what's up you guys it's Graham here so

one week ago I made a video going over

the worst bank accounts out there these

are the ones to charge you endless fees

that pay you no interest that robbed you

as soon as you drop below their daily

minimums and slap you in the face with

excessive charges or in other words the

banks that should be avoided at all

costs in my opinion of course not

financial advice and for entertainment

purposes only

anyway after spending so much of my time

researching such horrendous fees and

charges I lost a bit of my faith in

humanity until I began picking up the

pieces drying up my tears and creating

this list of the best bank accounts out

there these are the banks without any

minimums without charging you any

excessive fees that actually pay you a

pretty good interest rate and bring back

your hope in the banking system and let

me just make this clear I'm not

sponsored or affiliated with any of

these banks whatsoever I'm just a fan of

saving as much money as humanly possible

and I dislike fees as much as you do so

with that said let's go over the best

banks out there the ones that will

actually pay you to save you money and

put every other Bank to shame of course

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with that said let's start this video

off with number five we got drum roll

Discover Bank now this is a weird one

for me to review coming in so closely to

my worst bank accounts video because

already even though it's number five on

the list it is light years ahead and

better than any other bank I mentioned

like it almost seems customary for these

old school banks to all charge you

monthly maintenance fees or account

minimums that it seems weird to look at

Discover Bank and see what they're not

doing because if we start off with the

Discover Bank monthly maintenance fee if

we look on their website here we see

that a wait a second there is no monthly

maintenance fee now in the past when I

reviewed the worst bank accounts they

would all try to hide their excessive

fees in the fine print they

would just be all sneaky about it and

they plaster happy people on the main

page of a whole bunch of fluff about

their services so maybe you would

overlook how expensive it is but

Discover Bank took on the opposite

approach in fact they went full-on

attack mode by making their narrative

the fact that they don't have any fees

and that's what separates them from the

competition there are no minimums they

have free ATM access they have free

replacement debit card they got free

cheque no item return fee no fee for

stop payments and no fee for

insufficient funds then compare that

with other banks that had 1500 minimums

to avoid a fee charged $2.00 per page on

Schenk's $30.00 stop payments and $36

insufficient funds fees not to mention a

variety of other charges and Discover

Bank knows how good they are because

they place them side by side with all of

the evil competition which funny enough

all three of those banks by pure

coincidence where in my list of the

worst bank accounts out there but what

makes Discover Bank just a little bit

more special is within their checking

and savings account with the checking

account even though they don't pay you

interest they will give you 1% cash back

when you use their debit card which is

better than nothing and way more than

what most banks give you although I'm

going to be fully transparent here and

say that it's usually never a good idea

to use a debit card anyway and if you're

going for the cash back there are so

many better options to use with a credit

card instead so in my opinion it's not

really a useful park although it's

better than getting nothing and hey for

a fully free checking account with no

fees and no minimums it's still really

good and really the real magic and the

real reason I like this bank so much is

because of their savings account they're

gonna be paying you 1.7 percent in

interest with no minimums no fees and no

hidden agenda just deposit your money

and enjoy some of that sweet sweet

interest that interest rate is also

better than some of the other banks

gonna be mentioning here so just for an

all-around really good bank this is it

however one more thing I want to mention

with this is that as much as I love this

bank just be aware that you're not gonna

be able to get access to physical branch

locations because for the most part it's

really just an online bank I'm going to

be discussing the aspects of this

towards the end of the video but for

someone who actually wants to get in

their car drive to a bank spend time in

traffic get to the bank get out of the

car spend time in line waiting to talk

to someone then

maybe this is something to consider

although I don't really know why anyone

would bother doing that anyway when

pretty much all you need now is on the

computer and on your phone but again I

have seen stranger things

alright so we're off to a really good

start already it's really hard to pick

favorites here because they're all just

so good but I got to give credit to

number four and this is one I've talked

about a lot here in the channel and that

would be a lie Bank now full disclosure

here I discovered a lie bank several

years ago and once I found them I've

never gone back I have multiple accounts

with them I use them for each of my

rental properties I use them for the

high interest savings account and in the

years of using them they're the one bank

that I have continually stuck with and

recommended to people to use and sign up

for oh sure they might not offer the

best interest rate ever on a savings

account but I got to say is an

all-around bank they're really one of

the best out there and here is why to

start you could sign up for a bank

account free online and within minutes

you'll enjoy all the benefits of no fees

no account minimums no fees on incoming

wires and no fees on cashier's checks

and in terms of the fees that they do

