9 Common Issues to Watch For in Bearded Dragons

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today I just want to dive right in

because I'm going to be covering a lot

of topics in this video and today I'm

going to be talking about nine common

issues you have to watch for when caring

for a bearded dragon so let's get to it

number one is stress stress is very very

common when it comes to dragons whether

it has to do with first-time relocation

or just change really in it if you make

a change in the tank whether it's just

taking a rock out or changing where the

basking spotted Dragons tend to lose

their appetite when this happens simply

because it stresses them out so they're

not going to want to eat so a few things

that can help this aren't if you don't

already have one in there adding a hut

for your bearded dragon to get away and

just hide out and relax that's one thing

also feeding them by hand giving them

treats and stuff like that usually that

helps them become comfortable again and

you end up bonding this way too

number two is impaction and if you don't

know impaction is this is caused by prey

that is too large or something that was

too large to and they didn't chew it

properly and it ends up not being able

to digest through their digestive system

quite so easily or it can be caused by

substrate whether it is paper or loose

substrate such as sand bark and stuff

like that because they can accidentally

eat this and it will slowly build up in

their digestive system over time so

cures for both of these if it is food

impaction these are more easily passed

because you can do this easily through

massages on the stomach and then giving

them warm baths or you can go up here

and watch my impaction video give you a

recipe a natural recipe to use for these

guys and this is just like a boo

smoothie it works so much and

unfortunately if it is a debris

impaction then this has to be secured by

a vet with them flushing it

and it's not exist necessarily that fun

and if it's really bad they will have to

give you a better dragon surgery

number three is dehydration this is very

very common in juveniles because they're

a lot smaller and they tend to like the

warmer temperatures so they tend to

dehydrate quicker but main signs of a

dehydrated dragon are that their eyes

are starting to sink in if it's really

bad their fat pads will start to sink in

and they their skin and scales tend to

start to stick together after a while

so a few things that you can do to help

this giving them baths twice a week and

if they're really really dehydrated give

them one every single day you can also

use a dropper and drop them on the nose

and they tend to really love the water

that way for severely dehydrated dragons

giving them Pedialyte or another type of

electrolyte will help them that's true

they like me to say I'm sorry I'm taking

like three types of trying to say that

word it'll help replenish their fluids

and give them those essential

electrolytes number four is calcium

deficiency this is caused by improper UV

light insufficient supplementation and

improper care and diet

so basically you need a proper UVB bulb

if you know nothing about lighting them

please go up here and watch my lighting

video right now it'll explain everything

instead of me trying to go over it again

in this video but you need a proper UV

light you need a proper heating lamp you

need to give them the proper

supplementation and make sure it's not

too much supplements and if you have a

fluorescent UV light then you need to

have d3 in your calcium there's such

thing as buying calcium within without

d3 if you know nothing about supplements

go here and watch my supplements video

and that will explain it to you a lot

more just remember that you need to be

sure to change that UVB light and

heating light depending on what brand

you have every six months to a year and


deficiency gets bad enough than you will

get MVD which is metabolic bone disease

number five is parasites parasites are

really really common in dragons

especially dragons that are with new

time owners because they are not sure

about the care so the two most common

worms that you can get are pin worms and

cost Cydia worms I'm not sure if that's

how you pronounce it but this is how

it's spelled right here these are caused

by unsanitary feeders and closures or

foods in general these worms tend to

overcome the digestive system and make

the stool really really loose and smelly

so if they have a foul smell that you're

not used to smelling through Dragons and

the poo is loose I would go in and get a

fecal sample right away and make sure

you get them deep worm worms tend to

also cause them to be super lethargic

and have a loss of appetite so these are

other things you need to watch for these

are of course cured by two different

types of medication and there are other

types of worms out there so that's also

cured by different medications so as

long as I get a fecal sample you'll be

able to tell which type of worms you

have but these can be prevented by clean

surroundings making sure you're bathing

them and cleaning their substrates that

type their tank accessories with

disinfectant spray giving them fecal

exams or you can just do them yearly

