HappyFamily1004 visits GI TACTICAL Airsoft Store

hi youtube today we're gonna go to an

airsoft store in Dallas called GI

tactical hey super nice people sigh

Keibler cuts out let's go




everyone hope so we've spent a lot of

time trying to be as cool as possible

I'm too old for Toys R Us and this is

the den step


our imports upward those were the ones

for sale the ones on the right are for

there's actually teams across the

country there's one from Germany blonde

from Brazil one from Mexico


yeah shoots three babies at a time this

is a model of D 14 this true one real

mental this is a model



safety first you guys are needs to learn

also to get ready to people are over

here oh my god yeah

all right wants to shoot at there take


we're in she takes letter oh we got

about 1/2 right there

while reverse on an a is actually fully

automatic and then sent there are little

backwards that way that is the KWA AKG

all right buddy - real good it's very I

think that's what it is yes this is

probably one of the most popular guns we

can because it's affordable and its

really reliable and it she's pretty

great $120 the prices on those like

started about a hundred and go to about

two hundred on the max left side which

one did you want to see chrome one of

course he did this guy's cool this

wasn't even have the wheel the pops is

actually just like a classic style Old

West revolver or every time you fire it

see this it remove you actually have to

pop your shells out manually every time

you want to change them out unlike you

know like a 38 more time for the Old


kind of thing we even have some that

don't use shells at all we've got some

more budget-friendly stuff we're

little discs old Ramo just pops right in

here bosses but then so yeah they're

pretty affordable yeah they had been a

big hit actually these very quickly are

becoming one of only forces best selling




barbar than p90 aging nice little ditty

cool thing is that it's different from

other p9s that uses the big cap instead

of a high gas


where this whole thing of that AR stands

for automatic writing female well yeah

just this particular one a lot of those

guys want to emulate some of that stuff

so that way they can have it as most

realistic as I can so that's why they go

with the guns like these

but it just comes down to what you want

cuz there's so many companies that

produce stuff like this that have a

working pole catch they have they

working full bolts working dust cover

all that fun jazz but it's all based off

the player comes down to you know fuels

do you like aesthetics you like more



the ailment is a casa looks like a storm

that way just in case you