What Is A Biometric Screening?

so you've done this before every year

when you first come into the health

screening there's a little bit of

paperwork that we have you fill out so

you get credit for doing the health

screening we just do a little prick of

the finger which will allow us to get a

little bit of blood and then we put it

in this

Colette's tech machine it takes about

five minutes to load and that's gonna

give us your whole cholesterol panel and

it's gonna give us your fasting blood

sugar in less than five minutes we go

and check your blood pressure and we'll

do your height and weight and then we do

a wrap-up and we go over everything and

that's the entire health screening your

LDL cholesterol is your bad cholesterol

that's what forms in our arteries that

can break off and cause a heart attack

or stroke do I have forming a blood clot

I get my bum that screening done results

are good take your doctor by going to

the doctor you can get taught how to

exercise lower your levels being able to

sit down with people and talk about just

being healthy and stuff that we can

improve on as we can offer this people

is really really rewarding the best way

to really like increase it is exercise

no that's okay

I might so happy for you