Increase productivity by as much as 300 percent - new gear machining tools

In the fast-paced, rapidly growing energy and transportation industries,

gear components are front and centre.

In many applications, they're the most important, expensive

and time-consuming parts to machine

and with tightening technical specifications

and increasing production demands, it's crucial

that gear manufacturers in all industries optimise their operations.

The industry right now, fortunately, is booming.

The industry worldwide is enjoying tremendous growth,

great pressure, which is then allowing us to incorporate new technology.

We have shortages in some cases for machinery

and we most certainly have shortages for qualified people

working in the industry.

It is very beneficial to the industry

to have smarter and smarter machine tools, more and more capable tooling,

accessories that are used in the manufacturing process.

We are able, through productivity gains,

to replace some of the shortfalls we have in the employees and the workforce.

To help its customers stay on the cutting edge,

Sandvik Coromant has invested significant time, money and resources

in the development of new gear-machining tools and solutions,

many of which can increase productivity by as much as 300%,

as compared to traditional gear-cutting tools and techniques.

When I talk to customers today,

they see us as a fresh breeze coming from the outside

with our innovative solutions and this is exactly what we wanted to do.

People know us from being the market leader worldwide

within general machining.

And they know there's a muscle behind what we're doing now.

This has not been a cheap ride, I tell you, but it shows our customers

that there's not just commitment, but there is also power,

financial power behind what we are doing.

And we are long-term thinking.

Sandvik Coromant's wide selection of indexable insert cutters

can perform a variety of gear-milling tasks from roughing to finishing.

What's more, new techniques from Sandvik Coromant

are changing the face of gear milling altogether.

I showed an example of a gear wheel that is produced by an HSS hob,

which is the usual way of doing it, in 32 minutes.

With our new product line, we are down to four.

Going from 32 minutes down to four minutes.

This is not an evolution, this is a revolution.

Invo-milling process is a great technological event

in the gear-milling industry.

And what it does is it gives you the opportunity

to take the advantage of using the machining technology,

which is 5-axis machining and programming,

and use standard tools and form a gear out of that combination.

Where before you had to have a special tool on a special machine,

now you have a standard tool on a standard machine with special software.

To ensure the highest level of R&D,

Sandvik Coromant works closely with industry-leading machine tool partners.

Customers have hands-on access to these collaborative insights,

training and technologies

including the new Hofler HF1000 gear-milling machine

when they visit the company's Schaumburg, Illinois productivity centre.

Finally, Yellow Coat expertise

and support from a team of dedicated gear-milling specialists

help customers identify and implement the best solutions for their needs.

>From the early equipment research phase to installation and runoff,

Sandvik Coromant is there to offer the highest level of service

and application support.

We supply support with every tool we sell.

Our people train weekly, daily, overseas, here, to get up to speed with this.

That's what we do with the customer too. That's why I say we want to be a partner.

We bring to them not only the tool,

the benefits of having knowledge behind the tool.

Being 8,000 people worldwide makes a difference.

It is not enough to want to support a customer.

You also need the hands and feet and heads to do it,

and this is what we have got.

We have got 300 dedicated... 350 dedicated people throughout the world

who are working with gear-milling technology today

so when we say that we will show up

and we will take the customer by his hand and follow him the whole way,

we have the substance to do it.

It's more than a promise.

For more information on the latest gear-milling solutions,

contact your local Sandvik Coromant representative.