VSBA Board Resolution Discussion

report some resolutions committee so we

got to keep this rolling so let's let's

refrain from repeating statements piling

on there someone says something you like

to say yeah me too or whatever but this

is we got to get a very limited amount

of time to get through this this is a

little exceptional for us usually we can

talk about these things cause we only

have two or three resolutions 19 plants

everyone received the new packet the

resolutions committees report that shows

already all the resolutions before

they've been sent back to the board for

them to modify it there at the committee

suggestion the modified version that

they face is back and what that's what

you have in your packet this is a point

of information we do these one at a time

but we'll try to go through them very

quickly number one is the burlington

resolution on cost containment and just

to highlight

the committee said to pass the

resolution and the committee received a

very similar resolution from stalled

given that we have 18 resolutions that

consider merging these two so it didn't

withdrew there so we won't have a number

13 so this resolution is recommended to

pass I don't know how the board wants to

handle this one at a time or the top the

whole report at the end I think my

recommendation be going one at a time

I'm gonna make a motion that we pass

okay wouldn't make motions please say

your names like Virgin Mary Kate got a

second on that any discussion on this

I've seen none all those in favor of

passing this resolution of voting to

present this with a a great

recommendation to pass thank you that

was very difficult what police say I

write anybody posts any abstentions

all right claims number two is military

discretionary budget we redirected to

support tech at the committee said do

not pass and it's due to the challenges

associated with vsba advocating for

federal funds committee favors the

sentiment of the resolution and wonders

whether it could be connected could be


representatives of Burlington from our

counterparts of the National School

Boards Association to determine whether

this issue is covered by the NSBA

current federal advocacy efforts I'll

make a motion select not to

recommend this you have a second on that

whole circular a second for dawn

committee's recommendation let's let's

do it that way from now on thank you

any discussion on this so I would be

helpful if for the record if we had some

reason if we're gonna vote to not

approve a resolution I think would be

helpful to have some some bit of

conversation as to why we didn't do it I

think there was a lot of support in our

committee or career technical education

in the law but this didn't appear to be

in our jurisdiction as a state board

towards the meeting and I'm fairly the

request to you know change the change

that nation's defense spending

okay so here you didn't get the second I

got the motion from Celeste or node on

second oh sure

thank you well I'll say who does the

first in a second so you can get it okay

I think it's important people understand

I don't know about other people but I

would have never voted against this if I

felt it was something that could make

have an impact on within our

jurisdiction but I talked about the

military at the federal level and tell

them how you spend the money I don't

think that that's what we're here for

any any further discussion given none

those in favor of the committee's

recommendation to not pass this please

say aye

anybody opposed to that MacArthur was an

abstention all right

so Clarence number three will be

included annually in the dsba

negotiation training workshop the

committee says do not pass the VSP you

reach out to the Vermont NEA in order to

in order for our be a bargaining process

to work both parties need to agree on

the approach unfortunately we have

examples in Vermont where both parties

have an interest in bargaining framework

at local levels of training in those

districts is available through federal

mediation and syllabary services in the

vsba connects board members with those

resources upon request this was you

can't have participated negotiations

that both sides aren't willing to


basically we already support that part

as possible but could collaborate

collaborative collaborative associations

for both sides aren't themes I don't

want to just honor here okay

our Bo I'll make a motion to to approve

the Committee's recommendation to do not

pass did you know that whoever that's

Jim Jim with a motion do have a second

I'll second Marion Raymond and he

discussed any further discussion yes did

you say that y'all called plan your said

you said it didn't pass because both

sides have to agree to do this yeah and

and it sounds like we're saying our side

says we should do this but I thought I

heard you say the NEA says we're not

going to I'm not because I don't quite

understand the reasoning behind do not

pass in order for this kind of

bargaining to work both sides have to

agree to at this point there is no

agreement in the state to do that if a

local board wants to negotiate in their

local unit that's willing to do this

there is a method that can be used and

we refer them to the mediation service

that provides mediation to do this so

they can do it this resolution I believe

I'd have to get back to this mandating

wants us to do everybody to do it that


yes yes and so weird verse I know there

if you want to you can there's a way to

do it but it's not for everybody because

