Italian Vocabulary: In the Living Room, Bedroom, and Bathroom

It’s Professor Dave, let’s take a look around the house.


You’ve won the lottery.

It’s always been your dream to own property in Italy, so you quit your job and buy a big

house right on lago di Como, right by George Clooney.

But if you’re going to entertain your new rich neighbors in your fancy new home, you

have to know what everything in your house is called, so let’s go through a few rooms

and knock out some vocabulary.

First, as guests arrive, they will notice:

Now on the inside, let’s start with the living room, since this is where you’ll

be sipping cognac and discussing fine art.

This is called il salotto.

What can we find in this room?

Now if you have guests at your home, they may want a tour of some of the other rooms

of the house, and some of your more amorous guests might like to take a peek at the bedroom.

You know how Italians are.

So you may want to know what’s in la camera da letto.

What do we find in this room?

And lastly, your guests may want to freshen up, so let’s talk about il bagno, or il


What’s in here?

So that covers plenty of vocabulary regarding the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Now start throwing some parties!