Where and Where NOT to put Oil & Grease on a Singer Model 513 Sewing Machine


this is Andy - in this video I'm going

to show you where and where not to

lubricate an oil a singer model 5:13

sewing machine these are the lubricants

that I recommend this is tri flow

superior lubricant

this is loriel PTFE like a Teflon

this is tri flow clear synthetic grease

if you don't

oh and these these are available

you know hardware stores some big-box

store hardware stores carry em any

almost any bicycle repair shop will

carry em eBay has them I usually buy my

and eBay whoever's got the best price

and you can get smaller containers of

these if you don't want to use tri flow

that's fine but please just use singer

lubricant and singer sewing machine oil

because they are formulated for sewing

machines I think this is just better

quality and lasts longer but the singer

products are fine and you can buy them

at you know like Joanne's and Walmart

they come a little two-ounce 3 ounce

bottles very affordable don't use

household lubricant or all-purpose Lube

or three in one oil or any of those

because they have additives that will

just cause problems down the road when

they dry up and get sticky and cause

varnishing and things like that so my

recommendation is to just use the Tri

folk flow products or the singer


there's one place on the 513 that needs

grease and it's the only only place and

it's up top here and this would be like

a once a year deal unless you just

really are sewing like crazy so let me

manipulate this around a little bit here

and try and give you a shot of it yeah

you can lift one of these lights what

I'm talking about and you can remove

this it's just this big screw right here

and I think I made a video about putting

it back on so to take it off just do it

in reverse you know but down here on the

on the main horizontal shaft is a worm

gear that mates with the gear on the

bottom of the cam stack and that is the

only place you put grease on this

machine and like I said about once a

year we'll do it let's see if I can get

a little closer yeah there we go so you

can see here this worm gear and the camp

stack here is at the bottom of that

black cam okay and that and the way that

I lubricate that is is I take an

inexpensive artists brush a stiff short

bristle and I take tiny amounts of this

clear synthetic grease and I put it a

little bit at a time on to

maybe back out a little bit here on to

the end of the brush and to do the whole

machine except for right after you clean

it I use a little bit more but on an

annual basis

I'd use maybe two of these and you just

go in from the side of this or you can

also access it between the two wheels up

here there's a way to get in there but

basically you're going to just paint

that on the on the worm gear in there

and you're just going like that and just

brush it across the top of the worm here

to get it into the grooves yeah and then

run your machine or turn the handwheel

back back out here turn the handwheel

to distribute it and this see this

tongue that sticks out there you have

that go around one complete turn which

will take several turns of the hand

wheel to do that and then you're gonna

turn to the bout ten times and it's only

gonna bout a quarter of the way or less

if you can see that that tongue coming

around here slowly but surely yeah

because that would give you a complete

revolution of the cam stack gear okay so

then I would put another little dab on

the paintbrush and I would go in there

just brush it along that worm gear and

then do a full rotation again or slowly

run the machine with the electric motor

and then so that's that's the that's the

left-handed here not too good for me

that's the the worm gears right there or

just kind of brush it along there and

like I said let me try and go in from

this other side because you can you can

access it from the other side and get

the brush in there and you know put a

little grease on there now if you happen

to get grease which is very very easy to

do on anything but the worm gear if you

get it on the shaft or something like

that then just just take a cotton swab

you know and go in there and wipe it off

of the shaft or the side of the camp

stack because if it's not on the gear

it's just gonna collect dust and dirt

okay so that is where you put the grease

up there let me close that up and put it

away and get this back around here where

we can get a a good view of it here

hopefully okay now for our oil and

that's one of the reasons I I like this

try flow and and you can get you know

different dispensers a - for your sewing

machine oh but this has a little tube

that just goes into the applicator up

there and it's really easy to bend the

tube and you know tilt the bottle and

control how many drops go in there

because you don't need a lot and the

same thing if we're I'm showing you to

put oil if you get oil around it in

other places just wipe it up with a rag

or or a cotton you know like a q-tip so

let's come over here up here and this is

the opening down to the bearing for the

horizontal arm shaft and we like to keep

that bearing bathed in oil so

this place you know like once a year I

might put two or three drops of oil in

just because it you know you want that

bearing to be nice and oily because it

just turns millions of times a year this

is an opening for the screw for the