we don't have an agreement for a partner

to do that Celeste

regardless of whether or not the NEA

agrees I don't believe we need a

resolution to add a training to my

repertoire and that's what it's asking

us to do is to train to add this to our

training and workshops on Lake labor

management models such as and the

collective collaborative negotiation

collaborative parties wanted this in our

trainings how would the National

Mediation consolatory service provides

so methods are doing that the training

for doing that they would train both

sides of how to do it and I'm sure the

bsp excellent alignment that's already

available well do another organization

yeah not to the miss ba we do not have

the in-house expertise to do that but I

have referred districts in the past to

the experts that do have that ability to

work intensively with districts because

it is a pretty intensive process any any

other discussion okay all those who want

to vote to affirm the committee's do not

pass the platform statement on this

police say I hi

anybody opposed any abstentions

all right it passes to do not pass all

right number four is show community

unifying strategies and they go

the committee recommend that do not pass

negotiations a two-party process school

boards do not have control over the

dynamics of negotiation some committee

members expressed that they could

support this resolution but the boards

have no control over how the other side

behaves perhaps this is a concept that

we could explore with the Vermont NEA so

that both sides are recognized for their

collaborative work the recommendation is

do not fast I'll make that motion

Adrienne Raymond thank you second from

floor discussion I think one of the

things that came up as well as was the

difficulty of you know you say that we

should commend certain boards but but

what criteria would be used to determine

which boards would be commended could

get to be very difficult frankly look

look and again we already have an award

criteria to recognize highly functioning

school boards and it is specifically to

only negotiation practices but it's the

high functioning of that board we don't

need a resolution to save let's make a


thank you and what you're saying

any other discussion I guess the only

thing I would say that we've done on

that committee is that has that read

some of these initially it looked like

micromanaging or working with the SBA


any other discussion all right those who

wish to vote if you're going to vote

affirmative you're voting to back up the

Committee's recommendation to do not

pass all those in favor of that please

say aye

anybody opposed any abstentions I


okay plates resolution number five yes

social service expense borne by school

districts the recommendations committees

to take no position the resolution as it

was presented had some questions about

it and they did resubmit some changes

changes to it committee agree to the

sentiment of the resolution respectfully

a request to Burlington school board to

consider the following changes delete

outside their core educational mission

from the first whereas parent and delete

non education from the second much

whereas paragraph and change the

language of the two of you be it

resolved paragraph the committee

suggested language be revised so that

the vsba supports a study in

consideration of the cost associated

with providing social services when

making funding decisions and then

setting ratios they choose to sue if you

choose to submit the revised language

that will consider it they did submit

the revised language that we suggested

so I'm gonna make a motion that we

change the position from table position

so I'm gonna I'm going to change for a

second how we're doing these if that's

okay with let's let's just make a motion

to pass and forget about what the

committee decided for let's just say we

want to pass this or don't want to pass

it or let's because we don't have to go

this is just the committee's

recommendation we're not bound by what

the committee has decided so so Dan

you're making a motion to pass this


okay mary-kate with a second to that

mary-kate get something say so I think

when we sent it back to Burlington the

requested changes even as a committee

make a recommendation one way or the

other in terms of passenger but we could

because the language hadn't been changed

we couldn't make the recommendation but



that's why we don't know position they

make the changes that now becomes very



so I'm okay with her I don't feel that

we necessarily have to change the

language so it's something that we

really need further discussion all those

in favor of the motion to pass this to

recommend this pass please say aye

anybody opposed any abstentions Thanks

number six strike last year's BSBA

revolution three school districts

innovation zones of the resolution

committee recommends engine mount passes

last year's innovation zone concept

originated with Dan French and former

school superintendent the current school

leadership coordinator Mike state

Michael's College offensive writing

assistant and commissioner of education

he brought the innovation zone concept

of the VSP a yes a seven years ago when

we collaborate the development of an

agenda for world-class education minutes

and we put the link into them and we're

coming they did not come from the ails

to even though they had water

legislation that uses the same term we

were this is not the national thing it

