The value of biometric screenings - Colleen testimonial


my name is Colleen King I am a project

manager in health and wellness

I began completing blueprint for

wellness when I joined quest six years

ago and really just enjoyed the

opportunity to set a baseline and

understand where I was at and have

continued to complete my blueprint for

wellness reading every year just based

on the information that I've learned a

lot of Health was different from other

strategies I've tried because it was

very comprehensive it was focused on

tackling multiple areas of your life

whether it's your exercise your eating

your stress levels all of those things

make such a huge difference to your

health when I started Omata I was a

little bit worried was very excited but

wasn't necessarily willing to to get too

too excited about it but as I went

through the program and as I started to

see changes both in this scale which is

important as well as just my lifestyle

and my mood I got more and more excited

about it and it's just made such a huge

difference in my life just on a daily

basis feeling more comfortable in my

skin feeling like I have more control

over those those critical areas of my