Bone spur discussion with Ross Hauser, MD

the you know we get a lot of questions

about bone spurs you know do bone spurs

really have to be removed and what I'm

about to tell you it's really

interesting knowing I find it still very

interesting and one day I was in the

office and this person asked the

question you know do bone spurs really

need to be removed and I said to him I'm

like George here I'm gonna show you

something and I went over and I pointed

to our cabinets

you know our cabinets and the cabinet

door and I said let me ask you a


when this cabinet door on the right side

hits the cabinet door on the left side

what's wrong and right away George goes

it's the hinge that your hinges loose I

said wait a second shouldn't I actually

because they're hitting right the bone

spurs hitting something

isn't it because these two doors are

hitting why don't I just get a saw and

I'll sawed off this and then the two

doors won't hit and he's like no you got

to get a screwdriver and he got a Titan

in the screw so then what I did was I

opened up the cabinet door I opened up

the cabinet door I said see it this

hinge it has two screws and I said

what's gonna happen if this one screws

loose what's gonna happen to the other

screw and he said it's gonna get loose I

go ok so now this both of these screws

are loose then what's gonna happen to

the next hinge and he said then that

one's gonna get loose and I said what's

gonna happen to the next one he said

that one's gonna get loose and I said

obviously then as it relates to your hip

and your shoulder I think he had a hip

problem so I said you know he had hip

impingement so hip impingement is what

the one cabinet door is hitting the

other cabinet door so should the

treatment of that condition be to shave

the cabinet door or should it be to

tighten the screw to get a Phillips

screwdriver and screw that screw in so

then what so then the two cabinet doors

aren't gonna hit I mean if you just kind

of think about that to me it's so


because all of a sudden to most people

they're like oh my gosh that's exactly

true why did the bone spur occur the two

cabinet doors were hitting the two

cabinet doors rating the two bones were

hitting then a bone spur reforms so the

treatment should be to help the cabinet

doors not they hit anymore and the

treatment should be is all you got to do

is tighten the ligament all you have to

do is tighten the ligament the hinge is

the joint the screw is the ligament

just get your ligament tighten get the

hip ligaments tightened get the shoulder

ligaments tighten then all of a sudden

guess what the the bones aren't going to

hit and then when the bones don't hit

guess what

you know you don't have the pain now as

long as the ball in the hip joint is

still a ball and as long as the shoulder

ball is still a ball you can get

Prolotherapy and Prolotherapy could be

curative or it's going to get rid of

almost all the pain joint instability

just like the loose hinge on a cabinet

door it increases the pressure so in

other words when the when the hinge is

loose and the two doors hit there's

increased pressure where the two doors

are hitting because normally there's no

pressure when the door is closed so you

can understand if you have a loose hip

joint and those two bones are hitting

that's increased pressure it's gonna be

pain and you're gonna get a bone spur

form so the treatment should be to

tighten the hinge get Prolotherapy

tighten the ligament however that

increased pressure if it goes on for too

long of a period then that ball it's too

much pressure and they're hitting

because remember the doors are hitting

it's hitting it's hitting so that ball

could become flat and the treatment to

get a flat part a ball is a joint

replacement so obviously I would

encourage people if you ever get the

diagnosis of a bone spur you've got a

bone spur forming or you got impingement

the treatment is Prolotherapy you've got

to tighten the hinge and if you don't

tighten the hinge that bone spurs is

gonna keep growing and growing and

you're gonna lose

more and more emotion so the treatment

should be for impingement syndrome bone

spurs bone spurs in the heel bone spurs

in the shoulder bone spurs formed

because the the hinges loose and we call

that in medicine joint instability the

cause of impingement or bone spurs

forming is joint instability and the

treatment for joint instability is to

tighten the hinge repair the ligament

screw in the screw the treatment for

that is Prolotherapy it works very very

good for those conditions