just happens to have the same name they

took it from us yeah I took a look at

theirs there's this very long and

involved not what we're looking like

it's a little different don't think it's

a lot different do we have

Clarence anything more on that no I'll

entertain a motion on this

- do not pass so a motion do not pass

from floor or second man we got a second

from Jim further discussion I call the

question all right

what's up like what all right okay

suspicious very good

all those in favor of not passing this

don't you recommend we're not to pass it

I'll withdraw my call it just looks like

it helped I was I totally ignore Celeste

so those in favor of recommending that

this do not pass please say aye

anybody opposed to that any abstentions

laurieandjilly that's abstention it is

vision all right thanks resolution

number seven was withdrawn because it's

the same as resolution number eight and

so if not we'll deal with resolution

number eight resolution number is

recommended do not pass its do not pass

school board represents teachers on

school boards is what this is the sport

represents all constituencies in the

community in the VSP not see a

designated spot on every school board

for one specific constituency it's not

it's not legal for teachers who work in

the district to serve on a district

board those who are teachers elsewhere

and would like to serve in their local

super have the opportunity to run for

office and be elected many teachers are

currently elected to school board

members of the community expressed

interest and how the BSB may support

boards in the business

hearing from all constituencies within

the district including teachers but do

not feel that this is an appropriate

vehicle to do so okay I think we also

have felt that the resolution has

written in the whereas glosses order can

pose the citizens who don't have a

direct involvement experience or

training in teaching and learning

practices and we don't feel I don't feel

that it's the Board of us it's a job of

vendors to dictate or have expertise and

specifically in training and teaching

training and teaching and learning

practices that's not part of


teaching practices and expertise

suddenly with expertise on the boy

really doesn't help us and what are

your thoughts no motion can we do it can

we just can you just make a motion to do

not pass okay thank you so we had Amy

making a motion to do not pass

regulators do not pass I'll second it

so we have Celeste with the second any

further discussion I think just goes

without saying for all these resolutions

and this one in particular the

information is in the packet where the

complete resolution is there you want

any more reference on what this is about

feel free to look that up because of

this meeting the recording of this

meeting will be made available to the

membership that they want additional

information on what's what's going on

solicit I'd just like to add to Mary

Kate's comment around insulting school

board members from the top of being

educated but besides that you didn't do

that I didn't but besides that I think

it is inappropriate to push one

constituency over another in regard to a

public service board like the school

board again I think my comment was I'd

really like to see I'd really like to

see construction workers and farmers on

school boards I think they have a

tremendous amount to offer about

practical useful education and this this

resolution to me speaks negatively about

our words

we're putting the onus on teachers who

are supervised by those two people that

do advise the boards it creates kind of

a type of arrangement then I'm going to

abstain from a number of these and I

just want to say in some cases I have

some sympathy with what's being

expressed here but I also agree with

with the general feeling of this group

that it wasn't correct and expressed or

whatever so that's my way of disclaimer

for for many of my my abstentions is a

directive interest any other all right

so I similar rating the Lord I feel like

I'm hearing a theme of more

collaboration and I don't want us to

miss that I mean I don't I don't think

there's a great way to do it because of

all the things you all have been talking

about but there is it's really important

to understand that I think is as leaders

of the educational community that

teachers are a very important part of

that humanity I'm not sure their

position is on the board right but it's

just the theme and I wanted to make sure

I wanted to name it done I serve on

local board we're trying once a month

but sometimes it's every other month we

have teachers from various groups that

want to come or departments to educate

the board on policies or maybe budget

considerations so I think there's a

mechanism there if you want to take and

collaborate and if people want to be

heard and to have something where you

say you've got to be if I was going to

have one person it would be nurses on

the board because we deal with

many health related issues I'd love to

have a nurse on all right

any other thoughts all right similar

ready to vote then those in favor of the

motion to recommend that this do not

pass please say aye

hi anybody opposed to that and

abstentions okay Dan an abstention all

right let's move on flex number nine the

board recommends the passes resolution

this basically is asking the dsba to

look at supervisory union boundaries

with some of the mergers you wind up

with a supervisory or some school

districts where they've been supervisory

