Corporate Wellness, Employee Wellness, and Biometric Testing Supplies

as the human resources director for a

large corporation Tara was also tasked

with running the Wellness Program for

her employees wellness was a priority

for her and she took pride in offering

extra benefits for her employees and

twice each year she hosted a special

health fair her employees received

information on exercise plans eating

healthy and they could even get their

cholesterol and hemoglobin a1c testing

done a highlight of the fair was all of

the employees interested in help with

quitting smoking

everyone loved at this event but as

their company grew so did the cost to

put on this event Tara knew it was time

to look at ways to make it more cost

effective without losing any of the high

quality testing and services offered

sure she could check with another one of

the big guy medical distributors but

they really couldn't offer her a better

price for services and equipment then

she found Wilburn medical USA and they

were exactly what she was looking for

they've been in business for over 20

years and they specialized in biometric

testing so she could still offer the

cholesterol and a1c testing to her

employees at the health fairs when she

spoke with their knowledgeable

representative she learned their price

was so much better than what she'd been

paying all these years and they even

offered promotions and unique services

not offered by anyone else now with the

money she's saving she's been able to

make the health fair even bigger and

better than ever all while reducing her

expenses if you are focused on corporate

wellness employee health or just want to

reduce your expense on your health care

equipment and supplies give Wilburn

medical USA a call now offering Next Day


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