BB Guns Versus Airsoft Guns

hello everyone welcome to a replica air

guns video this is not a product review

of any sort

I've been alluding to a BB gun versus

airsoft gun video and first off I want

to say that this article is not intended

to explain which gun is better or worse

it is only to point out what makes each

gun different and how these differences

can affect their performance and usage

now I personally like all types of guns

and respect other people's choices in

which guns they prefer to use now if you

have a strong opinion about one type of

gun being the only gun for everyone then

keep it to yourself

or I will take the liberty of keeping it

to yourself by deleting your comment

and/or banning you from making any

future comments for those special people

out there that like to call other people

names for their interest in BB and

airsoft guns

here's an idea go take your 9-millimeter

and shoot off a full magazine in your

residential backyard and then see what

happens probably not going to be good

also take note how much that full

magazine of nine-millimeter amel cost

you and then compare that to the $5.00

or so about two to three thousand bb's

costs and also please don't tell me to

get a real gun because I probably have

more of them than you do

like I said I appreciate and respect all

types of guns and here in Canada I've

taken the time and effort to go out and

get my restricted firearms license so

yes I have real guns now for the most

part this video is scripted I didn't

want to miss anything and a lot of this

information is just my personal opinion

so if your opinion is different that's

fine I have no problem with that like I

said if you put your comments whether

you disagree with me or not they will

stay if you feel you need to use

profanity anger what-have-you well that

comment will pretty much be a waste of

your time because it will disappear

alright so let's get on with this

comparison between BB guns and airsoft

guns now the first thing I want to talk

about here is what is the difference

between a BB gun and an airsoft gun in

short BB guns or air guns that shoot a

steel or let BB have been around for a

long time so they get to keep the name

of being called

BB gun even though many people refer to

airsoft guns as BB guns and yes airsoft

guns shoot a plastic BB but they do not

inherit the name as it's really reserved

for the long standing well BB gun

now BB guns generally shoot a four point

five millimeter or 0.177 caliber steel

BB but some can also shoot lead bb's now

here is a steel BB it's quite small but

very dense BB guns are most often used

for target practice and training some

high-powered BB guns can also be used

for pest control airsoft guns generally

shoot six millimeter plastic babies

ranging in weights depending on what

they are being used for there are also

larger calibre airsoft guns available

but they are not the norm here is an

airsoft BB you can see it's a little bit

larger it's much lighter not as dense

and here they are side-by-side airsoft

guns are most commonly used for tactical

simulation games but can also be used

for target practice and training there

are also airsoft leagues that conduct

IPSC or international practical shooting

confederation competitions both BB and

airsoft guns can use Springs

air gas or co2 as a means of propulsion

here is your typical 12 gram co2 in

Canada we don't actually have green gas

it's not really allowed but we do have

propane and this propane can be used in

several types of airsoft guns not very

commonly used in air guns or BB guns

that I know of and both BB and airsoft

guns can be made out of a variety of

materials depending on the grade and use

of the gun in terms of realism I would

have to give the edge to the airsoft

guns in this category the entire hobby

is based on how real the gun looks and

functions most airsoft guns are near

impossible to tell apart from the real

steel versions even on close inspection

here's an example

this gun looks very much performs very

much like a real gun full-sized magazine

very heavy weight that doesn't mean that

BB guns aren't realistic I have lots of

very realistic looking air guns BB guns

full-sized magazines you can see

straight through the well and as I said

there are some highly realistic BB guns

available but the focus with BB guns is

not always on realism it is often more

on performance and so compromises can be

made that can affect realism here's an

example of a BB gun realistic enough but

maybe not as realistic as your average

airsoft gun can see it doesn't have a

full sized draw fault magazine it is a

drop off magazine but it just holds the

bb's co2 goes in the handle the tab you

can see takes a little bit away from

realism but functionally it's probably

easier to use in an airsoft gun in many

ways the next area I want to talk about

is power BB guns generally have more

power or energy now I say energy because

energy takes a lot of things into

consideration weight and speed and so

the BB guns carry that energy out


but both BB and airsoft guns can shoot

up into the 500 even plus

feet-per-second ranges now BB guns have

a smaller a denser and harder ammo so

they tend to penetrate deeper into

objects which can be a good or bad thing

depending on what you want to do with

the gun for instance wargames

versus target and pest control next

category is accuracy

both BB and airsoft guns can be very

accurate and this surprised me at first

when I started reviewing and testing

airsoft guns I had the impression that

airsoft guns would not be nearly as

accurate as a BB gun but I was really

impressed with the results I got from a

well made and tuned airsoft gun with

that set I still feel that a BB gun

takes this category not so much for

close-up shooting but when shooting out

at range a BB is less susceptible to the

elements like wind and will be more

accurate further downrange

now one slight advantage that airsoft

guns generally have over BB guns is the

hop-up that gives the BB some backspin

and allows it to keep a more leveled

trajectory which can help with long

range shots kind of like the backspin a

tennis player uses to make the ball

float deeper into the court now even

with this hop-up airsoft BB's will not

be as accurate downrange as a standard

steel four point five millimeter BB now

let's talk a little bit about shooting

environments because of the material and

energy levels of both projectiles BB and

airsoft guns are best used for different

types of shooting situations and with

different levels of safety implemented

always use eye protection with either

gun but be aware that a steel BB will

cause more damage when it hits an object

and that object could be you BB guns

require a heavier backstop and will also

ricochet off of objects with much more

force than an airsoft plastic BB would

so you need to be careful around windows

and breakable objects airsoft guns can

be a better solution for indoor shooting

or even sometimes when doing some

backyard shooting where you may live

close to other buildings airsoft guns

are obviously the better choice when

being used in war games as the plastic

bb's are designed to hit but not harm so

much keep in mind that proper clothing

and protection is required and limits to

the ft/s are often employed to keep

everybody safe do not even think about

using the standard steel BB gun for war

games unless you want to make a trip to

your local emergency for some BB removal

I often get asked about hunting with BB

and air guns

I rarely recommend BB or airsoft guns

for pest control

I prefer larger caliber pellet guns that

shoot at as high a velocity as you can

obtain in your area

this is the most humane way to take care

of small varmint if

is required or for hunting to put meat

on the table there are a few exceptions

some furry critters that do not like the

state still like squirrels and chipmunks

can be alleviated with a high-powered BB

machine gun a customized full auto draws

can pump out 1,200 rounds per minute

with the velocity into the 800 feet per

second range I would not consider an

airsoft gun for pest control or hunting

period now if you want to scare off your

neighbor's cat well that's another issue

cost both BB guns and airsoft guns can

range dramatically in cost and so

comparing quality to quality they are

about the same to buy and also the cost

of use is about the same as ammo is

fairly close in price perhaps steel bb's

are a bit cheaper but not by that much

some BB guns can get up there in price

i've spent as much as $1,000 on my full

customized draws blackbird with all the

bells and whistles a high-end

competition airsoft gun can also cost

well over 1,000 to even $2,000 or more

when all is said and done so I hope this

video helps you understand the

differences and practical uses of both

BB guns and airsoft guns and whether you

decide to get one or the other or maybe

some of each just remember to use them

with respect and always shoot safely and

you'll have a great time with whatever

gun you choose to get alright so thanks

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