bevel gear 1

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effective load on gear good now

we'll see in collusion the wheel gears

are cut on conical blanks

whose feet surfaces are frustum upwards

the Google gears are used for

transmitting power at a constant

velocity ratio between to shop with

access intersect at a certain angle the

elements of the cones intersect at the

point of intersection of the axis of


since the radio of both the gears are

proportional to the distance from the

effects of the pods therefore the point

made roll together without flooding this

is the main advantage of the wiliest

over other type obvious classification

of images

the believers may be classified into its

at college they stop on profile of cook

and they star and a little taxes now we

will see classifications based on

profile optic the various types of

billiards use based on truth profile are

as college first spread to live Ilyas

now you see this is the image of the

state tooth

lilius the two top are the teeth on the

gear are straight a straight good deal

the elements of the teeth of the

straight vilius are straight lines which

converts into a common of ex-con that is

this common of expand take the biggest

are easy to design and one factor and

give a very good service then properly

move down shops

however they create noise at high speed



spiral to the various the elements of

the tip of the spiral gauges are

particles which also converts into a

common effects point the involute

profile is used for the form of the

teeth obvious spiral leaders on the

other hand are difficult to define and

costly to and cutter for they require

specialized and sophisticated machinery

for their manufacture spiral villagers

have more heat engagement which results

in quiet operation even at high speeds

they have better strength and are the

tools of high speed high power

conclusion this is the image of the

spiral do it our expansion 0 to the

radius 0 gears are firing furious with 0

spiraling these gears theoretical you

more gradual contact and a slightly

larger contactor this is a made-up 0 to

the US face religious face gears consist

of its core or daily convenient mating

we take on rooted gear of this comp they

are shown in Figure face gears how the

falling characteristics because the

thing in of his guests is either a spur

gear or available yet

second phase gear car mounted on

intersecting shafts that are at right

angle to each other

the teeth of phase gears can be straight

or code phase gear some calling around

edges first they can be cut with our

gear cutters and gear shaper second that

shell position of the pinion is not

critical as in case of the winged penis

the disadvantage is that the width of

the truth face is false

- the biggest thing to spread villages

are mounted on shops which are non

terminal and non intersecting they are


invidious they are shown in color it is

seen that the fixed point of opinion is

object with respect to that up here

still years how the following

characteristics first Huey Lewis how

stately second he will years are mounted

on non turtleneck non intersecting

shafts hypoid religious hyper gears are

similar to spiral Edith that are mounted

on shops which are non parallel and non

intersecting they are strolling together

I call here scarf based upon heat

surfaces which are hyperbolic of

revolution then two hyperbolas are

rotated to dinner the resultant motion

is a combination of rolling and sliding

the sliding is along the length of tape

and results in increase the friction

on this account extreme pressure

lubricants are used for these gears

lighting friction reduces the efficiency

of how gorgeous they pee since 1892 99%

whether that off I call year since 96 to

98 45 gorgeous how the calling

characteristics I call yourself karate

second - gears are mounted on non

parallel and non intersecting shafts I

called three years our main building

autumn ball dimensions these gifts allow

the drying shop to be placed well below

the centerline of the rear axle and

thereby lower the same table length of

the vehicle another advantage of hypoid

gears is that the opposite of the shaft

is so great that's the shots may

continue past each other therefore

multiple for takeoffs from a single

shaft with several pinions

if possible hypoid gears through

noiseless operation even at high speeds

now next class position that is based on

angle with indexes the various parts of

the US based on angle with indexes up


external wheeler the angle between the

axis of each gear CG rolling as shown in

Figure the contact between the teeth of

these gears is external act to tangle

Helius the angle between the axis of

these gears is less than 90 degree as

shown into the consider angle theta is

less than 90

third right angle is the angle between

the axes of these gears is 90 degree as

shown in 2d see that's us off this gear

this is the contact angle between the

axis is lightly miter gears when two

identical videos or mounted on shops

which are intersecting at right angles

here caught mitre just they are spawning

- this is the diagram of my target

tangled with in the shops is 90 degree

and these equal Villiers other miter

gears have the following characteristics

the pitch angle of pinion and gear of

micro gears are same and each is equal

to cortically the pinion and gear of

micro gears rotate at the same speed the

pinion and gear have same dimensions

namely addendum didn't dump it sir

kilometer number of teeth and model the

pinion and gear of materials are always

nocturnal chops which are for trends

rotators of two's angle we reduce the

angle between the axis of this gas is

more than 90 really as shown in Figure C

there is more than me that acetylated

unwinding from yes in a pure oblivious

been one of the gears has a pitch angle

of 90 degree then there here is called

crown here such behaviors are mounted on

shafts with are intersecting at an angle

that is more than 90 degree the crown

here is according to the track is

forgetting the pitch cone of the crown

gear becomes plane they are showing

clear crown gear arrangement has the

following characteristics because the

pitch angle up from there is 90 degree

see that this is the crown there is in

reason until the giving pinion and crown

gear are always more ground shaft which

are intersecting at angle more than 19

you see that this is Vivian angle is

more than 90 there is 90 plus gamma

internal Sevilla's when the teat of

living here are cut on the inside of the

pitch cone it is called internal builder

in this case the pitch angle of internal

ear is more than 90 degree and the first

point is on the backside of the teeth

under here they are shown in Figure

internally let's are you then can

trigger test in case of internal builder

theta is equal to 1 it in you now we

will see we will get turned on these

figures are that different tongue

children bigger that is this is the

backbone this is the pitch call you see

say center line middle Center Angela's

pitch line angle with respect or

mountain of kickstand is known as pitch

angle this is the phase angle own is

this converging point this is addendum

angle you see did end up angle this is

the boot angle this a naught is nothing

but cone distance they change nothing

motor denim a check addendum RB this is

nothing but pitch circle radius link is

the diameter and large inside of the

wheel via large into third of bismuth

now we will see different definitions

each cone each cone is an imaginary cone

the surface of which contains the pitch

lines of all T in the bill here cone

Center the optics of the pitch cone is

called the con Center it is denoted by

over only stirs cone distance is the

length of the pitch Cannella meant it is

also called each cone radius it is

denoted by a not pitch angle the angle

that the pitch line makes with the axis

of the gear is called the pitch angle it

is denoted by little Yama the pitch

angle is also called st. Ranga

addendum angle it is the angle subtended

by the addendum and the cone Center it

is not an alpha detained Amanda it is

angle subtended by the dead end of our

the cone Center which is neutral but

then face angle it is the angle

subtended by the face of the truth are

the cone Center face angles would pitch

angle plus I didn't imagine it is gamma

plus alpha root angle it is the angle

subtended by the hook of the tooth and

the cone Center root angle is equal to

preach angle minus change in the Magnum

that is gamma minus Delta backbone the

back cone is an imaginary cone and its

elements are perpendicular to the

elements of the pitch cold back on

distance it is the length of the

backbone element it is also called back

want radius which is not required