you need one the SP a region and some of

them in another VSP of region that's

something that this this organization

can look at him and work on internally I

thought it was a good idea we recommend

it faster so we have a first Laurie

emotion Laurie a second tonight pull up

the floor with a second any discussion

if we have a kingdom East as your

kingdom washed somewhere along nobody

chose that name you're the one to do it

I got the King to break down by West at

least have the courage to put a get it

to you we did all right any at any nor

any other thoughts about this all right

those in favor of making the

recommendation that this pass please say


anybody opposed to that and abstentions

thanks number 10 we took no position on

the resolution the SBA educating board

members took no position the resolution

suspended by the Marlborough board the

committee respectfully request board

considered resubmitting with the

following changes removing the second

result paragraph Bruce resolved

paragraph substantially and encouraging

them to develop and support creative

innovations to educational practices the

the barber board did change that and

resubmitted follow their recommendations

so we took no position until that was

done then it was done so it's up to the

board take action is appropriate we have

a copy of the resolution in front group

so we'd be fair to say that given the

conversation in the room during that

committee hearing that they probably

would say yeah we're those changes yes I

would move passage that we through the

process okay so we got a motion to pass

this from Don we have a second I'll

second Adrienne Raymond all right I need

further discussion on this I think

there's also just time for question

mind anyway risk of whether or not this

is anything new or this is already

existent essentially you know refer to

train you know new school board members

but did we already have it then there's

actually no reason to oppose it

certainly I think to a certain degree it

reiterates our current position it says

it's very important we have too many

boards in the state where their

vacancies because Board met forward to

be board members anything that pushes to

help push and encourage people to run

for school boards and be involved we

need to be behind

I believe that's the intent of the

resolution and that's what we're asking

the reason I moved passage was that I

have probably heard over the last 20

plus years on supports that the FAA

doing this I don't think it's a new idea

but with all these mergers through like


I think we're bringing maybe some

different people on or bringing people

on and I play new roles it's not quite

the same that's why I'm these classes it

wasn't to say you haven't done it you

know it's like let's reaffirm that is

something we need to make a priority so

raise awareness to the city

responsibilities in ER for treating any

other questions coming it's part of

partition admissions


I don't want anybody to think that


is something that we so Susan put

together the video last year that we

distributed around the state encouraging

folks to run for office and giving more

information about what it means to be

honest report so certainly that's the

that's how I would read it but it would

continue to do that level of activity

not going into communities any other

thoughts all those in favor of voting

that this we recommend that this pass

please say aye

anybody opposed any abstentions Clarence

from Newark school board due to the

current proposal could lead to districts

authorizing and are requiring teachers

to carry weapons in school we don't

think that's a good heading for good

public policy that ought to be a state

law or federal law it shouldn't be

something that's left up to local school

boards that they were starting mandating

their staff be armed we don't think

that's a good decision left to a local

school board we just don't think that's

the way to do business

do not pass that's lorry so that lorry

with the move motion to do not pass Jim

with the second so he was and funny we

did some watching this like a hawk read

again with the second anymore today

Laura I'm doing this anymore discussion

seeing none all those in favor of

recommending that this do not pass

please say aye

anybody opposed any abstentions because

she put it on to the computer before we

discussed it and it was done at they

were still technically from Hamburg do

not pass the concerns of proposal could

prevent the VSP from pursuing useful

changes to educational laws inspectors

the vsba is a current resolution in

opposition to unfunded mandates and

relies on this resolution in order to

experiments similar to what are conveyed

by the Rockingham resolution we also

have a resolution calling for adequate

staffing at the a-league to support

current initiatives as you can see the

list of current resolutions and here

there in the resolution book we welcome

a conversation with the Rockingham and

Windham northeast supervisory union

boards about how to ensure our advocacy

efforts effectively conveyed these

messages and basically our resolutions

on this on this topic

and we don't think that we should be

restricted from supporting a new


to think that's good for us you know

it's the blankets too wide so we that's

that's the reason for the do not pass

endorsement letter Tate emotion here so

that Kim make a motion that we recommend

this do not fast we have a second to

that all circle got done with a second

