What BMW Dealers Will NOT TELL YOU ! Sales Tactics

welcome back everybody mark with exotic

our play place today I'm gonna come to

you with some new details fresh from the

the rumor mill you know obviously

there's no secret I you know I Drive a

lot of the BMW products I have two of

them myself I've owned several beyond

that I love the product what I don't

love is some of the treatment that I've

had at the dealers and I've shared some

of those details with you in previous

videos where I've had you know I've been

in the service shop or had my car and at

the dealer and while I'm waiting I'd

walk around in the showroom and I would

spend a significant amount of time I'm

talking about in the neighborhood of

about you know two to three hours

sometimes and sometimes even more and I

literally only you get stares I actually

haven't had a whole lot of people and

actually the last two times I've been in

the dealership here locally where I live

both dealerships on have the same

situation happen where nobody even

approached me I'm strutting through the

showroom looking at cars some of the new

products you know because I'm waiting

anyway I might as well check out some of

the new cars out there and I didn't even

so much as have a good morning or a

hello from any of the salespeople but

I'm gonna explain to you guys today I

heard through the grapevine from

somebody on the inside why this happens

I actually had this experience where I

spent three hours in the dealership and

I didn't have so much as a good morning

or hello now there is a reason this

happens and I'm gonna share that with

you so these are the things that the

dealers don't want to tell you no one's

going to explain this to you and it may

only be a localized issue it obviously

boils down to management but what level

of management does that stop at I don't

know if that's a local regional

management BMW dealer network or does

this go upstream maybe other people are

having similar situations occur now what

I found was after I spent several a

handful almost a handful of hours at the

dealer I ended up hustling across the

road because I thought you know what I'm

gonna go take a look there was an Audi

dealer right next door to the BMW dealer

I walked in there the same day like I

said a little bit later

and you basically had the receptionist

step up offer a beverage we had two

salesmen come over and just you know

offer a good morning and can I help you

I actually had almost too much attention

but you know what I don't complain

because at least they show that they

respect any customer that walks in the

door so as you can tell you know what I

don't typically wear suits I mean I do

wear them at times but if I'm going on

to the dealer I'm going to take the car

and for service I'm not wearing a suit

I'm not wearing a tie I'm just going

casual jeans and whatever I'm typically

wearing and what I understand is I've

been profile often I go into the

dealership and I get profile the last

time I went into the BMW dealership when

this happened like I said I spent a

whole schwack of time walking around

being ignored so word has it what

actually happens is that here's the deal

what actually happens is

all the sales guys there could be

Sanders eight salespeople on that day

what ends up happening is the manager

says everybody basically gets a turn at

a set at a potential sale which is fair

it's fair for you know from an employee

standpoint I understand why you would do

that you want every salesperson to get

the potential sale but what ends up

happening and this is where it gets a

little funky is word on the street is

what they actually do is they profile so

if your guy number one salesman number

one and you see a customer walk in so

you're the first guy that's gonna have

that opportunity for a sale

the managers already established that

there's a rotation okay so you get the

first opportunity the second customer

comes in the door if he's already if

that first salesperson has already

managed and dealt with that first person

walking in the door then the second

salesman gets the second customer and

third gets the third and so on and so

forth but what actually happens is the

salesman is who's up next to actually

take a look at and potentially grab that

customer for sales or for a sale of a

new BMW he looks at the customer and he

makes his own determination what's going


does this customer look like they're

serious does this customer look like

they have the credentials

this customer look like the next person

that's gonna buy a BMW from the

salesperson if you do not fit that

criteria and I might add when I go in

there I often in in jeans not in a

t-shirt by enemies no rub and down

action going on here often it's just

done you know maybe a golf shirt or

something casual but you know dressed

gonna moderately I went in there with my

daughter on both occasions and so

immediately I was profiled they knew

right away this guy is not shopping for

car therefore we can't be we can't be

bothered to have a discussion with this

guy so this is actually from the inside

I got this win from a person right here

locally on the inside of this dealer

network and that's actually how they

manage the customer flow now I get it

they're trying to support the the growth

and the success of each individual

salesperson makes total sense you want

to give everybody a fair shake because

traditionally you get those guys at

apostle and I'm sure it becomes a

dog-eat-dog world comes to sales but

what actually happens is in this

situation all in them in the sake of

trying to satisfy each individual

salesperson they're actually shooting

themselves in the foot over potential

sales and this is what I found is

actually happen to me on several

occasions and this happened to me

exactly the last time I went in there

when I spent several hours in the dealer

and had no response not only from a

salesperson even the receptionist which

I find ironically interesting didn't

feel compelled to even say good morning

so again maybe it's a local network

thing maybe it's a local

you know the local dealer situation of

not sure

but on the inside regardless of what's

going on at the reception the

salespeople are mandated to basically

share the opportunities as customers

roll in and for the sake of a sales

meant basically potentially losing a

profitable sale they don't want to risk

it on somebody who they believe were

profiled as kicking tires don't even

want to risk that because as soon as

they've committed and said good morning

that's their customer the next customer

rolls in and that's a high-dollar guy he

rolls in there and he wants to suit up

with a brand new m5 well guess what that

first guy is choked because he went

stepped up and talked to a guy that

maybe it's just kicking tires but how

would you know that right you know often

honestly I'm always in the market for

the cars I'm not saying I'm buying a car

every time I step into the dealership

but a good experience goes a long ways

and it often puts you in a state of mind

that feel it makes you feel enthusiastic

about purchasing your new BMW through

that dealer so everybody I know I'm not

the only one who's experienced this

often you wonder why this is the case

and why are you experiencing less than


salesperson you know Welcome Wagon if

you will that is likely because there is

an agenda and the agenda is to sell cars

naturally which goes without saying but

they otherwise they basically aren't

bothered in talking to the customers now

that being said I do wonder

so pride aside if you go up to a

salesperson yourself what is that gonna

look like I'd like you guys to give me

your feedback have you experienced these

similar situations has your local dealer

sort of treated you in a similar fashion

or do you feel that you've been you know

profile does your ear the haves versus

the have-nots and you've been treated

accordingly I'm not sure have you guys

managed or you know felt that situation

arise I don't know I'm looking for your

guys's feedback on that as well as what

do you think if you go and approach the

dealer are they gonna give you the time

of day does that is that consistent with

you know that taking the next

salesperson or the next customer in line

does that is that sound consistent

but anyway everybody I hope you enjoyed

the video I wanted to share that with

you that's just something the dealers

will not share with you and unless you

know somebody on the inside you would

never know this but that is the sales

tactic that I have heard and learned on

the inside here locally at our

dealerships in the city where I reside

so everybody I really hope you enjoyed

the video shed a little light on it for

you I guess at the end of the day you

know put your pride aside if you really

are serious about buying a car by all

means go approach the salesman but I

will tell you that my experience hasn't

been consistent from BMW to some of the

other dealers I've walked in like I said

I've walked into an Audi dealer and I've

had very good experience with people

fully engaged and I've actually walked

in the local Porsche dealer and I've had

similar experience as the Audi dealer

where they were a little bit more

outgoing and willing to have a

discussion with you so everybody you

know brand aside

I love the brand this is not a critique

on the brand itself it seems like a

management style I'm not sure if it's

you know if it's great or not I don't

know what you guys tell me anyway thanks

again everybody mark you're checking out

with exotic car play place I hope you

liked that video and we'll talk to you

real soon thanks again