Parking my Bmw M4 at a dealership, then trying to Buy it.

I filled up the sujin no dude what up

guys today I got the BMW m4 I'm gonna

drive it to a dealership park it and try

to buy it it should be a funny video

shout out to Ross creations


Miguel for the last time Miguel for the

last time get in the car get in the car

bro honestly I don't know why you're

like out there you got to come in the

car when I drop off bro communicate with

me bro oh just leave me can you shut the

[ __ ] up me go yes

oh my god I appreciate you standing

there like recording a car but I wanted

you to be in the car when I took I don't

know why you made me take off when you

weren't in the car I looked at my route

you'd let them shout in the car please

bro please we are in the infamous BMW


as you can see park the m4 next to some

other that's it's all different

no this is like a baby-blue it's a

little bit more baby huh m5 how much

well [ __ ] one hundred thousand nine

eight seventy thousand one hundred and

an important specific I can't really

afford the new ones okay but I saw a

pre-owned went over there this one's

sick too huh it is this is brand new 30

M Sport

individually as well yeah it's a marina

blue and it got the custom interior man

come check it out and you also got the

carbon fiber packaging okay you got the

carbon fiber top as well yeah so you got

this today yeah we just got it in man

that's pretty clean we're just got it on

the market it's not gonna last too long

as you can see that color carbon - no

front the middle as well as a shift knob

and even your your handbrake man this is

the real deal huh it's a real dough man

just the voice is the bad boys the best

way you can get [ __ ] okay

are we allowed to test drive used cars

yeah I have the keys for you once you

ever spin you had the keys yeah

to go for a spin I mean if you're gonna

buy no it's not man what do you mean

so the in sport is the top the fully

loaded version the export exhaust that's

why it's a little more thrilling more

aggressive you see how he reads it off

for you crazy





I know you I'm gonna give you a hundred

bucks bro you really thought this is

like you've got it how do you come up

with the story on Spa man you're so

bloody from here let me say this money

you got them all tell your manager that

I wanna buy this car [ __ ] this is

parked next to other pre-owned and new

Toyota's how much is a super going for

right now right now they're around fifty

four fifty - fifty - okay is that car

right here


what no this is for sale right has the

look has a window sticker this is the

pre-owned section as well right yeah you

think somebody brought it in or don't

have any you know what is this part go

in here really yeah

is it open oh it's brand-new no look

yeah but this is you sure this is you

didn't just get it in no phone I don't

know what's going on here really so you

guys never get em fours as a pre-owned

or a really rare rare but I mean like

this is I usually don't know what to say

I wish whose car is this huh no idea we

need to find out yeah no I mean this is

really sick man this is what I've always


it is really nice how many miles have I

thought I'm taking right now

19,000 I did time

I'm very interested like I want to I

want to buy it really yeah yeah is this

yeah I mean like if these you're

supposed to be hotel so it's yours then

just for sure your car well I guess

what's it going here I'm gonna go ahead

and talk to my manager okay what uh what

he says about uh okay cool yeah and

we'll get the paperwork started all that

everything for sure man I'll be right

here thank you

how the [ __ ] they have it imported

Toyota dealership that is so we got a

town we got its own you know what I

talked to my my boss and my boss is

confused he he doesn't know what I'm

talking about

really yeah I mean like we check the

system and nothing is coming up with a

with a car like that yeah before you say

anything else we just want to say that

it's actually my car and we're just

pranking you and you know sorry for

wasting your time you've been a good

sport but I'm gonna send you 100 bucks

come on we're wasting that like like

five minutes of your time give you a

hundred bucks

that's appreciate yeah of course and you

have a cash app no okay yeah let's send

you 100 bucks you got it yeah I got it

thank you very much all right thank you

for being good sport man yeah appreciate

I don't get it by car okay I did not

know that I was gonna like I did not

know that was gonna happen

we go there's your dream car right here

the Toyota Supra so gorgeous how much is

it going for 57k

right there 57k honestly man my question

is would you take it would you take him

ago yeah is that a yes or no guys we're

at a Dodge dealership right he parked it

in between two challengers how funny is

that this is right between two

challengers that is so hilarious

what's your name Eric nice okay you

don't know me right no okay cool I know

you guys represent dodge and all that

but this car caught my eye is it

pre-owned that's a that's a customer's

car I'm pretty sure it's a customer's

car yeah commands it has a window

sticker on it

I don't know you don't know I want I'm

interested like I don't want the Dodge I

want this car

girl I don't even know I mean the

challengers are cool

that's our teaser cool well just try to

get this car actually I don't know it

might be a used car it might be in our

system that's not true I don't know it's

actually open I don't know man

please there a key in there oh actually

there is it's yeah I don't know that's


that's carbon fibre and all that tan man

yeah man I'll go let me say what's my

boss and see what they say

I don't know then I'll take a look


look I'm just playing with you ro this

is my car for wasting your time we're

taking five minutes here at Salamis NT

100 bucks oh [ __ ] no no first year like

what do you ever like a cache up yeah it

was something you really thought you

guys had in the system now have you ever

gotten an m4 before at the dealership

yeah have a GTR oh no way so I mean

people trade in there great that's so

funny that's so funny bro all right

sent my dog appreciate you and McGill

does that remind you of something right

there GT Mustang right next to the m4 no

competition package but I still

respected the park the car at a Honda

dealership but these salesmen right I

don't know already so we got to go get

someone else you don't mind if we film

yeah I just kind of like document my

life okay he's all like the used cars

right here

normally I don't even know if it's ready

to sell but it has like it has the

window sticker right there 2018 and Ford

coupe I mean we've got the sticker on it

I mean yeah I guess it is for sale oh

man when did it come in

oh man they must have done it like this

morning but it even has a carbon-fiber

mirrors on their shoe yeah

how do you let's take out the carbon

fiber spoiler right there

- April NC Valencia yeah

is that like affiliated with you guys or

from Valencia okay the person that got

it before okay go in it yeah I mean let

me just see where the keys are

there's a key right there let me just go

out Tobias card manager I'm you didn't

tell me we had this thing in here man

and look it else has the the yeah like

the M steering wheel right actually is

that the rev limiter on there too oh no

way which was ask my manager Manning ya

know so you don't know when this came in

exactly no I mean it must have been

today can we check the engine yeah 60

yeah or you know what's the horsepower


be like

yeah so yeah literally just came in

today you guys got the clean and stuff

yeah we've got a detail the part you

were just trying to like show it on yeah

what's up this is actually my car oh


Oh Davis Street Berlin thank you for

being a good sport about it you got like

zero you got I'm not gonna lie I think

this was like a hundred percent

successful and everything that video

succeeds this way I mean it did take us

a whole day like we started in the

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you'll let me

I got everything that I needed my seat

riding with the windows down the other

line be God you gotta keep me out