Worlds most aggressive bearded dragon.

me my most aggressive little girl ever

you guys think bearded dragons can't be

green I mean or anything watch this I

mean this is me just trying to hold her

is the only way I can do it so I got to

go underneath her chin like Pat her down

but even the ho watch this

she's an incredibly aggressive okay I

can't try to hold her or she'll try to

eat you see that either watch that Steve

Irwin episode when the bearded dragon

jumps up and bite you in the face well

bites him in the nose yeah this is

probably her when she was a baby man but

rel is no joke so don't ever think that

a bearded dragons can't be aggressive

could they can and I mean I'm not you

know I'm not the diapers are that

tonsure abuses my animal so believe me

it's just you know it's just in them

unfortunately I got her from a pretty

bad breeder which as you can see she was

not very handled as a baby trying to get

her hold on hold on

okay okay okay come on baby Oh see what

I try to do is I tire her out a little

so then I can just come up I catch her

slipping but she still do to him quick

she's good man she's really good at this

see it goes slowly BOM see and it's not


he's just got to be very patient with

them like this like this that's the

killer the killer almost that was first

attempts he it's okay it's okay he's got

to be calm with them don't don't really

be mean don't yell at him just you know

be be patient they're just very angry

you know sometimes they get like this

that's all because of the way like I

said the breeder takes care of them as a

baby it's okay see I mean eventually

they'll calm down just like any animal

you got to have patience with them they

don't want to count you know cooperate

you just give them more attention

but sometimes it doesn't work I want to

keep trying because I love this little

girl she's not--she's really a

sweetheart normally I I'm not even

trying to be funny she's normally a real

big sweetheart as just right now she's

trying to prove a point that she's the

king bee way that I'm not even

barely holding her she's not jumping out

of my hands

she's just being really aggressive it's

okay pretty girl yeah see it's okay so I

don't think just because you have a

little aggressive dragon because

nobody's as aggressive with my guy my

little girl here she's a killer but see

even I can pet her and hold her look at

her she eventually calms down see so if

you guys ever wonder can I ever pick up

my aggressive animal yeah but see you're

just going to keep on holding her yeah

there you go see that's with one hand

see I'm not even holding her now

you see I'm jumping crazy she was

getting they'll get calm you just got to

give them time be patient with them with

any animal that you love you have to be

patient with them dad's here see me no

spud Rella like I said the only reason

she's so aggressive is because of the

fact that and watch I've already given

her laws and she knows it

she'll still come after me yeah it's

okay see auntie you can't always tame

any meaning there was they go how do I

do it how to do it I'll tell you one

thing though you do to want to be very

careful because they do have a really

nice bite you can bite down and make you

bleed so be very careful if you do

something like this just be very slow

and patient with them see you go down oh

yeah she came at that one in G there's

didn't even bite me that one time Steve

lunged at me

Lisi was going to give her pets very

nice be understanding

she's okay it's okay mom

no it's okay okay oh yeah yeah

sometimes it doesn't work it's done yeah

give him a space call it a day but yes

but Rose the only one I have that has

that problem and that's because like I

said she's a rescue see she calms down

but um dad just a little hand guys don't

be impatient

you know unfortunately sometimes you

will catch a breeder that's not going to

treat their animal as loving and caring

as you know your typical good breeders

so if you do get a situation like

spreader Ella don't be me and think oh I

can't do this I can't handle it

she's gotta be patient with him gotta

work on his you she's eventually gonna

calm down

she will I mean doesn't seem like it

right now but I've had her in my like

all my shoulder her calm as ever

you know licking my neck you know so

it's not like she's always like this

this is just my guess one of her bad

days she won't grow out of this

unfortunately but it's not impossible to

care for her she'll get a lot calmer but

she won't completely grow out of this if

you have any questions on how to deal

with them let me know once I get a

better camera I'll try to do a little

bit more of a detailed way of how I kind

of call them down something once I

usually get her in my hands what I do is

I'll I'll give her kisses in the face

and laughing her nose and you know you

guys think I'm going to give this animal

kiss well you just closed her mouth so I

wish it doesn't bite you that's not

impossible to do she's gotta be patient

there he goes oh no spider Allah good

lord see that I almost had her but she's

good she's a good one definitely don't

test her AHA just like a snake behind

the neck

she doesn't turn back and bite you ha

see now watch this nice parabola and go

girl see that it's not impossible yeah

alright guys hope that helped out and

showed you no matter how aggressive you

are you can always give your beauty a