How to Open a Bank Account

during our national public health

emergency millions of Americans are

receiving economic impact payments from

the federal government most people will

have their payment directly deposited

into their bank account others who don't

have a bank account will most likely

receive a check in the mail but there's

still time for you to open a bank

account so that you can receive your

payment quickly and securely here's how

you start first visit our website at

fdic.gov where you can find a list of

some banks that offer low-cost bank

accounts online these banks allow you to

open a basic checking account on your

computer or even on your mobile device

without ever leaving home make certain

your bank is insured by the Federal

Deposit Insurance Corporation an

fdic-insured Bank means your money is

protected once you've opened up your

account your bank will provide you with

a routing number and an account number

you can then submit that information to

the IRS which can deposit your money

directly into your new account learn

more about how you can open a bank

account by visiting us online at

fdic.gov slash coronavirus