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(gun sounds)

You should treat every pistol as if it were loaded.

true very true

i would assume its not loaded

true you should always keep the barrel pointed

in a safe direction true

true yes that is true

you should never put your finger on the trigger until ready to fire at a proper target

true oh my god, this is like, i feel like i am

being treated as a moron true

when passing or receiving a pistol to or from another person, the action should be open

and the pistol visually checked to make sure it is not loaded

uh, true

what if it is a bad guy?

true true

it is illegal to sell a pistol to a person under 18 years of age




what age do you think sell a gun to a person?


the law requires a person to report the theft

of his or her pistol to police within one year



that would be a false well because you should always report it immediately

true or false, a person is permitted to transport a pistol for a lawful purpose if the owner

or occupant of the vehicle is the registered owner of the firearm and the pistol is unloaded

and in a closed case in the trunk of the vehicle. true


so thats actually true

when storing a pistol, for safety reasons the ammunition should never be stored separately

from the pistol false

i don't know what ammunition means the bullets


the bullets can be somewhere else, so is that

a false? thats a false

the law requires the when presenting a pistol to police for safety inspection, the pistol

is unloaded and encased or equipped with a trigger locking mechanism

i am, wish these were school tests this is true

true true

when storing a pistol it should be unloaded and placed in a safe place out of the reach

of children

these are so easy




thats true

possession of a pistol while under the influence of alcohol is unlawful

are you kidding me? yes, that is illegal, thats true

so you shouldn't be drinking alcohol? yes

okay thats true

a person can be held criminally or civilly liable for wrongfully pointing or discharging

a pistol at another person.


false you don't think thats illegal?

yes thats true, yeah true

the first step in cleaning a pistol is to make sure it doesn't have any bullets in it


yeah, so true, I would pick true

uh, true

dropping a loaded gun will never cause an

accidental discharge if the safety is on do you know what a safety is?


yeah, I think it will never go off

uh, true

bullets fired at a flat surface will never

glance off in an unpredictable direction

yes, it'll probably bounce off



oh my god, what the hell? okay here

(laughter off screen)