Airsoft Evike.com - Welcome to Evike.com Super Store (Old Location: San Gabriel, CA)

hey guys welcome back to EVIC TV I met

your host and right now we're in front

of the Eva calm superstore and today

we're going to be taking a look at the

entire process of shopping in Eva calm

now as you can see I've got my gun in a

gun bag so make sure you're never

outside brandishing it in public and

don't ever come here without it in a gun

bag is irresponsible disrespectful and

it's illegal come on let's go inside

now that we're inside we need to make

sure to pull a number what the number

enabled us to do is to know when we're

going to be helped by the sales team

however if you already know what you

want and you've printed it on a piece of

paper already feel free to access our

Express line when it's open of course

I've got other things I want to look at

today so I'm not going to utilize the

Express line it's our job to make sure

you have a pleasant and expedient

shopping experience if there is an issue

make sure you talk to Harry and you'll

take care of it for you now if you

experience a wait time of any kind try

to understand that our salespeople do

have to answer questions and certain

customers like to look at things every

once in a while so be patient with us

and a sales person will get to you as

fast as they can

in the meantime make sure you check out

the rest of the store there's plenty to

look at while you're checking out the

store make sure you look at our red

tagged items in our new arrivals section

look at new airsoft products or stuff

that's on special this is an EVA comm

employee but notice he's not wearing a

blue shirt that probably means he's not

on the sales team feel free to say hi

but he's not going to be able to answer

any of your sales questions because he's

filling online orders so please wait

patiently for a blue shaded salesperson

to help you they'll be able to answer

any questions you have

oh that's me hi I'm number 41 hi how can

help you I'd like to look at that m4 on

the wall Dan with a scope thank you now

if you'd like to check out a gun before

making a buying decision talk to one of

the sales representatives and they'll

bring it down off the wall so you can

test now before entering the shooting


make sure you have eye protection on at

all times I'll take it you don't have an

EVA comm rewards card yet that's one of

your sales representatives what it's all

about it's free remember if you're a

parent or a guardian that is buying an

airsoft product for a minor it's your

responsibility to make sure that that

gun or that product is operated

transported and used safely also

remember to keep everybody that's Eve

within 150 feet of the airsoft gun user

to wear eye protection mistakes do

happen also keep in mind that

brandishing an airsoft gun or any other

firearm in public is both illegal and

extremely unsafe finally make sure your

neighbors know that you have airsoft

replica guns and not the real thing so

you don't have any problems with

launchers remember airsofters hunting

airsoft guns a lot like owning a car

parts breakdown and wear down after

excessive use the thing that makes us

different from airsoft retailers is that

we can help you come to us for all your

updated product information the newest

products in the industry the best

factory tech support and the best

technicians in the country see you guys

next time