Celeste I think that expected that the

you know and be resolved it's really a

very broad overreach and having the vsba

tell the legislature and the governor

what they can and can't do is kind of

I'll move that this kind of a great

dream come true but I just don't think

we're in a position where we have the

authority to tell the legislature the

governor and the State Board of

Education what they should be doing and

then it would be a moratorium on new

legislation yeah we want some

legislation what are we paying them for

that even some new legislation to repeal

something they already passed Fiasco

from a couple of years ago we needed new

legislation that would prevent something

if this wasn't adopted to prevent

something like that

any further discussion Lucas no no like

I'm like an auction er all those in

favor of the recommendation do not pass

please say aye opposed abstain Frank's

number 13 is the resolution so that was

withdrawn by the stove ward because the

Burlington number one was took the place

of it the same same concept 14 is that

the comic and green on gun control

recomendation image is in there a

separate handout on this one yes does

everybody have that separate handout it

was ok we got a board meeting last night

knowledge ease for the lady

the resolution committee took no

position on the resolution submitted

time and agreeing the committee

discussed with this resolution may have

trouble passage because it's so specific

and because it's written before the

major gun safety bills were passed this

legislative season the committee agreed

that a broader safety resolution with

mental health and reasonable gun control

including could passed if the board

chooses to resubmit revised language in

order to respond to the feedback please

do so by August 1st so we can be

included in the packet for the VSP a

meeting that's what we told teutonic in

green that they contacted us and says we

we don't meet until last night you know

I guess we can't do anything about it so

when I said well if you meet if you want

to do something and resubmit it

we'll take it that's why the incident

that's an addendum to the report and

it's there they did resubmit a

resolution now this resolutions going to

come up before the annual meeting it's

what what this committee wants to choose

about a recommendation that it comes to

you without recommendation now I'm going

to make a motion that we've has the the

addendum because of the revised changes

I agree with much of what people have

said here tonight about yeah let's get a

second and then we'll come back to your

burrow okay for your speech buddy down

the first lorry with the second now Dan

go ahead I agree about overreach I mean

we have recommended not passing some

other things with

to do things but in this case even

though approved with the amendment when

you sit as drafted I'm talking about the

what's in front of us move on here the

new ones day okay just want to make sure

that was clarifying any other discussion

so this is coming from the committee

with the taking no position we've tried

to significantly scale it back to you

know it as Miss Martin said it was you

know all practice before all the

legislation happened except for actually

even tried to make it clear that you

know their appreciation for the

legislation that was passed from respect

for school safety

I wanna say thanks for you know I think

I agree with the sentiment the the

problem that I have is I'm not sure I

don't I'm how do we as an organization

use this I'm not sure what action steps

the SBA takes based on this resolution I

think one of the things that's going to

happen this goes before the membership

fee annual meeting this is going to be a

reason that probably with the length of

discussion and the people pro and con to

this is gonna mean that we miss half the

reception and that means happy hour

folks all kidding aside this is

something that's a controversial subject

two ways it'll it'll take some debate

whether it's going to be passed by a the

sixty percent margin or not who knows

but it it came from a board it's been

clarified on what's going forward to the

annual meeting the motion has been made

to approve its its concept but I do

agree with me on you know

making it happen as to the

if it comes up with an opportunity it

gives it would take another motion after

yeah I understand what we were one of

the board's they passed a resolution

that says if and I think it supports

other boards that have it's not like

we're going to take any big action it's

it's just show support for for your

boards and part of our policy is to keep

students safe so this is we are in my

mind so it's not like we are asking for

more you know if if there is more we

would support that but we are supporting

the people that took this passing this

loss right now we were also a district

this topic had very conflicted folks in

the audience in the neighborhood from

our student there was not another who

were concerned about the notion that I

would take a resolution against gun

violence and it can fit with this and I

won no question I have control is do we

have someplace else where we're speaking

to if further on legislation comes up

you have guidance from the BSB a


I have no guidance so this would allow

for the dsba to enter the debate in a

way that we have not before we have a

resolution about guns say schools come

safety zones or something there was this

dream because my neighbor may be close

to a firing no it was just great news

