$15 dollar store airsoft gun review

hi guys welcome to our awesome airsoft

unboxing I'll be on $15 at the dog star

another dinner

they are the equalizers responder 911

700 BB is included in this pack 70 or

they'll say 700

it's from plan beta second to none

custard 60 feet per second maximum range

35 yards

magazine capacity 12 barrel it barrel in

so we'll open it show you how to open up

on put up with a scissor we unbox them

and they come with the safety manual 7

TV we look like sensitive but ok so this

you know everything let me take the

machine out side button side but right

here kind of stick and make it feels

super nice and heavy it even looks good

the safety is side button right here on

the left side you push it down to be on

safe and you push it a hammer doesn't

actually go back but some of the clothes

on it isn't the terror actually is full

and act as a grip on the trigger it

sounds like this so obviously it's brown

15 bucks but still it feels really nice

it feels nice it actually looks kind of

nice for a $15.00 airsoft gun side spawn

sponder 911 so that's pretty much it

will do a well so shoots pretty nice

there's a hop-up system it says and not

they need to be lowered oh yeah when you

get it so be sure lower the hop-up I'm

sure it's in a gun somewhere

yeah mind your magazine sticky

sticky scary fears you take magazine oh

man my chills when I took it over like

this kitchen yeah wait hold on yeah -

right in the beginning good other Oh

like that true okay we'll do a shooting

everyone oh my god Audrey why

okay see you let me do this dish okay so

now we are shooting the 1911's at that

can about a loving arms away and we'll

be showing you how good this dollar

general $15 pistol is okay now we'll be

shooting the pistol wait for the wind to

die down


we're using the bb's that comes with the

runt yeah reason Dean used to come with

the gun

maybe it's the baby's fault that if

they're it's so inaccurate yeah lucky if

there wasn't a half up

I wouldn't recommend buying this it

shoots way up into the left a little bit

Soph you're going to be using this shoot

to the right more yeah

Domon right yeah hi guys we we tried to

figure out the hop-up we cider for 20

minutes trying to figure out what the

hop-up how to find it and I think they

just said that to get you to buy this

gun it is a good gun but if I recommend

if you want to have a good gun that is

accurate and in big airsoft Wars

I just get this - target practice do you

have anything to say well I mean it

looks nice and it feels good in the hand

they had really good detail on it but

just because you can't get it to be more

accurate because it's not very accurate

as you saw but I mean it was better to

actual shooting its main function then

I'd say buy it but if anybody knows

that's watching this video in the

comments please tell us how to do the

hop up I mean we we're going to make a

part two and we will try to figure out

more if there's another hop up but yeah

so see you guys in the next video and