Shopping For Airsoft Guns

we're going to big 5 sporting goods now

so look at some airsoft guys on this

roof over we're gonna go airsoft like

they matters gonna look for a nice gun

so we're here now I guess thanks we're

looking at airsoft guns right now yeah

we're gonna get them gonna do a solid

really cool revolver if you can buy a

broad key actually have real guns let's

see if I can find the one that I got for

my crossbow they have some really cool

guns here I don't really airsoft that

much i've never gone through a whole

pack of wolves before but whenever I do

airsoft it's usually with them we don't

see each other that often but when we do

we usually ash laughs oh and right here

slime losing watermelon when you shoot

it it shoots outside oh look at all this

pump in Texas or something they don't

like no longer 29 if you watched

yesterday's vlog you saw that a knife

store that I went into and they had

knives like these have all these guns up

here too Wow our roommate has a knife

look at these gun lighters these are

like lighters but they're shaped like

guns this is so cool I've always wanted

a bow before these are really nice look

at how big these batteries are these are

huge oh my god how much is this this

empire emoji paying for your revolver

it's gonna end up wow I don't know what

these are for but it looks like it's our

picks yeah there's some nice punching

bags here protein shakers and then 11

bucks so another is getting a bowie

knife and a gun yeah dude everyone says

it's long yeah yeah yeah I do but [ __ ]

like a miniature machete

Anders chicken it doesn't know where the

case are you thank you but she I'll take

it help uh yeah there's a nice that they

got I'm gonna check it out that's a nice

case - Wow yeah that's really cool

we're heading over to another Shore so

that it can get something that wasn't at

the store what was it we got a shotgun

there was a revolver that you couldn't

find at the store to try yourself I

thought you have to like stick your

finger in to push it up but then it goes

up by itself now they messed up the push

pop you're supposed to actually push it

from the bottom but that presents a


it's a new year so I thought I'd ask

them what their new year's resolutions

are so let's start with Aaron do you

have any new year's resolutions oh no

what am i eating Attica for the waiting

my name is resolution is to not get turn

to Garmin we're here at Big Five a

different one this time

look at these canned targets they use

slime when you shoot never got his gun

I'm going back to the car now vintage

what well so this is the gun kind of to

give an interview if it this is the

thing about a girlfriend when you get

seriously a girlfriend how do I show if

you don't care like if you kind of lose

interest in her and go EEP foul that's

cool I just took it yeah yes how are you

oh that was gas yeah oh wow okay that

was gas wow that's really cool this is

but her Snyder started shooting at his

house now that's a long time this dated

eight this is butters his name is Dallas

Lincoln Berg we call him butters so he

also went to our same middle school we

all became friends when he joined

wrestling he was also in a wrestling

team here he is we haven't seen him in

forever he's still wearing his wrestling

clothes yeah put them on so I could play

we get mouthing I don't like this is a

pistol grip for it yeah yeah but Dubrow

the reason why we call him butters is

because he looks like butters from South

Park we call them that since middle

school so yeah now we're heading on our

way to a school so we can airsoft we can

kick up so yeah what we're not gonna

shoot up a school no one's there it's

winter break

we're here at school and we're gonna be

here so any creepy air new do you decide

you know you're not you're the power

you'll be stupid yeah it's really your

legs are for ladies dude Aaron I have to

do a sec flex your leg like I oculus

fetish for like Asian boys we don't even

hand well yes it hand it to somebody

like this you hold the blade and oh yeah

that's what you have to do here we are

because of how good this camera is in

low-light it looks like it's pretty

bright but it's actually really dark

outside it looks like the sky is really

bright it's not it's like dark someone

hop the gate and opening back cuz you

make it easy

Morse code Morse got it wine like I've

had a place that's that's like Patna

secluded we can turn the light on we get

there dude this is structured like

Ladera was Leggero was our elementary

school this is a very similar structure

yep the auditorium where I always got

scared that one who's dark inside I'd

always be scared to walk up and looking

this is like a horror movie when they do

the found footage salaries oh god you're

scaring the poor some guys are cool out

from all night if I get locked up laughs

oh that's nice the Black Star I guess

record Lex I've heard of it I don't know

it it it's like in 1015 Italy like no

abandoned place right yeah I was scary

there we're gonna go with it here's the

commander in a while ago let me turn the

flashlight on what's that

yeah you're scaring me dude bring back

so much memories exactly I do this is

like Ladera when I was in like fourth or

fifth grade computer light up in Ibiza

every time we made emails every [ __ ]

day remember how we meet we made a males

in a new computer lab in their twenties

at school float up

so we have all our materials here these

are their guns my guns are in here so

let me show you guys why I have my m16

my laptop I don't know why I brought it

here's a little handle thing for my m16

it kind of extends bullets like restore

it here I have a strap that's actually

Adrian's but he left it at my house and

he never took it home this is my prized

gun even though I don't go airsofting

that much music right now

yeah oh no what is good like howdy book

that like Barbie does [ __ ] that's like

that's the worse for Harvey you happy

yeah using the pistol or m16 do I use

the pistol yet I use anything first

Logix the teams will be me in an airway

and each other few cabinets munivar get

each other what just good we're pretty

much all loaded up now I have my gun

here it's Nana and I first on the same

team against Aaron and Malik Manor and I

are gonna hide onto that roof I'll show

ya yes we are on the roof now I know

it's dark so it's hard to see we're

gonna see what we can do from here sorry

I can record that much we finish our

first run and got shot but a mouth hand

over cuz he thought someone else who was

walking on the sidewalk was us so we got

really confused I can't really record

that much because first of all were like

shooting and running and stuff second

it's really dark so it would be really

hard to see anyways except when we have

the light but I would give away our

position so it's gonna be really hard

what a way to it's two of them Oh take

thinkwe now don't forget I am wearing a

ski mask with these goggles to protect

my eyes so I look like a terrorist I

look like a criminal they're

interrogating me to find the night

lights on my face waterboarding

waterboarding we just finished the

second round and now a Russian Roulette

but we're not actually gonna shoot our

heads it happens to be one bullet left

it is Malik so if I did two valid let's

see if it would no no no cannot put it

in your life right so now Malik shooting


Malik shooting and if it shoots then I

done so now I'm shooting in basically

the blue barrel to stop this shoot

no you hold you shoot your gray go nope

so now Aaron shooting matter love me

shooting matter no we spin it every time

right are we supposed to spin every time

yeah melody a you're supposed to spit

all so me to end here now and to matter

where is it I can see it isn't it what

am i shot it it's not in there yeah it's

a one-shot homage i I can't tell the

difference with this lot either way so

one of us dies