number six is MBD metabolic bone disease

this is caused by calcium deficiency

which we went over earlier and proper

diet or improper hair in general like

lighting and environment these dragons

if it gets bad enough they can lose the

ability to move completely and they tend

to look really deformed they'll have

really curvy tails they'll have arms

that sometimes come in sometimes their

jobs will be rubbery and

removable sadly there isn't a chore for

MBD once it gets bad enough but there

are ways that you can improve their

situation by giving them proper lighting

giving them proper diet giving them

proper care in general for example shed

control cleaning their tank when they

need it making sure that there isn't any

feces and their tank and stuff like that

and also making sure that you are giving

them the proper supplements and by that

point sometimes having liquid calcium is

better than just the powdered form so I

would look into all of those number

seven army lights hmm I don't like mites

this is actually something that I had to

deal with when I got maybe no name

because I was told by his previous owner

that he had had mites they are external

parasites that look like tiny little

black dots that hide under and in

between your dragons scales and live off

of their blood so you really need to

make sure that you remove them and get

rid of them quickly if your dragon does

end up having mites and the way is that

you can cure this is by making sure that

their surroundings are clean if you have

any would get rid of that if you have

any type of fabric get rid of that use

disinfectant spray and also might spray

on your dragon you can buy that from

anywhere that sells would be able to

drag in and just be sure that you give

them frequent baths as well and if you

have other dragons that make sure that

you are not doing any

cross-contamination going to hold the

dragon that is infested with mites I'm

going to hold the other one without

washing your hands and disinfecting them

number eight is yellow fungus yellow

fungus is a very aggressive and

contagious fungus to reptiles this

fungus is transmitted through mold

spores and often begins inside and works

its way to the outer tissue so once you

see it externally like on their skills

and everything it means that the

internal damage is already done

unfortunately there is no

cure for this disease however there are

several treatments and medicines that

you can give to your dragon that will

help them live longer and not

deteriorated quite as quickly this

fungal infection can be caused by on the

sanitary conditions having way too many

lizards and one tank one ends up getting

it you know the infection and then

passes it on to the other a bite from an

infected dragon and actually antibiotics

from previous medication the antibiotics

kill all of the good bacteria and the

digestive tract allowing East and fungus

to grow in turn causing infection sadly

after being diagnosed with yellow fungus

dragons usually only live for about 18

months after that diagnosis so just try

your best to keep your dragons clean

that is why it's very very very very

very important to make sure your dragons

substrate is clean their take is clean

weakly Evancho pick up as soon as


mitchum they're not feeding on any fec

making sure that they are not with any

other dragons or any other white times

it doesn't like that in general they

should be out any other times and others

are going to an HIV beta it's very very

very and then last but not least number

nine is a URI which is a upper

respiratory infection so this is either

a bacterial infection in the lungs or it

is a viral infection from maybe another

dragon or something else so this is

caused by being too wet or too cold this

is why it is best to make sure you have

the right temperatures and they are not

wet for long periods of time for any


it's also passed by high

remember that you only want to have a

humidity of that max 30% get this close

to 20% in community level as you can it

can be caused by a weak immune system

and also it can be caused by a virus a

few symptoms to watch out for are mucus

around the nose or mouth if you're

seeing any mucus that it is a sign that

they are not okay if they are sneezing

or coughing if they're making any

wheezing or popping sounds when they're

breathing continuously helping their

beard up and down constantly is a sign

that they're not okay if their beard is

black for more than six hours and if

they are lethargic or have a loss of

appetite those are all signs that they

may have in your eye and of course this

can be cured by medicine fluids warm

baths every four hours to try to break

up that heavy mucus make sure you use

probiotics with antibiotics to make sure

you don't get something like yellow

fungus which we talked about before and

also putting your dragon on an incline

kind of like around here and having

their head down at this level that way

all of that mucus can kind of drain out

of them and get out of them because a

dragon doesn't really know how to blow

their nose so this will help them if you

do that so with that being said that's

all I have for you guys this week

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