yes you Timmerman you can't fire what

guns within a certain feet of the school

but that's it nothing about safety it is

about controlling fire certain fire

oh it's not the way I read it it's not

about to change

you know the sentiment is clearly about

student safety but arrest be it resolved

part talks about banning certain types

of firearms can I have clarification on

what you mean by that when I read be it

resolved I don't I don't read that okay

it's further thank you guess I have no

problem but that seems like Dan you

haven't spoken on this hand already have

you I made the motion but yeah then you

have your little speech I'm gonna make

sure everybody's talked before we come

back there

all right so alarmed a new one having

been pretty in-depth in this debate

legislature I really I'm looking at this

and wondering I mean the actual words


and so I'm a little concerned that it's

vague that's big and that it doesn't

actually I'm not sure what the what the

intent if the intent so there's a pretty

significant action taken actions taking

this year

and so it seems like it might be

possible to be more specific

given that there were really significant

actions taking this year so it'd be hard

for me I think to support this as is I I

like or the redraft was partially in

response to do you that it was too

specific before and ended the situation

if every will change but so it's it's a

hard thing they'd come up with the right

traffic hmm I kind of like America it's

suggestion so if you got new ideas let's

bring them up here don't miss not rehash

things mary-kate ID and then Kim did

that first sentence of the be resolved

and it's really the second piece that

you know also may require I think it's

both too specific and nonspecific before

recommending any of those in the second

then I just having made the motion

I would like to resist this board to

pass it and I think one of the reasons

why is as Nicole said she has no

guidance at this point relative to gun

safety I believe that it would be

responsible in our part to say this may

not be perfect where we weren't crazy

about every single word in it but I

would like for the vsba to take some

position on this this board to take some

position to take before the the

membership of all is it necessary to

include the other piece that does in

Washington has stayed on the sidelines

on this time and that paragraph I think

we do

recognizing the culture and

acknowledging that there is

pieces of what's a lot of really or not

them so you know I probably don't either

way I don't know if it waters it down

too much to remove that paragraph into

something that there or it could lease

him it and bring with them yeah well I

don't know I think it sticks we're too

late down the wordsmithing thing can

only happen at that we can't recommend

unless there's some burning issue I

would also like to say that I think

we're missing an opportunity if we don't

bring this to the membership I think

it's where the procedure works it's this

is going to the medley with our

recommendation earth our recommendation

to oppose a little recommendation to

make no recommended unless Taconic and

Green withdraws it then it goes to the

membership whether we no matter what we

say that's true for any resolution

submitted by a member district board

goes to the membership alright let's

let's take a vote on this dose the

recommendation is remote voting on a

motion to recommend that this pass that

we recommend it pass though those in

favor of that motion please say aye

those opposed yeah I'm gonna want to see

if a hand vote yes please so those in

favor of the motion please raise your


five six I've got six those opposed

please raise your hand one two three

four five six seven eight nine motion is

defeated mary-kate you have a second

mary-kate with motion to take our

position we have a me with a second any

discussion on that seeing that all those

in favor of the recommendation on this

okay so we have taking these savings and

redirecting the hold of the SBA request

to use the future reduce educational

taxes statewide and not to fund new

mandates and programs or funds and this

mystic obligations that are not now paid

from the educational funding the

committee had concerns at the dsba could

could enforce and monitor this request

given the educational fun discount price

of a number of sources and uses we

recommend the passive and we recommended

that they make that change in resubmit

it did that change the minute we didn't

so this one stands and it was they did

not accept our recommendation

good emotion that was kind of Laden they

didn't so there is no was to pass it if

they did it they didn't do it so it's

kind of up to the this board to decide

what they want to do about this

resolution it's going to go before the

membership as it is because it they

didn't choose to change as for the

recommendation and I believe the the

issue I was sat in on that meeting I

believe the issue was war does the

second paragraph taking the savings and

reductions as a whole at the SBA

requests that they use in the future to

reduce educational taxes I think that

was the sticking point if I remember

right yeah okay I'll make a motion that

we do not pass it so the motion to do

not have recommended you do not pass to

have a second on that from second


Lucas with a second any discussion

I made that motion because I think that

that last parrot I mean the last

paragraph would be it resolved just does