have they're pretty upfront with that

but even though there are a few things

that could be better and could be

improved they feel like everything else

they have more than makes up for that

like with their checking account you can

make point 1 percent in interest for

doing absolutely nothing and a half a

percent if you have about $15,000 of

course let's be real that's not a lot of

money to pay an interest I get it

but considering that most banks pay you

nothing getting paid at least a little

something is such a big improvement but

then we get into one of my favorite

parts with allied bank and that would be

their savings account which pays you one

point six percent in interest again this

is with zero fees zero minimums just a

straight one point six percent on all

balances now of course may be a small

percentage of you are thinking right now

but grab other big pay way higher than

one point that manny disliked in fear

and that is true I'm gonna be mentioning

some other higher yielding savings

accounts shortly

however Ally Bank to me is so much more

than just a high-yield savings account

because to me they're the entire package

without a bank the reason I like them so

much is because they're just good at

everything see not only are they a

full-service bank and lender but they

also offer you an investment platform

with $0 stock trades I use this for

myself because it's been really easy to

invest with the

same company I'm banking with and so far

I've been really happy with their

services plus in addition to that their

customer service has been top-notch now

I will admit because they're growing in

popularity it does take you now a little

bit longer to reach someone on their

customer service line but it's really

not that big of a deal to wait like two

minutes now instead of thirty seconds

because everything else they have to

offer has been really good but now we're

gonna be going onto my number three

choice and this one is very similar to

Ally Bank although it does have a few

advantages just depending on what you're

looking for and that would be the

Capital One 360 account know here's the


usually when you think of Capital One

you think of their credit cards those

are usually the entry-level credit cards

that are good for people building their

credit and horrible for people who ever

carry a balance on a credit card because

the interest rate they charge is just

horrendous so it's kind of unusual to

think of something like that that's

associated with a pretty good bank

account but to start when you open up

one of these accounts you're gonna have

zero fees and zero minimums pretty much

like everything else on this list but

where this one comes in slightly better

than Ally is with the interest rate they

pay on their checking account Capital

One 360 is going to be paying you 0.2%

in interest on all balances regardless

of how much money you have so this is

perfect for people who keep less than

fifteen thousand dollars in their

checking account which come on let's be

real unless you have really high

overhead you should never be carrying

that amount of money in a checking

account just sitting there wasting away

but at least for the money that is

sitting there and makes sense to get

paid a little bit more in this account

than a little bit less or nothing in

others and just so I could be completely

honest with this and truthful in my

expectations and opinion of the bank

it's good it's not perfect that is

because while incoming wires are free

outgoing wires could be as high as forty

dollars checks are also seven dollars

for 50 and cashier's checks are ten

dollars in branch not to mention a $35

overdraft fee but I will say what makes

this Bank slightly different than most

of the other banks are gonna be

mentioning here is that they have

physical branches that you could

actually walk into to speak with a

person face to face and that's what's

known as what's called a Capital One

cafe I just randomly happened to walk

past one the other day and I looked in

and I was so confused as to what it is

but it seems like a pretty cool concept

it's almost

like this we work look in space with

banking and coffee and of course as you

know I really like coffee I got coffee

sitting all the way over here off of the

of the camera here this is where I keep

it and that's one of the things you

don't really get to see between these

edits because otherwise I can't film

these videos without a lot of energy

from coffee so now you know but anyway

actually having a physical branch

available to people kind of fills the

gap between people who are afraid to go

100% online but still want a bank that

they can walk into the gives them way

better rates than anything else out

there but anyway moving on from that you

also have access to the 360 savings

account that pays you 1.7 percent in

interest which by the way I'm just

warning you here every single time it

seems like I quote an interest rate like

this banks seem to suddenly lower it by

the time I post the videos so I just

will say that as of right now it's one

point seven percent but I'm probably

going to jinx it by mentioning it here

and it's gonna be lower to like one

point six just watch let's see although

even with that one point seven percent

is still really good for a full-on Bank

and as usual that's with no fees and no

minimums and it's really because of that

the Capital One is such a close

competitor to Ally Bank and well they

don't give you an investment platform

with $0 stock trades they do give you a

slightly higher interest rate and

physical branches if you ever want to

talk to someone face-to-face although

honestly you really can't go wrong with

either option so next we have a very

unusual and unique one is my number two

on this list that not a lot of people

talking about you can't really find too

much about it online I actually found

out about it because a lot of people

were mentioning it in the comments so I

