Gears - Part 1


hello class my name is Ricky Martin's

welcome to basic science a technology

class today we'll be treating the topic

gas part 1 we retain two machines and

processes by the end of this lesson you

should be able to explain what girls are

identified the various classes and types

of gas let's take a brief description of

what Gaza water gas gas are important

aspect of most tools and machines gas

are wheels with feet to third wheels

that interlock are move together now

these are examples of girls now you can

see that it is made up of two third

wheels interlocking together as they

move together gas also connect and

rotate and I used to transmit power from

one part of the machine to another when

we say girls are using transmitting

power to different parts of the machines

we mean that they are used to transfer

power from one part to another in that

machine apart from power gas are also

used to transmit torque and speed torque

is a toning force that is referred to as

force times perpendicular distance in

its only moment each assignment is

Newton meter gas are found in cars watch


motorcycles bikes CC for example the gas

of a bicycle with the help of a chain

take power from the pedals is dependent

of the bicycle back to the wheel you can

see that bicycle make use of gears and

transmitting power from the pedals of

the bicycle to the wheel what is a girl

trail when we have two or more years

walking together in a sequence

arrangement it is called Gayatri or gas

transmission you can see this diagram

shows true or more girls that are

arranged in sequence walking together

this is a good example of a Gayatri

because they are walking together in a

sequence arrangement gas and rocks we

know that gas can be made up of two or

more rotating parts also these girls can

be a machine made of kinetic non

rotating parts called Iraq so this non

rotating parts in a Kia is what we call

Iraq when a girl connects with non

rotating treated parts a translational

motion is produced for also understand

gheh properly we have to understand

sometimes associated with gear for also

understand the operations of gas we must

be able to familiarize ourselves with

sometimes associated with gas

this terms include revolution per minute

Noba of gas seeds frequency of rotation

what do we understand by revolution per

minute the revolution per minute of Ikea

is simply defined as the number of times

the two third wheel of a girl

rotates or revolves per minute it can be

used to determine the frequency of

rotation of again the revolution per

minute of Vega is represented by our OPM

or Rath per minute so when you see an

expression of 20 arrow p.m. it is simply

telling you that the gear has revolved

20 times per minute

what is frequency of rotation like we

said earlier that your revolution per

minute can also be used to determine

your frequency of rotation now the

frequency of rotation of a Kea is the

frequency at which dagur completes one

revolution or cycle so the time it takes

a year to complete one revolution or one

complete cycle we refer to that as the

frequency of rotation of the again the

SI unit is hence represented with the

capital letter h and z now number of

teeth the number of teeth is represented

with the symbol n it is simply the

number of caught edges of feet gia has

you can see these are caught edges of

the gap so counting one two three four

five six seven eight nine ten 11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 we can see that

Gabby has 20 seats and the number of

teeth is represented as a types of gears

there are three major classes of gas

according to the positioning of dr oz's

so when he as is a please parallel to

each other they are referred to us your

parallel as is here when the asses of

this girl are intersecting with one

another it is referred to as your

interseting as this girl also there are

also girls that their asses are not

pleased parallel to each other we refer

to those girls

as long parlay as these girls and when

they are not intersecting with one and

order we refer to them as not

intersecting as these girls okay let's

look at some examples of types of girls

that fall into these various classes of

gas that we earlier mentioned we have

different types of girls which are used

for different purposes some girls with

parallel and intra setting as is our one

we have our spa girls we have barrel

girls we have our hilly cool girls we

have our spa bevel gears we have our

zero bevel gears and we have a double

helical girls or also called hairy born

chaos spa girls spa girls are the most

common types of girls useful

transmitting power at low speed whoa we

are trying to say that spa girls are

used for transmitting power to other

part of the machines at a very low speed

that means they rotate about their

others are a very low velocity

they consist of straight teeth gear

wheels you can see from this diagram

that it causes of straight teeth gear

which times they are feets

thoughts in straight pattern and these

ways are place follow to each other

across the rotating are these

of the young looking at these girls you

can see there please parallel to each


this is a typical description of a spork

spa girls because of how they rotate

about the earth is at a very low speed

they produce more vibration and noise

than any other type of gas they are more

economical than other types because they

can be easily designed bevel gears bevel

gears are gas whose to third wheels are

placed at right angle that is 90 degree

to each order they are used to transmit

power perpendicularly

not Assad from power they can also be

used to transmit or talk now you can see

that the two third wheels of this gear

they are placed at right angle to each

other which is used in transmitting

power perpendicularly they consist of

straight sheets you can see it caught in

a conical blank rather than a

cylindrical block what I mean by bevel

gears are caught in a conical plan is

this most girls are caught in a

cylindrical form but for bevel girls you

can see they are made in a conical shape

you can see from the shape of this girl

is in the form of a cone let's look at

another type of gas called spur bevel

gas spare pukas is a type of bevel gear

that has hella cool phone of teeth

caught on a conical blank they are

placed at right angle to each other

jaws us every bevel gear is you can see

for an honorable guy

teeth of the gear Street that for helico

girl it is in an helical form in a helix

shape can see how slightly curved it is

it is not a straight as an ordinary

burger so it is in a spiral form

zero bevel gear it is also a type of a

bevel gear with curved straight teeth

the spire angle is zero at the middle of

the face width they are an intermediate

type between straight inspire bevel

girls they are treat arc of both nodes

angled you can see that the shape of the

teeth is in between spiral bevel and

honourable gear but they are also placed

at right angle to each other and they

transmit power Auto perpendicularly

let's look at another type of girl

called airborne girls hair Bond girls

are gas also called double helical gas

which transmit power went positioned

side by side to each order they are also

called double helical gears you can see

the opposition side by side to each

other let's take a brief summary of what

we've learned so far

girls are machines made up of connected

rotating parts used for transmitting

power also we measure that when two or

more girls walk together in a sequence

arrangement it is called G a tree or

gear transmission and we look at some of

the terms associated with girls

sometimes associated with gear operation

include your revolution per minute

number of dirt seeds and also the

frequency of rotation we have different

types of gas which include espagne

bevel gear here cougar

et Cie let's take some question question

one when two

or more girls walk together in a

sequence arrangement it is called a gas

sequence big girl arrangement

see gr 3d gear translation the correct

option is see gear 3 question 2 - is a

girl please at right and go to each

other and that also transmit power

perpendicularly but easties are caught

on conical blank a bevel gear big spur

gear see le coup D cross helical the

correct option is a bevel gear we have

come to the end of this topic and we'll

be able to see different classes and

types of girl see you in our next class