okay so can we all just agree that I'm

like queen bearded dragon educationalist

on YouTube because I don't see anybody

that has this many bearded dragon videos

what is up we have another video today

for you and this is on beginner bearded

dragon odor problems so basically like

this is for a lot of you who have just

got a beard a dragon or some of the most

common semi Ellis's and a bearded dragon

with solutions because I've been through

every single one of these problems and

I'm the solution for all of them so keep

on watching the first and most common

bearded dragon beginner owner problem

with a long statement my bearded dragon

I just pulled my bearded dragon like two

or three days ago or maybe even a week

ago he/she is not eating so when I heard

a dragon first gets introduced to a new

environment it is kind of stressful for


that means they might not run around as

much they may not sleep as much and they

definitely won't eat sometimes they

won't even use the Bedford because it is

that stressful for them Finn's was not

like this at all because I was very

social with Fitz even though my video is

really old you can check out how to tame

your baby bearded dragon up here that's

like some of the best tips I've used to

make fit such a social bearded dragon

doing those tips definitely have helped

me Jeff it's use the environment quicker

I mean maybe it's not like the best ways

but it definitely did help so getting

your beer desire into a new environment

is very stressful for them that's just

like you moving into another house we're

not completely comfortable with the

house at first are you going to

different school you're not completely

used to the school first there's new

people it's just like bearded dragons

they get nervous they get anxious just

like boss so you can't expect them to

you know act like it's their home the

first like couple days or even couple

weeks this isn't something to worry

about because a lot of your two dragons

go through this the solution is time so

you just have to

which I can get to used to their

surroundings maybe hold them ever so

often cut them every so often you know

just make sure they're comfortable in

their environment the second most common

problem in beginner a bearded dragon

owners is my bearded dragon won't let me

hold him so if you're a beginner bearded

dragon owner and you pick up your

bearded dragon and they kind of squirm

off of you that is also completely

normal some of them just don't like

being hell they like running around they

don't like that trapped feeling so if

you're holding a bearded dragon like I'm

holding holding fits her movements kind

of limited I mean she can jump off and

if she really wanted to she probably

will jump up it's just that she's

limited to her movement so if you take

your beer to Jack I know they're gonna

want to run around they're just not

gonna want to be held different if you

let them run around first then try to

hold and because then some of their

energy is out but if you first try to

pick them up they're more than likely

gonna squirm out of your hands I'm like

fits I mean she kind of knows I enjoy

holding her and she knows after I hold

her I'll let her run around so that's

kind of like what she's used to I

definitely recommend later the run

around first get the energy out then

holding them especially if they're

juveniles they have tons of energy but

when you let them out make sure that

they're in a room or something where

they can't escape or can't get into

anything like dangerous okay the third

most common problem with beginner

bearded dragon owners is my bearded

dragon doesn't eat vegetables welcome to

the club that's like 99.9% of all

weirder jacket owners go through this at

least one point in their life third

bearded dragon does not eat vegetables

this isn't even a beginner bearded

dragon owner problem this is the dolt

pr2 dragon on a problem if you haven't

watched my video right here that's kind

of how to get them used to vegetables

I guess there's really not like a

specific reason why they don't go ate

their vegetables it's more of like a

picky eater kind of thing or sometimes

they get tired of it you can like switch

up your vegetables but I go into all

depth in the video so I'm not gonna

really like say everything but

definitely try switching up their

vegetables and don't get worried and

don't get the scars and just give up and

say oh they're not eat vegetables that's

it cuz they'll definitely start eating

it's just whether depends on the one

vegetables you're feeding them how

you're feeding them how fresh the

vegetables are they're very picky when

it comes to vegetables before the

beginner bearded dragon owner problem is

my burner iron is

very dark what is going on so bearded

dragons get dark for a couple of reasons

it could be because they're stressed

aggressive or they're trying to pick up

some light so if they're in their tank

and they're dark they're more than

likely trying to pick up heat because

I'm color black absorbs heat more so

that's why they tone songs darker if

their beard gets black that means an

aggression or like stressed out so I

basically get them out of the stressful

situation if you can tell why there's

just now so if they're outside a lot of

your desires will get dark because of

birds if they're inside they'll get

stressed out because maybe you're

handling them the wrong way maybe you

have other pets maybe they just don't

like being outside of the tank that much

they like to come from inside the tank

because they just simply see something

that they don't like so they feel like

they have to be in defense mode and

that's exactly what they do and finally

the last bearded dragon owner problem

this isn't really common but I've seen

people comment on my videos and I've

seen people coming on other videos that

say they're bearded dragon is too skinny

what can I do to make them big so fits

as you can see has no problem she

they're very healthy weight it could be

a ton of other reasons but I'm basically

telling you guys like the kind of common

solution or what I did cuz there was a

point where Fitz was kind of skinny but

this is how I upped her weight a little

bit I highly recommend changing the

insects to super worms mainly because

the super worms are more of a fatty

insect they contain more fat than

protein I believe crickets are more so

all protein so yes your feeding of your

dragon a great insect don't get me wrong

crickets are probably crickets and Dubya

riches are probably the best insects you

can feed your bearded dragon a lot of

people are really controversial with

worms but I've been feeding if it's

worms for a long time I do like crickets

like maybe once a month the worms

definitely increase the weight of your

bearded dragon by a lot you'll see like

a change now if your bearded item is

very skinny lethargic and stuff like

that obviously it's something you want

to take to the vet but I'm talking about

if your beard Aegina too skinny but

they're still moving around they're

still active they're still you know

using the bathroom and stuff but they

just they're just like a little skinny

you know

they look a little skinny so I hope oh

you beginner bearded dragon owners can

learn a few things from this video the

majority of the problems you have an

appeared of giant owner it's really

funny because they could either be for a

serious cause or they can even have like

weird symptoms for like some small

things like I know when you go into

shedding and they go in information they

stop eating they're lethargic and all of

that and it's really not something that

you should be that concerned about

because it's just their normal behavior

when going into shedding information

sometimes we take that like so far like

pair to jacket dying like I know I did

that fits wasn't using the bathroom for

like a week I took her to the vet I

found out was nothing was wrong with her

and I ended up spending a lot of money I

hope you begin your bearded dragon

owners or even you know you expert

bearded dragon nose if you needed a

little like pick me up on some problems

I hope I was able to help you thank you

guys for watching and stay tuned for the

next video