cover don't put any oil in there only in

the opening for the bearing okay and

then as we come across here the opening

up here at the top of the camp stack put

a drop of oil in there okay and then on

this little if I can zoom in a little

more on this little pivot pin right here

put a drop of oil and to me it's

optional if you want to put a drop there

okay but definitely get this pivot pin

right here just a drop once a year and

next is going to be on this here is on

this hinge screw right here just kind of

on the edge of it or the side so that

the oil will seep around under that

hinge screw

okay then when we come over here at the

handwheel end

not here and not here

but right down next to that spring

you'll see the opening for the back

bearing here so you want a drop of oil

or two or three because it's a bearing I

cheat give it two or three okay and then

there's one more place up top here if

you push the reverse button you'll see

that this racket

kind of hinges around that arm shaft so

I go right in here just follow that

spring down and you'll see the reverse

bracket hinge and put a drop of oil down

in there okay you kind of see the top of

that shaft right there so just right in

there just a drop of oil okay and then

under the covers like this top and

bottom once a year should do yeah if

you're using the machine commercially

and just sewing four hours everyday then

I would do it more often so let's be

sure I covered everything up here yes I


okay so let me rearrange this and I'll

show you up in the needle bar area where

you are going to need to put oil okay so

this you could do a little more often

you take one screw out you take the nose

plate off and on the thread take-up

lever there's a

hinge screw you can tell because it's

got a place to put a screwdriver and

it's metal to metal so that hinge screw

yeah right there put a drop of oil on

the top of that screw and let it seep

around there okay now don't don't put

oil on the take-up lever link which is

this plastic don't put oil on either end

of that no oil on plastic so you don't

need oil like the old machines

metal-to-metal yes you would put oil

here and you would put oil up here on

the on the inch screw and you put here

on the on the lake but since this is a

nylon plastic you don't you don't need

to put any oil on there and you don't

want to put oil on there okay so only on

the bottom the hinge screw and like I

said you know it's a screw because

there's a place to put a screw driver

and that's it's connecting a metal link

to a metal link so that's where you put

it okay and then the rest is real easy

come over here on the top side of the

needle bar above the bushing that the

needle bar travels through so you got

new bar it's gonna go through there so

you put a drop of oil here and the drop

of oil above the bottom bushing a drop

of oil above the bottom what not there

that's the connecting stud that doesn't

move so down here on the bushing a drop

and a drop up here and then you have one

more drop where the presser bar goes

through the bush

here I don't know oil up here or

anything up here just swear it goes

through the ocean right there and then

you can run the machine or exercise the

lever a little bit and you don't want a

lot of oil dripping off or left over

that's usually why they say a drop so if

you get a bunch of extra oil down here

go ahead and clean it off with a rag or

q-tips okay and then trying to zoom in a

little bit here you can al the needle

bar and lifter anytime you want as far

as I'm concerned just wipe up any excess

grease oil and then once a year I do put

a drop of oil on these pivot points

which is on this end of the remember the

swing needle mechanism there okay see

that so I put a small drop of oil right

there and you see this little tension

spring I put a drop of oil on the bottom

of the spring where it meets the little

connector here okay just a drop once a

year just to keep that spring in really

pretty and like I said you can run your

machine and spread the oil around and

then anything excess just wipe it up

okay so we've done the behind the nose

plate or base plate so there's one other

place there on the bed before we go to

the bottom and that is right in the

center of the bottom of the hook you

have your bobbin out so you see this so

you see see this is your bobbin case

the Apollo bobbin case but right in the

center you see that hole right there the

hole in the bottom of the hook it's just

above the shaft so you put a drop of oil

in here a drop of oil right to there but

once a year should do it and you know

the older machines that had metal bobbin

cases they would put tell you to put a

drop of oil on the race right there

don't do that with the Apollo doesn't

need it it's plastic

no oil on plastic okay so let me flip

this over to get a good angle on the

bottom and I'll show you what we need to

oil down there okay looks it's a little

bit crooked but it's stable so let me

show you where to put some oil down here

okay we'll start over here on the hook

end and I'll just zoom into a couple of

spots right here see this pivot right

here you'll see that there's a that's

the bottom of the shaft that goes up to


fee dog and the rocker and this black

part down here is actually part of how

it does the reverse now so you need a

drop of oil right there and believe me

if one drop is plenty and run the

