BEARDED DRAGON FUN FACTS | Bearded dragon third eye

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this is draco and today

i will tell you a little bit about

bearded dragon fun facts and i'll tell

you a few fun facts that you may know

already or you may not know one of these


that they have a third eye so we'll go

in depth on that

and much more so make sure to watch the

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let's get started


so my first fun fact is that they can

run on these back two legs right here

so draco's gonna want to jump off me um


there we go uh so

yeah they have they can run on their

hind legs

my second fun fact is that

beauty dragons can

wave now this is more of a behavior


so when i make a behavior video i'll

go more in depth on that but they'll

just be standing there and go

so you can research why they do that i'm

gonna go

in depth i'll go in depth on that in a

behavior video

sometime but not now sorry

i had to refilm this but somehow

it did not save so it's the next day and

i'm re-filming the beginning of this

anyway my

third fun fact is that

they can head bob and it looks something



uh again that's more of a behavior thing


i'll talk more about that

in a behavior video but

yeah they can head bob my fourth fun


is that dirty dragons have

actually only been around in the us for

30 years

so i guess i thought they would have

been around longer because

they're pop they're very popular pets


they've only been around for 30 years my

fifth fun fact

is that bearded dragons are not allowed

to be exported from australia

it's just not allowed by the australian


and i guess they're so common pets

they're easily captive

bred and there's really no reason to

and if you have a bearded dragon then


probably not wild caught as bearded

dragons are native

to the australian outback

my sixth fun fact is that there are nine

species of bearded dragons

the first one which is what most pet

bearded dragons are they're central

beauty dragons which are

pagona viniceps that's their scientific


i think i'm pronouncing that right

pagoda viticeps i'll put that

on the screen uh but


i think i'm pronouncing that the

second let me look at my computer is

the pagoda miner miner

then there's the pagona minor michelle

don't know if i'm pronouncing any of

these right pagona

micro micro lepad

dota pagona henry

law sunny pagona barbata

pagona minor minima pagoner

nalarber i i really don't know

and then there's also lots of different


uh some of these include the

classic or standard which are just

normal bearded dragons like

draco then there are also

leather backs those are like very

smooth on their backs and

they only have spikes on their sides and


and then they um there's translucent

trans hypo

hypomelanistic or hypo

um and then there's dunner silk backs

german giants zero wilbet's paradox and

weiro which is a mix of zero and little

bits so

um sometime probably not anytime soon


i don't know i'll hopefully do a video


all the bearded dragon morphs

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yeah those are a few

different types of morphs and species of

bearded dragons

all right so finally we're here

to the part where

i will talk about how bearded dragons

have a third eye so i was very surprised

to learn this

and i know a lot of people will be too

if that when they learn it

it's very weird so

they have a third eye i'm looking at

draco's right now

so their third eye

is right on top of their head let's see

i'll grab my camera and show you uh

close up

okay so here's the top of draco's head

and you can see right there

there is a little dot on top of his head

right there


so this is used for sensing

shadows and light so

if you're worried about damaging it then

don't because

they have a clear


a clear protector basically over it

so that it does not get damaged and


they um

will only damage it if they have a

severe head

injury or anything like that

so yeah that's jacob's third eye right



unfortunately bearded dragons are

illegal in hawaii so if you live in

hawaii then

sorry but you don't you you miss out on

that's a fun fact that they're illegal

in hawaii not really fun kind of sad for

the people in hawaii but

they're illegal there so sorry but yeah

okay so this fun fact is

it might scare you at first because

bearded dragons are venomous i never

thought i'd say this but

my dragon is venomous my pet dragon is

venomous i don't know but um yeah

they're venomous

so they don't have

enough venom to kill a human and they

excrete a very

mild venom when they kill their prey

which is usually insects

but they do have

some venom but don't worry that

shouldn't scare you away from anyone


they can't give it to people and

it's rare they will bite you unless

they're very mad at you or unless you're

like sticking your finger in front of

their mouth while they're eating

or just sticking their finger in front

of your mouth your

your finger in front of their mouth yeah

so if you're doing that then they might

but otherwise probably not

and if they do bite you they're probably

not going to give you any venom

and if they do it won't even hurt that

bad so like don't worry about it

bearded dragons might seem like a desert

animal but they can swim

they are a desert animal but that

doesn't stop them

but that doesn't stop but that doesn't

stop them from being able to swim

they they can swim they don't like to


and if you bathe them you shouldn't put

water like

this deep while they have to swim you

put it like up to their knees or

something but they can swim if needed

but but don't don't make them swim

and i don't think they'll ever swim as a


so so i've always wondered if my bearded

dragon can pee because i've never really

seen him

peeing before sorry keep looking at

jacob cause

getting into trouble

like usual okay okay i got you i got you

but yeah they don't pee because they

come from the desert and they have to

save as much water as they can

so they don't be so i don't have to

worry about him peeing on my shoulder he

just pooped

like a few right before i got him out so

they don't pee they just put

but they poop a lot it's very big and

smelly so

yeah bearded dragons like other reptiles

such as turtles and snakes

they can uh be born with two heads and


so they're probably not gonna live as

long as uh average brd

and they're probably going to be a lot

harder to care for

but i don't have any experience with one


i have seen pictures and i've had heard

of stories of

two-headed beardies so i don't know what

that would look like

i knew i know what it would look like i

don't know what it would be like to take

care of but

uh it's possible okay

so the last thing is

beauty dragons can change their gender

like other reptiles but

while they're in their eggs whatever

temperature they're at

will factor into what gender they're

gonna be it's really weird and it's not

just bearded dragons it's other reptiles

too but it's very odd i don't

i don't understand how the different

temperature can change the different

gender while they're in their eggs but

yeah bearded dragons can change genders

while they're in their eggs

and other reptiles came but yeah thanks

for watching

oh my gosh you jumped a little far

scared me um so thanks for watching

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