it hamstrings everybody and how they

reacted funding in the state government

it doesn't seem like a reasonable



okay and the other thoughts all right I

guess we're ready to go there all those

in favor of the motion to recommend that

this do not pass please say aye all

right those opposed to that any


two abstentions who are they Laurie and


number 16 issue governments skin from a

complicated district role complicated

resolution they deleted a lot of

information that we suggested and then

we said I think we said they would pass

this I remember take no position this

one I tell you what happened with this

one one of the committee members were

sent there he said well all this

information in the beginning that here

objected to us something I added to it

required the KT it's not what the board

approved but we didn't think it out that

makes sense so Gino took it out to us

not the name and it was referred to as a

junkie thanks Dan so it was so that we

could recommend that that the passage of

it with this information take it out or

it involved in why

then you're gonna I just want to say I

was I felt emotion on potato first I

will make a motion that we that we

passed this all okay so we had a motion

from Dan to pass we had a second from

Jim Danton

and so my objection to begin with was it

felt like the SBA was being asked to

intercede in a specific situation which

was should have been handled at the SU

but all that language has been from it

and whereas is reap I mean I'm sorry

being resolved is really what it comes

down to and I support that

I just want to speak to this week when

this came up you know Jo is dealing with

a in their in their district with a with

a situation where they essentially got

turned down on what the SU word

composition is we have very similar

situation we gotta prove very easily so

I think you know that pointed out to me

that you know we have a problem or we

have one district that was close to 70%

of our su and they were going to end up

having about you know thirty or forty

percent of the vote and that was going

to actually probably kill our merger

frankly so I think the rules the basic

old three and one roles especially with

the with act 46 or you know a little bit

they do need a relook so you know I was

very supportive of you know just being

in the same in the same situation and

having a different outcome that to me

speaks volumes about it being something

it needs to be considered

okay you know I think part of the

problem is is that if you're a minority

what my motion says important

composition actually be fair equitable

funding so if so what this asks is that

to just give kind of a little artist bit

like you know one district 70 percent

but we ended up making sure that frankly

you know all the other districts

together could could get their way you

know there are ways to solve it but it's

not easy and into my Arnie if the

majority is like forget it you this crew

you guys them that fact well it's not

gonna work so we're asking the

legislature oh just as I only had one

response from my board on all of the

resolutions and that was on this one and

it was a wholehearted support that they

take a look and and and change the

requirements it's just do do rigid and

any other thank you any other

compensation about this I guess how much

time and energy do we envision is this

just if something comes up first as view

taking an active role and lobby versus

being able to respond to it because this

provides event so I fully anticipate the

agency is going to lead a process for a

review of many provisions of title 16

post at 46 because frankly a lot of

pieces don't fit anymore and so what I

would see is this then has us bringing

this issue to the table as personal

review another minor piece of info is

you know the consultant on armor

helped us get these damn French that's

he's quite aware of the situation that's

in there we need to be moving on you're

starting to fall behind any other

further discussion on this one all those

in favor of the motion that we recommend

that this pass we say aye

anybody opposed any abstentions

one abstention from Lucas Thanks 17 at

46 consolidation of debt the

recommendation of the committee was do

not pass the discretion at the committee

level with us basically was was where

they were bringing debt into the merger

they forget about one piece they're

bringing the asset that they created

with the den that's coming to it so if

somebody doesn't have any debt but they

didn't keep their buildings up to date

now the new group has got to go into

debt to pay for it so there was another

component that you're obviously thinking

about her death in itself wasn't the

only thing you needed to consider in

these cases that's why the committee

recommended do not match I'll make a

motion to support them do not pass go

through so Jim Jim makes a

recommendation that we this group

recommends that do not pass wait a


Amy McMullen on a second okay now with

discussion any further discussion on


a issue that has consumed our merger and

you know and there's a lot of valid

points the 15th just gonna say that you

know it was not without that lack of


we have two very small schools

especially Dodie which would be affected

disproportionately and they see some

failure as bullying them into taking

something that we felt necessary so I

just want to make that that clear that I

do understand where this is coming from

and we have looked at ways to keep like

like as a district we are willing to