Machine or let it soak in a little bit

and then wipe off the excess okay and

then at the bottom there's a hinge screw

right here and you put a drop of oil

right there on the seam where the hinge

screws going into the arm put a drop of

oil right there turn the handwheel

or run the motor and you know let the

oil get in there and then wipe off in

the excess okay now see if I'm going to

be able to show you up here yeah right

here between the the rocker arm shaft so

you have that kind of concentric see how

that goes up and down right there

so put a nice drop of oil right in here

okay so that will lubricate everything

in this area and if you get metal on

metal it'll keep you well protected okay

and then back here you'll see a kind of

like a bearing here and this is for the

other shaft that does the lifting for

the feed dogs and stuff you see that

kind of

they're any closer okay that's about it

so when you see this we'll be rocking

back and forth where we want a drop of

oil up here is right there okay

and then when we come over here you have

this right side of the rock and Martin Z

this is the other end of this shaft

right so you did this and you did the

little hinge screw and then you're gonna

come over here

and right on this you'll see like a

circlip a tension clip that that holds

that on and just put a drop right there

okay right drop right in there I usually

put a drop there and just a drop on the

clip and then let it soak in I'll run it

in and then I take my rag and wipe off

the excess okay and we're done

so we have that down a little bit here

so we have one two three four and five

okay and we're done

now you may have noticed they didn't say

anything about the gears here between

the rocking shaft and the hook shaft I

didn't sing in here about the gear at

the end of the hook shaft and the gear

at the bottom of the hook itself these

90 degrees set that you know those all

run the hook and this one transfers

power up from that hook shaft up hook

arm shaft up to the gear here to turn

the rock and I didn't say anything about

them because you don't do anything with

them they're nylon plastic if you boil

them or grease them you're doing harm so

no oil or grease on plastic gears and

people are so use I can't tell you how

many of these gears rotted away and

cracked and stuff because previous

owners of earlier models always have to

grease those gears so they come in here

and they put grease on it and they put

grease on it and the petroleum products

and the grease reacted with some polymer

or something in the nylon and made them

brittle and yellow and crack or break so

please don't do that there's no need for


they won't enhance performance they

won't make the Machine run any quieter

it will just give you a problem okay I

think I think we're done so that wasn't

too bad

so under here and up at the let's get a

pure back up at the top you can just do

that once a year so you take off a screw

down here

and take off the on to uncover screws up

at the top and patiently and carefully

put a little grease on the worm gear and

put your oil on the bearings and the

little contact screws and swivel pin

take your time clean up the excess and

at least once a year but more often if

you like do the top bearing and bottom

bearing on the needle bar the bearing on

the on the presser bar the metal to

metal hinge screw area of the take-up

lever and I do once a year put a drop of

oil on the swivel points of the swing

bar there and there so you know if you

only have one or two machines you can

like I said you can buy smaller size

containers this is a three ounce thing a

grease I think it costs 10 bucks or

something and and even with all machines

I use this has gone on three years old

so I think they sound like a little half

ounce sizes for three bucks or something

and that may be plenty to do a couple of

machines for for a number of years and

the oil this is a six ounce bottle and

they sell it in a two ounce somebody

told me they sell it in these little

like break open tiny tab you twist open

the top and you know for the bicycle

errs to carry in their pack so they can

like oil their chain and that's why I

like these products because they they

stick to the metal real well you know

they're water resistance and they they

stay on the metal they don't go get

thrown off as much so that seems to be

what all the professionals

recommended to me over the years and I

found them to be quite good they don't

they don't cost that much more so but

again if you don't want to use try pho

fine but please use the singer oil and

the singer you know kind of like white

lubricant or motor lubricant okay

the singer products are very inexpensive

well I suppose I suppose at Joann and

place there might be other kinds of

sewing machine oil so you know if you

don't find the singer just get a sewing

machine oil don't get any kind of oil

with additives other than the PTFE but

no three-in-one and know that bd4 it is

not an oil

not those kind of sprays and stuff

despite little bother with sewing

machine oil

I think lily-white is a good brand too

they use a lot in commercial okay that's


that's where and where not to lube and

oil of singer model 513 no oil or grease

on plastic thanks for tuning in and I

hope you will come back and visit me any

comment any question subscribe if you

want to it's up to you and take care