Episode 13: The Third Eye

what's going on guys handle factory

right now the date that said we're going

to be talking about the third eye or the

parietal eye it's something that people

freak out about when they see and they

don't know anything about it but in

reality your skin's have three eyes to

our conventional eyes and one is not so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

take you guys through a ton of pictures

some about my animals some of my skinks

and some of Austin's animals that aren't

skanks because there's reptiles with

parietal eyes there's even fish with

parietal eyes it's truly an evolutionary

thing where these animals have developed

to one degree or another a third eye on

the top of their heads as just something

to help them evolve and to help them

adapt to their environment and to their

conditions so I'm going to take you

through talk about the parietal I

explained its function in most animals

and explain how some animals have it

more developed than others and how fish

even use the parietal eye so I hope you

guys enjoy this episode because it's

going to be awesome

so the third eye is one of the topics

that I find extremely interesting

personally because what we are saying in

reality is that these animals have three

eyes two or conventionalized found on

the sides of the head they see images

and they take in light and they help the

animal navigate with its sight the third

eye parietal eye or penal eye is located

on the top of the head of the animal

it's actually part of the epithalamus

and it's also associated with the pineal

gland which is why they call it the

penalise sometimes so the penal I /

ayatul eye or third eye is found in a

lot of reptile species as well as fish

like tuna and pelagic sharks and even

lampreys which are one of the oldest

living vertebrates

the parietal eye helps the animals take

in light it allows the animals to

thermoregulate and know when it's

daytime and when it's nighttime it also

helps the animal avoid predation the

third eye doesn't see images necessarily

but it can tell a quick change between

light and dark which could be a predator

approaching from overhead so this is one

of my female northern and right there

you are able to see her parietal eyes in

Tahlequah skin coitus intermedia or

northern it's extremely easy to locate

this eye and I'm sure you guys are going

to go and check it out now so here we

have some baby rankings dragons which

are a close relative to bearded dragon

right here on the bottom baby you're

able to see its parietal eye extremely

clear on the dark head one thing that I

wanted to show with this image is how

you can see that the parietal eye is

slightly recessed into that scale which

I believe helps it avoid abrasion when

these animals are burrowing here is one

of my male Tahlequah skin Cody Center

media and you're able to see that he

does have an extra scale there on the

top of its head right here on the top of

that scale you can see his eye here we

have a bearded dragon and I don't know

if you guys are able to spot it yet but

right here is the parietal eye on this

animal it's super small compared to its

large head but you are able to see it

here we have an Eastern which you should

have found it by now but if you haven't

it's right here I'm sure you guys are

super eager at this point to go and

check out where the parietal eye is on

your skin here we have another rankin's

dragon which is a little bit closer

image right here and you're able to see

that that eye is very clear on the dark

scales on the head here we have a P

minor which is another relative of the

bearded dragon and the rankings dragon

but it's super rare here in the States

right there is its parietal eye which is

that little

tiny white speck on this super small

animal and here we're going to get into

some harder to find eyes I want you guys

to have fun and see if you're able to

locate the hard to find eyes on these

last four lizards and go ahead and let

me know in the comments section below

if you were able to find all four eyes

because they are super super super hard

to find on the rough scales of these

four animals

well I hope you guys enjoyed this

episode I know I did the parietal eye is

something crazy that nobody really knows

about and it's crazy to think that these

animals have an eye on the top of their

head that even has a lens I mean it's

clearly not looking around and doing

things like that but it is helping them

in one way or another be it to recognize

date from 94 to help with surviving

predation and prevent themselves from

being consumed by predators so it's just

crazy to think about that that examples

have three eyes so I hope you guys take

the time go and look at your skin try

and find the parietal eye and if you

guys don't have skinks spear dragons

azam i mean all kinds of animals and all

kinds of reptiles having pride why so

take the time to check it out again

you're not going to want to take at it

or anything like that it's not stuff

it is an eye so again don't try and

pick at it because it's probably going

to hurt them I know if someone was

picking out a third eye on the top of my

head that would suck so don't do that

but I hope you guys enjoyed I know I did

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