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with your company's biometric screening

just around the corner we want you to

feel informed and comfortable about your

upcoming appointment we will take you

step-by-step through the biometric

screening process to ensure you are

well-prepared to schedule your

appointment access health check 360s

online registration tool and choose a

screening date and time that is

convenient for you to obtain the most

accurate results during your screening

we will recommend you do not eat or

drink anything except water at least

eight hours prior to your scheduled

appointment please continue to take any

doctor prescribed medication during this

time if you have any health concerns

please talk with your doctor before

participating your biometric screening

appointment should only last about 15

minutes but be sure to arrive 5 to 10

minutes early to check in and complete

some simple paperwork from there you'll

be asked to wait until the next health

professional is available to begin your

screening a certified health

professional will guide you to a private

screening area well they will begin with

basic body measurements such as height

weight hip and blood pressure you will

be s review confirm and sign off on all

final measurements next your certified

health professional will perform a quick

blood draw to identify levels of

cholesterol glucose nicotine and other

health indicators that will be explained

in your individual report after

completing your biometric screening you

will receive communication from your

employer within seven to ten business

days on how to obtain your health

results you will need to complete a

brief health risk assessment lifestyle

survey prior to receiving your health

score and individual reports if you have

any questions on how to prepare for the

biometric screening please call us at

8:56 five one one zero three six zero or

email us at support at health check

three succeed calm