Symptoms Of A Bone Spur

a bombs birth known to doctors as an

osteophyte typically happens along the

edges of a number of bones in the human

body most commonly in joints it's an

additional unneeded accumulation of bone

material bone spurs also occur where

muscles ligaments and tendons attach to

a bone the most common symptoms include

pain and loss of motion but bone spurs

don't always present symptoms some

people who have bone spurs and never

even know it

and even when bone spurs themselves

don't cause pain they can rub against

the muscles tendons or ligaments causing

tears and inflammation they may also put

pressure on nerves causing numbness

tingling or weakness in the affected

area bone spurs in the spinal column can

even cause balance problems the most

common cause of bone spurs is repeated

stress strain or rubbing of a bone over

a long period of time bone spurs can

also occur as cartilage wears down with

time and bones begin to scrape against

each other conditions like

osteoarthritis and tendonitis often

cause bone spurs as new bone grows in

response to the inflammation they caused

there are certain other medical

conditions that are commonly associated

with bone spurs including rotator cuff

tears in the shoulders and plantar

fasciitis in the feet if you're

experiencing any of the symptoms of

mentioned see your doctor keep in mind

that when dealing with any health matter

you should rely only on the advice of a

medical professional I have a number of

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