Healthy Lifestyles Biometric Screening

welcome to your first biometric

screening here we will be getting a

baseline to start tracking basic health

indicators during your screening we will

be measuring your cholesterol glucose

blood pressure and body composition when

you first arrive you will be met at a

check-in table where you will be given a

form with basic personal information to

fill out

don't forget your employee ID number

when it is your time you will proceed at

the cholesterol station a small blood

sample will be taken to test cholesterol

and blood sugar levels with a small

finger stick this will take a few

minutes to process as your blood work is

being processed you will then move to

the blood pressure station please

remember to wear short sleeves or

loose-fitting clothing rolled sleeves

must not restrict circulation when your

blood pressure is taken results are best

when you relax place both feet flat on

the floor and remain still and silent

next you move over to the body

composition station when measuring body

composition you will want to have

drinking plenty of water so you are well

hydrated to ensure most accurate results

however if you need to use the restroom

please do so before coming in as I can

affect your results you will need to

remove your shoes and socks as you stand

on the scale which will send a light

electric signal through your body to

determine your body fat percentage

please notify the clinician if you are

pregnant or have a pacemaker as this

will alter how we will measure you your

screenings are now complete when your

blood work is done and your results have

been recorded you will be called up for

your checkout here we will review all of

your results for the day and answer any

questions you may have if this is your

first clinic we will go over how the

healthy lifestyle program works how and

where to receive and track points for

the upcoming year and how to earn as

much cash as possible at the end of the

year if you are returning we will

compare your results with the previous

year discuss your progress and total

your points to determine your cash

rebate congratulations you've made it

through your biometric screening

remember to track your healthy behaviors

on wealth steps and participate in

programs throughout the year see you

next year in the same month as you came

in this year