Business Management Tips : Writing a Board Resolution

hi my name is mark I'm gonna look at how

to write a board resolution board

resolution primarily is a vote by the

organization to do to follow some course

of action so once this has been agreed

for example the board has agreed that it

would invest X amount of money into a

new car plant or into new sporting

facilities for the company it has to be

verified and signed by the CEO or the

Chairman managing director of the

organization so this is basically an

agreement that has happened internally

possibly and has been verified and

signed so it would be a statement saying

company x y&z formally authorizes that

it will spend XYZ on a company related

sporting field incorporating indoor

outdoor swimming pool that will be built

by a period of time and we the board and

assign it and the person and assigning

it will be the full mentioned board

member who will physically sign it and

stamp it and this would be an official

document stating the company's agreement

to invest this money into the agreed