take on old debt to make anything so so

so we hear them you know they would have

a huge tax burden for amount of students

that that they have that clear then I'm

gonna vote no but I don't want to extend

this conversation any longer on the only

reason I'm gonna vote no is because

there may be situations where in fact

the asset is not comfortable to the dead

end that's all I'm gonna say

and you know thoughts I think this

speaks could have easily come from

they're mean cabott school district

which brings with it and more liability

than an asset so I think it's just

important to know that there are places

where it's not debt without perfect but

not all places that have debt have

assets that are coming with it like I

think we discussed it you know the whole

financial picture is a lot more complex

than just death so just looking at debt

is is sort of missing the whole picture

can you give us an example Jim oh you

know I gave an example of our district

actually where you know our nice little

school you know we we had several

schools that had a bunch of reserve

funds sitting and sitting in their

balance sheets and you know maybe they

had some we didn't have any debt but we

had frankly we had some expensive

projects in our building coming up and

we as essentially spent all our reserve

funds we were you know we were see I had

a situation we you know the problem

wasn't dad the problem was we were kind

of a correlation you know and the merger

other people had debt but you know

frankly they were bringing more positive

Civic financial you know picture to our

situation so with with ours you know

debt was certainly not debt was a big

part of the discussion and when you had

you know the individual and I went to

every every district you know

discussions and there were a lot of

people who brought up really focused on

death but it wasn't the right answer it

was just easy to focus on it's when you

when you merge into a new district it's

not awesome then it's all one district

now it's

it is everybody's sake you got to stop

thinking individually we got to think

the new entity is a group and that's

that takes a little growth and it's

something called change in Vermont

any other discussion on this so the

motion was to recommend it do not pass

if I can remember correctly all those in

favor of the recommendation to do not

pass please say aye

aye those opposed Dan abstention up

floor I'm going to abstain to 1 this

another abstention from done okay

Clarence last to 18 and 19 are both of

BSBA the committee came up with these

resolutions to submit as a group and the

first one is on civil discourse

recommend the adoption it's a very

straightforward beat result School Board

Association encourage all educational

stakeholders one to teach and model

conflict resolution and consensus

building as those skills are necessary

for the health and well-being of

tomorrow society and to engage in civil

discourse as we set the course for

future for our schools and communities

Celeste I move to pass my commitments

les Musa recommend maybe pass Mary Kate

with a second yeah any discussion on

this one see you no discussion all those

in favor please say aye

all right those opposed any abstentions

pass it is Clarence our number 19 public

school employees health benefit

negotiations and ramifications this is a

resolution that that deals with the

newly passed law the health insurance

that we're all involved in and all the

dates are there and what's gonna happen

this is just a resolution this good

guidance exactly how it's going to be

worn how the voting how the approval is

going to go all this is this is just

guidance on what's going on on this

procedure and I believe why this is on

there is so the membership can actually

this is the only way we can pick the

membership to be able to say yeah we

like that I know we don't like it so

it's a little different from a lot of

resolutions that we passed before but

clearly the stakes on this process are

high and so it's important that the

membership approve the process by which

this organization is going to fulfill

its responsibilities under under the law

so let's take we have a recommendation

to pass do nobody have a no

recommendation on this one you glory

I'll take a motion first and then we'll

talk about emotions you know you move

that you recommend him to pass we have

second on that second we have a second

from Celeste Laurie I'm wondering what

what would happen into the voting it

down I mean this is law right um we

would not well I would hope that they

wouldn't vote it down that it's possible

they would amend this process it's the

law does not require us to follow a

specific works we have to develop our

own processes for ratification of a

final agreement and for appointing

members to the Commission so the laws

priests good law says some criteria that

have to be met those three in the

statutory requirements section but this

would add some additional criteria and

and just be very clear about the

timelines for when appointments to the

Commission will be made for the


it stays between us and dinner all those

in favor of the motion to remain could

recommend at this pass to say I thank

anybody opposed anybody abstained

alright so for that one last thing is

our resolution committee report the same

thing is going to happen at the annual

baited we're ten minutes long on this

we're going to be long on the gun

control that's where all the discussion

was here tonight extended this

discussion so