did my research I looked into it it's

pretty good

that would be redneck Bank yes that is

really the name for the bank I had no

idea who came up with that but it is

what it is they've also got this fly

going through their website that you

could chase around with your mouse again

whoever came up with this was genius

there's even this little squirrel that

comes in the screen every now and then

that mows a lawn of money you think this

entire thing is some joke but no it's

real and they offer you better rates and

services and almost anywhere else out

there like just take their checking

account for instance there's no minimum

balance no maintenance fees they give

you $25 a month and free ATM services

and they pay you a 2.25 percent interest

rate after the first ten

thousand dollars and that's why you

heard me correctly 2.25 percent in

interest in a checking account that is

better than even the best savings

accounts out there and you're getting

that in a checking account and then you

could get into their mega money market

account where you get this pig on the

right hand saying quit mucking around

bring home the bacon with the best rates

anyway they're offering you 1.75 percent

in interest up to the first $50,000 and

then half a percent for anything over

that and I gotta say for anyone out

there who's keeping less than sixty

thousand dollars in cash in a bank

account which is probably 99.9999% of

you this is a fantastic option to get

more interest than you could pretty much

anywhere else for a full fledged bank

with no minimums or no fees now of

course just like most banks there will

be additional fees and other services

extending out of wire making a stop

payment on a check or getting an

overdraft I gotta say even with that

those fees are still ways in almost

anywhere else so overall I am thoroughly

impressed by this bank and I would say

for the majority of people out there

it's a fantastic option plus they get

points for having the most unique name

out there and that puts the fist number

2 on the list because of that plus in

terms of getting some of the highest

interest rates out there for a bank this

is it but anyway now finally we got my

number one choice and here's the thing I

had a very difficult time selecting one

see the issue is for me to call this

video the best bank accounts I can't

just go and mention high interest

savings accounts and call it a day

because if it doesn't have a checking

account it's not really a fair

comparison that prevented me from

mentioning places like synchrony Bank


Marcus by Goldman Sachs and the American

Express savings all of which are really

good choices but at the end of the day

it's not a full-on bank and they don't

have checking accounts but again if all

you're looking for is just a high

interest savings account then one of

those would be my number one choice

because of how much they pay I was also

really tempted to mention Alliant credit

union but since I have not used them

personally before I was relying on other

people's reviews to decide whether or

not they were good and it seems like

quite a few people are rather upset with

their services so in good conscience I

didn't feel good mentioning them the

same thing also applies to CIT bank and

even though there are a really good bank

they have high minimums which made it a

little bit difficult to mention the same


also applies to PNC Bank which I use

right now and they're really good and

they pay one of the best interest rates

out there but because that interest rate

only applies to certain states a lot of

people would be excluded although if you

live in an area without a physical PNC

branch then they're a really good option

so really at the end of the day it's so

difficult to pick just one and I feel

like the previous four I just mentioned

are already so good that I had a hard

time finding anything that was overall

better than this that wasn't limited to

a certain dollar amount or a certain

state or something in a certain locality

so because of that overall I figured I

would just mention one of the best high

interest savings accounts out there it

doesn't have a checking account but if

you want to get high interest this is

the one I would most recommend and that

would be vo Bank the advantage with this

is that right now they're paying one of

the highest interest rates out there on

a savings account and that would be a

whopping two point zero two percent an

interest with no cap as to how much

money they'll pay then on all you need

is a hundred dollars to open the account

and once you do there are no account

minimums no fees and like any normal

savings account you get six withdrawals

free per month sure like I mentioned

it's not a full-service bank it doesn't

have a checking account but the other

four are I already mentioned should more

than make up for that so I think this

option right here is for the person who

wants the highest interest rate possible

in an online savings account and this is

it vo bank and with that I really want

to end this video on this note for

anyone out there who's worried about

only having an online bank without

anything to walk into physically it's

really not that big of a deal when I was

younger I used to be that person who

would always walk into a physical bank

to go and deposit checks like back in

the caveman days and then once I

actually took the leap to go for an

online bank I have never needed to

actually walk into a physical branch or

physical bank ever again trust me

anything you could ever fathom doing at

a physical branch can now be done online

or from your phone in a matter of

seconds or minutes at the very most

so going with an online bank now is

really just the smartest choice

financially not to mention online banks

have less overhead which means they

could pass those savings on to you in

the form of higher interest fewer fees

and smashing the like button for the

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