then slowly transition to an

athletic shoe is tolerated

and that is the removal of a spur to the

top of a foot